And to live well, and life is good – how to raise the mood of yourself and loved ones

Mood is the emotional state that determines the tone and quality of life. The key word here is "quality". Of course, everyone wants to feel happy, but not everyone feels. And it does not depend on living conditions, provisions, availability of personal life or lack of problems. Everything can be the best way in the life of the individual, but happiness somehow not felt.

And to live well, and life is good – how to raise the mood of yourself and loved ones

Why is this happening? Just because their quality of life estimates for himself, according to his senses. No one can convince him that he's happy, if he does not feel it. All depends on my mood.

Yes, it's a scientifically proven fact that in good mood people are less critical of themselves and others, more positively assess events and circumstances.

If you think about it, it turns out that the mood, depending on whether it's good or bad, affects our perception of the surrounding reality. So, if you raise yourself up, and the chance to feel happy even without changing your life dramatically increases. Good idea, isn't it?

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Raise your mood. Practical advice of a psychologist

There are numerous tips on how to improve your mood and to get out of depression. Psychology, as good science does not stand still. But, above all, to quickly achieve results, need to calm down.

Inhale deeply and exhale, repeat the procedure at least three times, and then try not to think about what's on your mind, mentally put between themselves and the problems of such a huge wall of cinder blocks and do more enjoyable things. What is better in this situation to make sure helped?

Psychologists suggest a list of the nine most effective methods:

Turn on your favorite music

But if in the middle of the night, then put on your headphones and still turn. Because music is one of the oldest methods of relaxation. Yes, our ancestors were not able to listen to music constantly, of audio equipment they had. To hear singing and playing musical instruments, they could only feast. Because in the human subconscious since founded an Association that music is not a routine everyday phenomenon, and the holiday, so you can relax and have a rest. Only music should be life-affirming. Sad songs and those which are associated with unpleasant memories, better left for later. Even if your favorite songs like more than half. Being in a bad mood no need to push yourself even more, driving in depression.

Prepare or buy a lot of delicious

Why not. After all, it is proved that the greatest pleasure a person gets from the delicious food. It doesn't have to be chocolate, which contains the hormone of happiness. Sweet love not all. There are important, specifically your eating habits. It can be steak or vegetarian sushi with seaweed, any products – the main thing that you liked. And you definitely get your portion of happiness hormones, they will start to produce naturally.

If it's really bad and you don't know, what would you eat this, you can use a hint. A list of mood enhancing foods:

  • red or oily fish;
  • meat of any sort;
  • any kinds of nuts;
  • seaweed;
  • bananas;
  • chocolate.

All these foods are rich in vitamins and microelements, necessary for dealing with stress. And stress – the main enemy of good health.

See a good movie.

Not necessarily Comedy, tastes in movies again at all different. Although Comedy movies are definitely good that you have a light plot and make laugh, and laughter is known to prolong life. Besides, psychologists say that even just smile at her reflection in the mirror for several minutes to have a therapeutic effect.

If you prefer a more serious film, it doesn't matter. View the movie you've been wanting, but didn't have time. Or your favorite, of course, if it's not "hah" or "the passion of the Christ". Although cry sometimes, too, helps to relieve stress.

Generally the movies is a good idea in order to improve your mood. Because watching a movie with an interesting plot, it is possible to totally distract from their own problems. And then to look at them differently and, perhaps, more sober and optimistic. After all, in the movies as in the books, raised the same issues that concern us. Awareness of themselves and their place in the world, relationships with family and others, fears of failure and the search for answers to their questions. And often, watching the film, you realize that you're doing good, lacking only a little bit of optimism and confidence.

Enrich your wardrobe or make a new haircut

Yes, if the mood is not very good, and the previous advice did not save the situation, it is necessary to act more decisively. Buy those jeans, you liked it yesterday. A need to please and indulge, because you deserve it. As said Coco Chanel: "the worse things a woman has, the better it should look". Just don't buy everything, mindless shopping, going to improve the situation, but the effect lasts for a while. Buy something that really highlight your strengths. Let it be a one, but a really good, expensive thing you will be happy and a few days.

Changes in appearance – also very effective method. Man is so constituted that he perceives these changes as the beginning of a new stage in life. And there to record the gym, you see, is not far away. Promise to start a new life, this yourself, too, by the way, could work.

Review your old photos

Or video, whatever. It is important to you, reviewing, remembering the best moments of his life. Looking at images dear to you, you involuntarily will experience the same emotions as when these photos were taken. According to statistics, this method is able to deflect and lighten the mood in 8 cases out of 10.

Call family or friends

Talk to loved ones who are able to understand and support you in any situation, is simply priceless. If you have the opportunity to meet, it's all good, if not, then talking on a cell is able to quickly regain a positive attitude. After all, no matter how strong or a person, he may also be upset, to fear failure or to be depressed, but not to acknowledge it. But a close friend, a girlfriend, a mother will always understand that you are worried about something, and will find words to encourage you.

Go back to what you were wondering

Read, dance, skiing. It can be your permanent hobby, maybe something you've never done, but wanted to try. And most importantly – there can be no "can't". The point is not to succeed in this lesson and making it fun. Don't know how? Ask to be taught. Sometimes people for years and suspects that he has a talent for something. And once received the impetus, having tried, he realizes that not only can, but wants to do it.


Alone or in the company of friends to whom you called. Well, if it's a walk in nature. Fresh air is very useful in all situations, but when it comes to fatigue, or worse, depression, then all irreplaceable.

Bring something to the interior

Buy some nice thing in the house. A statue or a painting in a carved frame. You can arrange and light the evening candles. This situation has to a good romantic mood. Light up the sticks. Change your Wallpaper or furniture in the room. In extreme cases, rearrange. The sense of novelty is always pleasing.

Now think a bit, listen to yourself and honestly admit what from this list you want for you? Admitted? This is what you do. Because it is impossible to raise yourself up through the power of forcing yourself to do something "nice". Don't need to eat chocolate if you have an Allergy to it, or to do crafts, if not love, unquestioningly following the advice of a psychologist, the result will be small. Moreover, all the stress just due to the fact that you are too often crossed through and did what you do not like.

Living in favor of someone else's rules and desires, a person loses a sense of satisfaction with life, and there and before depression nearby. But it's your life, and you know the best that you need to be happy to you personally.