Artificial stone in the interior: variations, secrets, creative solutions

Since time immemorial, people have used stone to build their homes. He has incredible attractive or even magical powers. How else to explain the fact that people of different nationalities, ages and cultures came under its influence and began to use it as a decorative design for your home. Thanks to this expanded range, we offer "stone" of the product, and its color scheme.

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Select the texture and color

To beautify your home interior, natural material, unlike the artificial, laborious and requires serious preparation. And this significantly increases its value. Why the popularity of artificial stone is increasing every day. To choose artificial stone, which has accurately imitated to genuine, will not be difficult.

Most manufacturers produce perfectly smooth plate for subsequent application of a design pattern to create the original interior.

A huge role in creating a harmonious visual perception of interior design is color. The pastel colors fit for a classic design, and rich will be appropriate to look to modern. Surprisingly another: thanks to the technology of dual staining, which is used in the manufacture of this material, it is impossible to find two exactly-in-exactly the same ones.

The color of the veins will always be different. Thus, manufacturers are expanding their range to meet the aesthetic taste of any customer.

Artificial stone in the interior: the pros and cons

More and more often the stone interior is popular in designing both residential and public premises. Often it is used for finishing, bars, restaurants, hotels, offices and apartments.

For a better idea of what are the advantages of interior stone, first you need to understand the positive aspects of the material:

  • Lightweight – it weighs about 2 times less than the natural counterpart. You should not worry about the safety of the walls and that can cause problems with transportation;
  • Easily treated – makes it possible to give the stone any shape color or size;
  • Refractory – in case of fire this material will not only ignite itself, but will not allow flame to spread along the walls;
  • Durable – artificial stone has long established itself as a strong material that will serve you for years to come.

Like any other commodity, it also has its cons:

  • High thermal conductivity;
  • Do not contact with water.

What are the advantages of the interior under a rock?


Stone such facilities as dining room, lounge, kitchen or study – will have a more refined look.

You will forget about such troubles as periodic cosmetic repairs. This material needs no special care. I wanted something to change? You can simply replace some tiles say to another in the texture panels or in some areas to make insertion of a different color! It would seem, a trifle, but noticeable upgrade there.

The durability of the artificial stone is extremely long, making it incredibly practical. Plus, this material requires no special care.

Order decorative stone look good does not necessarily have a vacation home, you can place them in your living room, hallway and even the kitchen.

Stone in the interior of the apartment

Decided to decorate your home with elements of artificial stone? The first thing to take care of security.

When selecting materials you need to pay special attention to the following details:

  • supported by the goods of sanitary-epidemiological conclusion;
  • to check availability of the relevant documents to enable the use of this material in the domestic environment. The seller is obliged to provide them at your request.

After that, use the interior of this stone, you can not fear that he will harm your health.

Entrance hall

Gone are the days when the hall was a kind of room-warehouse for storage of bags, boxes and other stuff. After all, with the hall at the guests form a view of the house. The first thing you need to start is correctly matched with the dimensions of the room overall color with her mood.

Standard hallways have a small area so should avoid dark tones so as not to narrow the already small room even more. Prefer light natural colors.

No need to use artificial stone in the interior hallway as the main material, you should try to submit it as an accent, for example, they draw a doorway into a room or turn over the mirror. Harmoniously blend artificial stone and green plants. Green can refresh and ennoble the interior, give it softness.

It is worth to say about a classic lighting solution. Refrain from your favorite chandeliers and give preference to small wall lamps. So you'll be able to evenly distribute light across the hallway.

If you have a spacious entrance hall, it can be arranged in classic style. Classic – power and eternal traditions. But don't over – pretentiousness and complexity should be in moderation. Hallway should not be overloaded with stone finishes otherwise it will be created the effect of a cave.


Artificial stone in the interior of the kitchen is very difficult to stain, which is why the kitchen is the place where the material is as relevant as anywhere else. If the apron is not made in a white color, and, for example, in a more natural, mottled, and covered with a colourless varnish, those hateful Housewives all traces of grease and dirt you will not be afraid.

You can also highlight the kitchen dining area, a window or the bar. Try to combine different materials to create comfort and harmony. The uneven shape of the stones match well with wicker baskets or pots.

Brick masonry will soften passing in the open water pipe. Don't be afraid to experiment. In any case, the mere presence in the kitchen artificial stone will give it an original look and unusual texture.

General guidelines


The room will look elegant, if the stone will be charged with only one wall or its part, for example, an arch, a corner or doorway.

In large rooms looks harmonious stone of medium or of large size, in small – small tiles. Room with a small square decorated with bright material colours, large same restrictions on color do not have.

Vertical walls visually increase the height of the ceiling. The quality of the stitches immediately catches the eye, they should not be too broad, and should be extremely careful.

The stone can transform any interior. And even if not the whole, but only a small part of the interior will be finished in stone – your house is guaranteed to acquire a special style. A good interior design!