And helpful to anyone congee?

The development of modern medicine and pharmaceuticals can not but rejoice. But what is the life expectancy of people increases, the quality of life itself improves. To cure any ailment the doctor will always prescribe the right medicine. It got to the ridiculous – commercial medicines to improve digestion shows a happy family at dinner, where tablets are a significant component in serving.


Based on the information in the promotional video, digest of modern man is impossible without the drug, which is "indispensable to the stomach".

Maybe you should not the slightest indisposition to run to the pharmacy and swallow handfuls of different "indispensable to the stomach" of the drug? After all, for centuries our ancestors had to cope with diarrhea and other digestive disorders without the miraculous pharmaceuticals.

One of these popular medications is congee – a simple folk remedy, available budget, and, most importantly, absolutely harmless, having no side effects even if overused.

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What the doctor ordered

In developed countries, the medicine and its companion pharmacology are available to the majority of the population and ceased to be an extreme way to combat ailments. Modern man did not hesitate at the slightest indisposition, and even in anticipation of it, in a hurry to take the colorful pills. And often, this medications that are "prescribed"a man in a white coat from the TV screen. Because the names of drugs that constantly spread rumors commercials, stuck in a memory: information about what tablet to take for the bloating, headache, or pain in the muscles, known even to children.


Most likely all aware of the fact that all drugs sold in the pharmacy
have contraindications and side effects. Sometimes the small print about what may damage the reception of a drug and possible disease in excess of the recommended dose, take in the instructions to the drug much more space than the description of the pharmacological action. But who reads the fine print, and the habit is a second nature.

More recently, people ill with a stomach, do not rush to the pharmacy.

And not because the druggist could offer only an enema and castor oil as a drug against stomach disorders. They are stupid, just didn't know about the existence of "indispensable for the stomach" means, but knew the useful properties of rice-water diarrhea in a young child, and an adult too.

If your digestive tract "leak"

The word diarrhea comes from the Greek word meaning "to flow". Simple disease called diarrhea. The causes of diarrhea are many. Most often diarrhea is a viral or bacteriological cause: the most simple reasons for indigestion include poor quality food, contaminated water. Cause loose stools can be infection, the so – called travellers ' diarrhoea.

Antibiotics, alcohol poisoning also leads to the dilution of the stools and frequent, painful bowel movements. Stress or fear also affect the digestive system – in people, this phenomenon is called "bear's disease". Diarrhea may be a symptom of a more dangerous disease — pancreatitis or diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.


Stomach disorders typical for children, especially those under one year: the gastrointestinal tract of the child is not yet completely formed, and any new food can cause diarrhea.

Of course, if we are talking about chronic diarrhea or serious diseases, healthy eating and home remedies are insufficient, and you need medical help. But domestic gastric distress, followed by liquid stools, it is treatable broth and porridge from rice.

What is the use of a decoction of rice

Simplicity and availability of funds may cause the question: what is the use of rice:

  • Removal of excess moisture. Starch, in large quantities contained in the rice absorbs excess liquid and facilitates the elimination of liquid stools;
  • Soothing effect on mucous membranes. Rice has a shielding effect to the irritated mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines;
  • Two in one: medicine and nutrition. Besides, congee is not only a drug but a nutrient liquid, which is important for a person who can not, often for upset stomach, eat something else, and the diarrhea makes the body of minerals and vitamins;
  • Does not cause allergies. Rice is more neutral in composition, grain crop than, for example, buckwheat or wheat. That's why pediatricians suggest congee for very young infants not only as a remedy for diarrhea, but as a first feeding cereals.

How to cook congee rice

If you don't know how to cook congee, don't worry: nothing complex.
You'll need a pint of water and two tablespoons of rice. Rice is better to take round or, even better, crushed.


Washed rice is put into boiling water and cook over low heat until very soft. Cook needed to complete the cooking of rice – about forty-five minutes.

Allow to cool to room temperature. Make as medicines in small portions – 50 ml in 2-3 hours. If diarrhea is not too strong, the rice water to replace the liquid the rice mushy porridge, cooked in water. Rice water for infants is prepared in the same way. In addition to cereals suitable rice flour.

In this case, the broth is prepared as a pudding.


Congee is not only a remedy for upset stomach, but also a great cosmetic tool that is used to cleanse the skin, as one of the components in masks from wrinkles, to eliminate pigment spots.


A decoction of rice or rice water perfectly removes inflammation, for example, if you sunburn.

Rice water is used not only for face but for hair. Women of the Yao ethnic groups in China have the most gorgeous hair, which is even noted in the Guinness Book of records. The average length of a KOs all women of the village Huangluo more than five feet.

Even octogenarian women do not have gray hair. The secret, according to scientists, is that throughout the life of the local women used to wash your hair with rice water obtained when cooking the rice. If you want to quickly and effectively get rid of diarrhea without harm to the body – drink rice water!

Use it certainly will not cause any harm to the body and an adult and baby. Be healthy!

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