As combing very tangled hair

Incredibly thick and long curls – the envy of competitors and admiration of the stronger sex. But sometimes a girl has gorgeous hair, suddenly decides to take a short cut and ruthlessly parted with strands. The reason is simple: long hair is difficult to comb.

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Why hair


Indeed, women often face the problem of tangled strands.Most often the reason lies in the wrong care.

Lead to a hair ball on the head can the following factors:

  • The systematic use of the Hairdryer that causes a disruption of the hair structure. Along its length reveals the scales that cling to each other;
  • Irregular brushing, especially before bedtime, also provokes confusion of the strands;
  • The neglect of the headgear leads to the deterioration of the strands. They are constantly exposed to stress due to the effect of low temperatures and ultraviolet radiation;
  • The lack of skill with the round brush when you blow-dry;
  • Abuse mousses, varnishes, gels leads to fragility, dryness and gluing of locks;
  • Curly hair they look great, but require extra care. In the absence of tangles on your head is inevitable;
  • Shampooing hard water is another reason for confusion. Mineral particles contaminate the strands and lead to their stickiness. If the stiffness coefficient of the water is constantly too high, is to carry out the procedure previously defending the water.

Sometimes the strands tangled so much that it hurts not only combing, but just to touch the head. The tangles in the strands, trying to solve the problem quickly, tearing unruly hairs, lead to muscle tension of the head, and why it hurts to comb hair.

To correct an unfortunate misunderstanding, it should read the guidelines on how to comb your hair if it is tangled.

The main ways of solving the problem

First of all, finding a tangled clump, don't try to tear it with a massage brush. This way you can just to root out the disobedient strand of hair.

There are methods that do not cause injury and allow you to correct the situation less drastic ways:

  • With a little confusion, you should try to divide the strand into thin pieces and using a comb with rare teeth durable to try to comb your hair starting from the tips and gradually climbing higher. To make the procedure as easy as possible, it is recommended to use a spray;
  • When the lock is wrapped around the round brush while styling or drying, a tangled strand first moistened with balm or shampoo. Then, the brush starts to rotate gently, gradually untangling her hair.
  • Strongly twisted curls it's easiest to unravel in the shower. Wetting the locks with water, wash the head with a large amount of shampoo, whipping a rich lather. Cosmetics and pollution causing tangles, quickly washed away. Then balm treated strands and, after waiting a quarter of an hour, again washed the head with warm water. After applying the balm hair becomes extremely silky and untangling is easy;
  • It is advisable to use leave-in conditioners and shampoos. They not only help to unravel the knot, but will also protect the curls from tangling during the day;
  • If the strands get confused regularly, comb them need lying on the bed and lowering it to its edge head. In this position significantly improves blood circulation in the head. Receipt of a greater amount of nutrients revitalizes curls and confused they will be much less.

Today on sale there are special sprays that facilitate combing. However, in their composition are harsh chemicals that negatively affect the condition of the hair. So using them is only in the extreme case, if you do not help other gentle measures.

Prevention of tangles

In order not to encounter problem as combing very tangled hair, you need to follow few preventive measures to ensure proper care of hair and scalp.

First of all, you need during the day several times to comb the strands. In the summer, be sure to use sprays with sunscreen. Otherwise the hair will peresushivaya. And we know that the easiest way tangle that is thinning and dry tresses.

After shampooing, be sure to use on wet curls balm, especially girls with curly strands of hair. It is recommended once a week to make a mask for strengthening of hair.

Before bedtime desirable to braid the strands loosely into a braid. This will significantly reduce the risk of Mat. The house should not be going with her strands. They quickly become dirty, which also triggers the formation of tangles.

Hair should be cherished and not to use cosmetics every day for their installation. If on this day it was necessary to create a hairstyle and secure it with a mousse or gel, be sure to wash your head for the night. It is better to use a comb made of wood. Metal and plastic brush electrify your hair and increase breakage.

Comb each strand 100 times – a common Council, which categorically cannot be practiced in thin and dry strands. You should know how to properly comb and care for long hair different types.


Do not use detergents, hard removes fat. Dry strands are more susceptible to tangling. Therefore, it is not recommended for hair care containing alcohol media.

Locks prone to tangling it is impossible to comb. Braiding a braid or making a ponytail, you shouldn't bury curls under clothing. In this case, they are more susceptible to static electricity and very quickly get confused.

By following simple recommendations, you can achieve the perfect condition of your tresses. Strands will become very submissive, smooth and elastic, so the problem how to comb tangled hair much, will be forgotten forever.