A perfect dish for the summer heat: recipes cold soup with kefir with cucumber

On a hot summer day hard to force myself to eat a bowl of hot soup. In this case, come to the aid of the cold first courses, which allow you to satisfy as thirst and hunger. In addition to these dishes very few calories and many nutrients, which is especially important for people who monitor their diet. Consider a few simple and original recipes.

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Recipe cold soup of beet and yogurt

Very popular cold first dish in our country. It was prepared in ancient times. A first course very useful for the digestive system. Is it possible during the diet. This recipe makes 4 servings. The duration of cooking only 15 minutes, which can not but rejoice.

To prepare the soup with beets, you need to take these products: 2 medium size beets, 1 liter kefir, 3 cucumber, salt, pepper and 100 g of cheese "feta".

Step by step instructions:

  • Root vegetables need a good wash with a brush, wrap with foil and send in the oven. Cook at 170 degrees for one hour;
  • If the cucumbers thick skin, then it should be removed. Then, the vegetables cut into small dice;
  • With the beets, remove the peel, cut it into small pieces and put in saucepan. Add salt and pepper to taste and pour the milk product. Using a blender blend everything until smooth. In the soup, add the cucumbers and serve. In each plate put the pieces of cheese and chopped parsley.

Recipe Lithuanian beet soup with kefir

Traditional Lithuanian dish something like our usual hodgepodge and European "gazpacho". There are many varieties of this recipe will focus on the classic version.

To cook a Lithuanian soup, you need to take the following components: 2 large beets, 1 liter of yogurt, bunch of dill and green onion, 3 cucumber, 3 eggs, pepper and salt.

Step by step instructions:

  • Beets put in a pan, cover with water and boil until tender. Eggs also need to cook hard-boiled;
  • The cooled root vegetables, peel, and grate. There also send chopped the grated cucumbers and diced egg;
  • Left to put the chopped greens, pour the yogurt, add salt, and all mix well. For taste, you can add the juice of one lemon. The pan cover and put in refrigerator for 2.5 hours

Recipe Bulgarian soup with kefir

This traditional Bulgarian dish is called "Tarator". Popular it also on the territory of Macedonia. We are sure that this light refreshing first course will be enjoyed by many.

To cook Bulgarian soup, you need to take these products: 2 cucumbers, 425 ml of yogurt, salt, pepper, bunch of dill, 2 cloves of garlic, 5 walnuts, 100 ml of water and parsley.

Step by step instructions:

  • Cucumber wash and grate on a fine grater. If necessary, clean them from the skin. Peeled garlic also chop on a grater. Dill wash, dry and then finely chop. All these ingredients put in a bowl and sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste;
  • Nuts peel and chop in a mortar or coffee grinder to medium size pieces;
  • In a bowl pour milk product and water, stir and pour on top of nuts. Garnish with a sprig of parsley and serve.

Recipe cold soup with kefir with cucumber and crayfish

A food dish that anyone can cook at home. If not cancers, they can be replaced with shrimp, which is possible at any time to buy in the supermarket. The amount of ingredients is for 2 servings.

For this dish, you need to prepare this set of products: 10 cancers, 6 radishes, 2 pickled cucumbers, 2 eggs, green onion, dill, 1 teaspoon mustard and 400 ml of yogurt.

Step by step instructions:

  • Crawfish boil with herbs and spices until tender. When they have cooled, peel and remove the neck. Don't forget to remove the black intestine;
  • Eggs boil hard boiled. Cucumbers peel and cut into slices. Take one egg yolk, RUB it with mustard and a small amount of yogurt. The second egg, and the protein was cut in small dice. Don't forget to chop the dill and onions;
  • In a saucepan with cucumber, connect the slices of radishes, eggs, greens, onion and crayfish. Add mustard mixture and stir. Put on plates and pour the pre-chilled yogurt.

Recipe cold summer soup with yogurt and eggplant

It would seem that the use of eggplant in a cold dish is simply impossible, but it isn't. This recipe will show you a different view. The dish turns out very tasty, hearty and healthy. The amount of ingredients is for 2 servings.

For this dish is to prepare such a list of products: 250 g eggplant-30 g of flour and vegetable oil, 2 large eggs, 15 g chopped parsley, 12 grams of garlic, 400 ml of buttermilk and salt.

Step by step instructions:

  • Eggplant peel and cut into slices. Roll them in flour and fry in hot oil;
  • Eggs whisk well and pour them eggplant. Put the pan in the oven at 180 degrees for 12 minutes Then remove, cool and cut into strips;
  • Dairy drink mix with water, add chopped parsley and pressed garlic. Pour into dish and put the eggplants with eggs.

How to cook cold soup with kefir and sausage?

The recipe allows you to cook delicious and refreshing first course, which thanks to numerous ingredients get very rich. If you want to lose weight in summer days, make sure you add this soup in your diet.

For this recipe you should take this list of products: 7 radishes, salted and fresh cucumber, 13 olives, pitted, green onions, half onion, 2 eggs, 2 potatoes, 2 carrots, a stalk of celery,125 g of sausage, 0,5 l kefir, 50 ml of water and cucumber pickle, and salt and pepper.

Step by step instructions:

  • Wash the radishes, remove the stems and roots, and then cut into thin slices. If the cucumber peel is thick, then it needs to be cleaned and then cut the vegetable in small cube;
  • Olives crush rings, and green onions chop. Celery wash and cut into thin slices. Peeled onions, boiled eggs and sausage grind cube;
  • Potatoes and carrots boil, peel and cut into cubes. In the same way chop and pickles;
  • Connect all prepared ingredients, add salt and pepper to taste. Fermented drink connect with water and brine, and then pour the liquid to other components of the soup. Stir and serve.

How to cook cold soup with chicken?

According to the recipe gives a very original dish, and all thanks to the use of smoked chicken. Of course, you can use ordinary boiled fillet, but our version is more spicy. This recipe makes 4 servings.

For this recipe you should prepare a list of products: 3 potatoes, 6 eggs, 300 g chicken, 2 radishes and cucumber, green onion, vinegar, yogurt and sparkling water.

Step by step instructions:

  • The soup starting with boiling the potatoes and eggs. When the products are cooled, peel them. The potatoes and chop chicken into small cubes, and the cucumbers, eggs and radishes grate on grater;
  • Green onions chop, and RUB it with salt. Combine all the prepared ingredients and pour low-fat fermented milk drink. Pour a little soda. Add salt to taste. Serve with chopped dill.

All the above recipes of soups are very light and dealing with them can even a child. Cook for yourself in hot weather and enjoy the ultimate taste. Use other ingredients in the recipes of cold soups, with new and original versions. Bon appetit!