7 ways to surprise husband in bed

Nowadays there is a whole industry of consultants, trainers and "doctors"saving our love life. Some ideas are old or boring, while others excite the imagination. And still, what methods do refresh a sexual relationship?


In this article you will find a selection of the best tips on how to impress husband in bed.

The content of the article

Game with cards

Ideally you should not have sex without talking about it with a partner lovingly, passionately, openly, fearlessly and often. Otherwise, how else would you know that is able to excite your man in bed?

Couples do not discuss their need for sex, because they are afraid that you will not get what you want. Meanwhile, you will agree that avoiding the topic of sex, you definitely will not achieve anything. However, the conversation on this topic can be much nicer than you imagine in intriguing, playful and hot.

Plan an intimate evening thus:

  1. Start a romantic evening with her husband's invitation to play;
  2. You can prepare a light dinner and to serve him in the bedroom;
  3. Some good wine will help you both to relax and tune in;
  4. Let each one of you will write on a separate piece of paper all of your erotic fantasies, not afraid to Express your wildest desires and even common taboos;
  5. Read all the cards together with her husband, and divide them into three piles:
    • you want to try in life (e.g. sex on the beach);
    • better to let it remain a fantasy (a Threesome, sex with a prostitute, a priest, teacher, etc.);
    • fantasy, which is unable to participate one of you (sex with the opposite sex, celebrity, etc.).
  6. Destroy cards with fantasies that exclude the participation of one of you, the other two leave. Let one of you pick a card at random, then do what it says, whatever it is.

If the husband chooses, agree that the next time you choose. If you got a card with a fantasy that you don't want to make a reality, make love "as if" you do this: play the role-play dress-up or make each other words.

The trick with the male G-spot

None of the men do not mind to have more fun in "the missionary position". No matter how good he feels inside you, prostate stimulation will make them even better. The male counterpart of the G-spot can awaken to the incredible sensations by using massage of the perineum between the anus and scrotum. To do this is with joint of the bent index finger. Just don't overdo it — a place sensitive to pain!

"Playing with balls"

Men's testicles are analogous to the female ovaries: the mysterious place where new life arises. But unlike ovaries, they can (and should!) to touch. Sensations that arise from your men at this simple action, are superior in stimulating the power of all the other erogenous zones on his body, except, of course, the penis.

The scrotum testicles can clasp his hand, to squeeze, to RUB and pull. Carefully and gently. And do not leave the affection for later — this is the best prelude to good sex, and if you still did not pay attention to this part of the body of the beloved — make it soon.

The smell and taste of passion

The aroma and taste can be the leading note of sexual arousal, especially if you manage to associate it with the memory of the wonderful sex.

Find out what your husband likes. He really likes your perfume? Maybe he prefers to have emanated from you, a more subtle flavor? Heavy Oriental, with spices? Light vanilla, like a teenage girl? Experiment and learn, the smell of the mistress of his dreams.


Start a romantic evening with a long bath. Add water, a little scented oil. Then go into the bedroom to her husband and ask him to appreciate the smell coming from your body. Show exactly where the fragrance is heard mostly in the neck, chest or around the belly. Your naked look and seductive aroma will do the job — the evening will end perfectly!

Play with your favorite lubricant. Their choice of tens, for example, with the smell and taste of chocolate, strawberry, vanilla. Even if you don't need lubrication, these funds may amuse you both in bed, increasing the sensations through the flavor and taste.

Some men do not like foreign smells and tastes during sex. Perhaps your husband is one of those who believes that your body smells divine and no flavor.

If this is your option, make a bold move. Find a secluded place in a public place or at a party, where you came together. Tell him that I can't wait when it will be at home, in the bedroom, because all the time I think about it.

Look him in the eye seductive look, slip your hand under my coat and touch under the linen to the vagina. Bring your wet finger to his face and say "you see?" — he'll go crazy with passion when you feel your sexy smell!

Ridiculously simple trick

No woman in the world does not need any prompting when it comes to exciter No. 1 for men. Their "love eyes" became a byword, and you probably had mixed feelings to your partner when sitting with you at the restaurant, he turned into a spinning radar that reacts to the passing beauties. I will say, flaw? But you can use it to your advantage.

Forget about eyelash extensions manicure, fancy accessories and new equipment in the fitness club in this men's burn much less. Take the money and invest in beautiful lingerie. It can be lace to madness or stylish smooth. "Underwear"is a magic word, more than "Thank you" and "Please".

You can exclaim: "I beg of you! It's such a cliche!"

And though cliché, the old room, the world — famous fact- as you wish, but not without a reason, right? Have you heard about the opinion that men are not biologically programmed to be with one woman? All you can do to be different in bed— do it. If you want a monogamous husband. That's not what a woman wants to hear, but it works if you want to surprise husband in bed.

Smooth sexy black lingerie is a classic. Start with her.

Daring waxing

Speaking of that change, try an unexpected move. Make a surprise to her husband, completely removing the hair in an intimate place. Better to do it with a depilatory cream (no cuts or ingrown hair).


Amazing smoothness and like you many women admit that they feel just "walking sex"when doing the waxing. Your look and your confidence will surprise and excite the man she loved.

The Board-bonus

Enthusiasm in bed is the number one tool to turn a man on. Moan during sex in another way. Or just do this if you used to make love in silence. Passionately whispering to him of tenderness, be a fiery and exciting! Believe me – your man will not remain indifferent!

Hope you are excited to try to surprise your loved one in the bedroom, by following our advice. Be always at height and get the maximum pleasure!