A massive decoration on the neck – beautiful, stylish, modern

Nothing brings a touch of personality and chic to the image of the woman as well-chosen decorations. And no matter what they are made from silver plastic or is it gold with precious stones. Most importantly, is that the decorations looked perfectly, emphasizing the beauty and grace of the ladies.


The last few years at the height of fashion solid jewelry on the neck. Thanks to the boundless imagination of designers every beautiful lady has the opportunity to choose jewelry for your taste and budget.

A large number of necklaces, made of different materials, allow fashionistas to try on new, additional way.

Properly chosen decoration can transform a business suit into an outfit for a romantic date. It is important to choose jewelry: its color, elements and length.

It should say that the usual jewelry (fine chains and bracelets miniature) now not so popular. They, of course, suitable for daily life and Hiking to work, but to draw attention to such products is unlikely to succeed.

Big jewelry: the secrets of choosing

Find unusual jewelry that will correspond to the nature and refined taste of its owner is not difficult, more difficult to correctly make a kit to necklace did not look more than an element.

So before you go out into the world in a new way, it is important to remember a few rules of selection of jewelry on the neck:

  • If you like to wear creative, bright and unusual necklace, your clothes should be simple and concise. Otherwise you will look too bright, and possibly funny. It all depends on where you go;
  • Bright and colorful necklace is recommended to be worn over solid clothing: blouses, shirts, etc.;
  • A massive decoration on the neck themselves are beautiful and attract attention. So if you wear a large necklace, to complement its bracelets or large earrings are not worth it. Overdo it with jewelry, you will look not stylish lady and a Christmas tree. It is necessary to you?;
  • Choosing women's fashion necklace, remember fit. The fact that chunky jewelry is not for everyone. Too fat ladies will look even harder if you could decorate a big necklace. And skinny girls will look like in necklace comical;
  • When buying bulk jewelry, remember that it should be bright colors, but simple forms, or Vice versa;
  • Remember, the older you get, the bigger and longer should be your necklace. Women of advanced age are advised to choose a solid gold or silver jewelry. It will emphasize the status and position in society;
  • Giving preference to massive jewelry and items with gemstones, remember that they look organically only in the evening hours.

Own designer


So, you decided to buy a massive choker, but not found in the store that would want to buy. Do not worry, put the necklace with his own hands.

Generally, the options for creativity weight, but to not immediately scare you with lots of tools and materials, offer make jewelry from pistachio shells.

For creativity you need to stock up on:

  • Shells from the pistachios. Their number will depend on desired necklaces;
  • Thick cardboard, a piece of choose the desired size;
  • Superglue;
  • Acrylic paint you can use nail Polish;
  • Chain desired length and thickness.
  • Rings – 2 PCs.;
  • Clasp;
  • Scissors;
  • Tweezers for biting wire. Also called needle-nose pliers.

When everything is ready, you can begin to assemble the jewelry. The first thing cut from a cardboard blank. It can be any shape, but if this is your first experience, you better make a semicircle. The size that you want. It will be the basis of jewelry. To the edges of the bases attach with tweezers rings, and chain.


Shells of pistachio color in the desired color. Before painting, think about what you will wear massive jewelry. In principle, it is possible to do multicolored and colours each shell has a certain color. But this necklace is suitable only for the summer and young girls. More classic version in black and white shades.

When the paint is dry, try to spread out the cleaning to the workpiece to see how to best position. If the layout you like, you can glue the shells to the cardboard.

After the glue dries, massive decoration, hand made, ready. You can go to brag.

Choosing massive ornaments of gold, silver, plastic and other materials, remember their relevance and combined with your outfit. Approach to the selection of all the little things in your way very carefully, and you will always be on top, to Shine and attract attention.

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