A variety of dresses below the knee and features to select the optimal variant

Variety of women's outfits allows a girl of any height and body type to find a suitable way to look attractive and feel confident. But there are universal things that suit almost everyone. One of these items of clothing is the dress below the knee, which is able to emphasize the characteristics of any figure and make a woman irresistible. MIDI became popular in the 50-ies of the last century, but today is again at the height of fashion.


To choose a perfect dress up to the knee or just below, it is necessary to consider all the existing options, compare their benefits and to deal with than to wear them to accentuate their strengths.

Moreover, the modern range of clothing allows each girl to find her perfect dress, to create a unique style and way to look feminine and attractive. A variety of colors and styles for any time of the year gives you the opportunity to fill up your wardrobe with multiple instances.

The content of the article

Features and benefits dresses medium length

The main advantage of dress-MIDI can be considered its conciseness and femininity. It hides the hips and upper leg, eliminating any assumptions about the availability of girls, but gently hugs the figure and flatters. Although this dress is unlikely to hide the fullness of the feet, it is the perfect solution for girls who wanted to show their shape. MIDI dress can be slightly above or below the knee, so it always transforms the female gait.

Among other advantages of this style include:

  • convenience to wear for a festive evening or every day;
  • want now, revealing the dignity and smooth lines;
  • looks elegant and simple, so it can be supplemented with any accessories.

One of the most popular options this kind of dress is the sheath dress – a versatile dress, able to emphasize femininity at any age. Designers are constantly working to transform and improve the model of this dress, although classic and conciseness never go out of fashion.

Most often mid-length dress made of soft knit fabric that further accentuates the smooth lines and femininity. Regardless of what style of clothing he prefers a woman in her wardrobe should have at least one dress below the knee. This very feminine garment is versatile and suitable to output it on any holidays for everyday, reason.

Variety of silhouettes and shapes

Even when buying dresses below the knee you should focus on the characteristics of the body and not blindly follow the fashion trends. The image will then be concise and harmonious, and she will be able to feel confident and attractive.

There are several basic types of modern dresses-cases:

  • completely formfitting, suitable for slender female with a pronounced waist and slender legs, even more emphasizing these benefits;
  • flared dress fit for your body type "rectangle" and "inverted triangle"will hide thin hips and visually highlight the waist;
  • wide hips and full belly will hide dress with pencil skirt – perfect for the business style that goes well with high heels;
  • sporting knee-length dress complemented by elastic or lace at the hem allow you to create free way and hide features of "round" figures.

Sheath dress can be round or V-neck, long or short sleeve. Correctly to pick up a model, you need to know the peculiarities of your figure and try on a few options. For example, this pencil dress is not for all ladies.

Girls with broad shoulders do not wear V-neck and small breast it is necessary to consider a dress with frill, frilling or inserts on the upper part. Then get to visually enlarge Breasts.

Variety of silhouettes and shapes of dresses below the knee can sow doubt which option to choose, but it gives the opportunity to consider and try a lot of images to find your. Thus it is better to not listen to the advice of sellers in the store, and a critical eye to evaluate themselves.

What to wear with sheath dress

An important feature of the dress below the knee that it can be combined with almost any other clothing and accessories. For example, to slinky pencil skirt well belt, the width of which you can choose based on individual preferences. The belt will accentuate the waist and make the look even more classic.

Knitted knee-length dress often has a simple silhouette, so it is possible to add beads or a long chain to the middle of the chest. Other ornaments or jewelry – bracelets, brooches, earrings should be selected according to the taste of the girl, to MIDI fits almost all. Short sleeve dresses look Bolero, capes, short jackets and even leather jackets. Delicate and feminine sheath dress pairs perfectly with clutches and small bags with chain, whereas the large "trunks" will look out of place.

As for shoes, then her choice should be based not only on the shape of the dress and to match the growth of the girl. Short women should choose a Shoe with a heel to visually increase the height, while tall women can afford a low wedge heel or even flat shoes.

Lately it has become fashionable to wear dresses with sneakers. This sports version is harmonious with the dress-case casual.

How to choose the color of the dress

Colors dresses MIDI is so diverse that many girls want to have in their wardrobe several models. Choose the color of the clothes – not always an easy process, because so often, colors that attract the eye, do not always match the color of your hair, type of face and General image as a whole.

Therefore here it is necessary to consider some nuances:

  • black, grey, dark brown sheath dress can visually make a girl slimmer and perfect for a business, especially if the bottom is a pencil skirt;
  • bright hues – white, cream, pink, and beige look elegant and festive, but look favorably only on a thin figure, after all, selects all the curves and roundness;
  • in the fashionable again is the clothes of stripe, but if the dress she is vertical, this will allow you to visually pull the image and make the girl slimmer;
  • colorful patterns look bright, but are more suitable on young girls.

Depending on what color sheath dress, pick him shoes, accessories and other clothing items respectively. Despite the modern fashion to experiment and look bright, in a General way should not be more than three different colors.

Thus, mid-length dress is a compulsory subject in the wardrobe of any modern girl that wants to look feminine and stylish.

Selecting your ideal, you can create an attractive image and to feel confident every day.