Appetizing struul: mastering German cuisine

Strule is a classic German dish based on steamed dough. Strudel is often called strudel or simply strudel. Any of these variations is correct, it all depends on the spoilage of the "telephone" during translation.

They prepare German strulls with meat, vegetables, fruits and cottage cheese. It is very convenient to cook the struts in a multicooker. It is in the multicooker that the dough turns out to be very soft, and the meat is juicy. They can be either a dessert or a main course. Thanks to the dough, it is very satisfying, so it can become a man's favorite dish. It is better for women who take care of their figures not to get carried away too much.

For those who want to know how to make delicious strules, the following information will be useful. Let's look at a few recipes for the multicooker struuli - an appetizing German dish.

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  • While the dough is right, you can do the meat and potatoes
  • Apple strudel
  • Structures with potatoes and meat

    They are prepared quite easily, albeit laborious, so it will not hurt to be patient. Here is a recipe for struuli with the addition of pork and vegetables.

    So, to prepare this meat dish you will need:

    Appetizing struul: mastering German cuisine
    • 500 grams of pork;
    • 500 grams of potatoes;
    • a little vegetable oil before frying;
    • salt;
    • spices to taste;
    • greens.

    The following set of products must be purchased for the test:

    • yeast 50 grams;
    • 150 grams of butter or margarine;
    • egg;
    • flour 1 kg;
    • a glass of sour cream or half a liter of kefir;
    • a tablespoon of sugar;
    • half a teaspoon of salt.

    Dissolve the yeast in a glass with warm water, add sugar. Beat the egg, add kefir, mix everything thoroughly. Melt the butter, just do not bring it to a boil, this can spoil the elasticity of the dough, mix it with kefir and an egg. Season with salt and pour yeast into the mixture. Gradually adding flour, knead the mass. Once it stops sticking to your hands, cover it with a towel and allow time to come. In general, the dough for the struul can be taken from the recipe for pies and made on kefir without yeast.

    As long as the dough is right, you can do meat and potatoes

    Meat is necessary wash, cut off all "unnecessary" , hymen, fat, veins, and then chop everything into small cubes. It is good if there is a cauldron in which it is convenient to cook everything at once, however, the meat can be fried in a regular pan and put into a saucepan, which, in fact, needs to be done. Do not forget to add salt and spices... If there is not enough meat juice, add water or broth.

    Peel the potatoes, cut them into quarters or leave the tubers intact. Place on top of the semi-cooked meat. Fill everything with water, salt and pepper. Leave to simmer over low heat under the lid.

    Appetizing struul: mastering German cuisine

    At this time, the dough that has come up must be rolled out into a layer half a centimeter thick, greased with butter and rolled. Place the chopped greens inside for flavor. Cut the resulting sausage into round slices every two centimeters. Place the resulting strules on top of the potatoes, not very close to each other, otherwise they will come up and stick together during cooking.

    Do not add water. The dough should be steamed until cooked!

    Close everything with a lid and simmer for another 20 minutes over low heat. To make the dough tender and soft, it is not recommended to open the lid during stewing.

    Before serving, sprinkle with finely chopped herbs for beauty. A delicious hearty dish is ready! Sauerkraut and, of course, a glass of chilled beer are perfect for it.

    Despite the fact that pork is a traditional type of meat for the Germans, it can be lured into a recipe for struuli with chicken fillet. They prepare in the same way. You can also add onions, carrots and cabbage to the dish. This chicken dish will be quite dietary, but no less delicious.

    Apple strudel

    This dessert is very popular, so it will not be superfluous to learn how to prepare it .

    So, for an apple strudel, you need the following set of products:

    • two apples;
    • 100 grams of raisins;
    • bread crumbs;
    • 100 grams of butter;
    • half a glass of sugar.
    • vanilla;
    • < li> cinnamon.

    For dough:

    • flour 500 grams;
    • 2 eggs;
    • 50 grams of margarine;
    • 2 tablespoons of sugar;
    • a pinch of salt.
    Appetizing struul: mastering German cuisine

    Melt the butter, beat the eggs with sugar and knead the dough out of the mixture with flour. Give it a little "rest" and start filling.

    For the filling, rinse the raisins and cover them with warm water for 10 minutes to soften them. Croutons must be fried with butter in a pan. Apples should be washed, peeled, center removed and cut into thin slices. Mix everything into one mass with the addition of sugar and spices.

    Roll out the dough into a thin layer, put the filling on it and form a roll, carefully pinching the edges. For convenience, you can take a clean kitchen towel and roll out the layer on it, and then use the towel to roll the roll.

    Put the raw strudel on a baking sheet, pre-oiled, and send it to the preheated oven until tender. For beauty, the finished strudel should be sprinkled with powdered sugar on top.

    You can replace apples with cottage cheese and prepare curd strudel. Such blYudo will appeal to children who do not want to eat raw cottage cheese, but are already tired of traditional cheese cakes and pancakes with the same filling.

    In this case, the cottage cheese must be mixed with sour cream to make it more elastic. You can also add nuts and various dried fruits to taste here, even pieces of fresh fruit, such as banana. Don't forget about sugar and vanilla.

    If you want to prepare a main course according to this recipe, spread mashed potatoes with fried onions on the dough, also roll up a roll and bake.

    Tip : If the time for cooking is very short, then you can use the store test. Yeast dough is perfect for making meat struts, and puff pastry is perfect for a dessert version. This will greatly simplify the strule recipe and save time.

    Enjoy cooking! Any kind of struts are a great way to diversify the menu for the whole family.