How to bake at home delicious unleavened bread?

Bread made without yeast, today is considered a fashion staple. Many Housewives are convinced of its usefulness. But it is necessary to understand that the only bread that falls into the category of "unleavened bread" is pita bread. But it can hardly be called bread in full measure – no crumb, no peel. If "inside" loosened, then, the yeast are present at least in the form of the leaven.

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What are yeast?

How to bake at home delicious unleavened bread?

Often the starter is made from rye malt and flour, add lactic acid bacteria which break down sugars into carbon dioxide and alcohol. The dough ferments, accumulating minerals, vitamins and amino acids, so there is a benefit to the body.

Industrial and "wild" yeasts belong to a single species. The first is in such foods as berries, cucumbers, pears, grapes, tomatoes and many others, if you have not carried out the processing of food. But industrial are more suitable for baking bread, so they are cultured artificially.

Yeast can be divided into three types:

  • Pressed;
  • Liquid;
  • Leaven.

Why the popular ferment?

Many Housewives who regularly bake bread at home, think about the rejection of yeast, thinking that they harm. The reasons may be different: someone does not like their taste, someone experience an allergic reaction. Smell, they also give specific, which is not to everyone's taste. So they are interested in whether there is benefit or harm from unleavened bread.

How to bake at home delicious unleavened bread?

Leaven may be different, they can choose depending on the recipe. But, as a rule, each
the hostess chooses the one that she is best suited, and use it always. To find "their"have to spend time and energy on experiments.

It often happens that the leaven is prepared once at home. Part of it is spent on the preparation of bread, and the rest "fed". What "Mature" ferment, the stronger it is. Sometimes the Housewives are afraid that the dough will not rise. In this case you can reduce the amount of yeast a little while the yeast will not grow up.

You also cannot forget that in the yeast proofing time should increase to about 4 hours. It should be kept in a container covered with a lid with holes – starter needs to breathe.


Methods of preparation are various, a lot of them. But there are the most popular: kefir, potato and "eternal". Add some apricots, raisins or other ingredients.

Recipe kefir starter is simple: old homemade kefir or yogurt to withstand several days until you begin the process of "bubbling" and the separation of the liquid. Should appear characteristic sour yogurt smell. Add as much rye flour, to weight was similar in thickness to sour cream. Stir, cover with gauze and leave for a day.
When the time expires, add more flour to the mixture was medium density, mix well. Cover again and wait until the mixture starts to bubble and rise. Sure that she did not go over the edge. In the active state it is possible to add to the dough. The remaining part of the bowl in the fridge – it can be used next time.

How to bake at home delicious unleavened bread?

Three days before making bread the yeast needs the training. Remove it from the refrigerator, and after an hour in equal quantities, add the yogurt and flour.

The total amount of everything added should be about half Cup. Break all the lumps and let sit warm for about 4 hours. When the mass begins to swell, put in the refrigerator. Through the night feeding again.

On the third day, swipe again, just remove the receptacle from the table. When she seethe – it can be used.


For its preparation take equal amounts flour and water, stir, but not beat. Cover with towel and let sit in a warm place for a day, stirring a couple of times.

The next day "feed" her: add as much flour and water, cover and place in heat for another day. On the third day the mixture should boil and bubble. Again "feed" and wait for peak activity. At this point you need to divide it in half: one part use the other put it in the fridge.


Boil 10 peeled potatoes without salt. Drain the broth, add the flour – the mixture should be
similar to thick cream. Keep it in a warm place for three days, if necessary adding flour to maintain the desired consistency.

After three days on the surface to form the foam, but without the sour smell. "Feed" the yeast for the unleavened bread of flour and water once a day. After a few hours it is ready to use.

Cooking in the bread maker

How to bake at home delicious unleavened bread?

The bread maker has been appreciated by many Housewives – make it easy and convenient. Recipes yeast-free bread can be different, but one of the most popular traditional. How bake yeast-free bread in the bread maker?

Heat 150 grams of milk and pour it into a bowl, add one egg. There also pour a half tablespoons of butter. Pour salt to taste, about half a teaspoon. Sugar will need about 1/6 of a Cup. Add a little more cups flour and 8 tablespoons of "eternal" leaven. Select the appropriate mode, set the options you want. Don't forget that sourdough cooking time increases, so when the bread maker will turn off then turn on again.

Just like baking yeast-free bread using a bread machine at home.

Bread in a slow cooker

How to bake at home delicious unleavened bread?

In a deep capacity pour in water (300 ml), beat the egg, add two tablespoons
sugar and add two tablespoons of kefir starter. All the ingredients mix well. Enter salt (a teaspoon) sour cream (three tablespoons), stir. Sift approximately 800 grams of flour and add to mixture, stir. Turn the dough out onto floured Board and knead for 5 minutes. Then let it "rest"for about an hour.

Grease the bowl multivarki, once again podnesite the dough and place into a bowl. Close the lid and leave for 2 hours – the dough should rise twice.

Select the appropriate mode and bake unleavened bread in slow cooker for an hour, then turn it over and select this option again.

Good cooking and delicious baking!