As evidenced by the white chair at the child?

That baby chair is an indicator of problems in the body, you know very young inexperienced mom. Change the color of stool shows as a kid to cope with food, how to adapt to a new lure and it doesn't hurt if the stomach is not cut if the teeth.

Even if the child has a yellow-white or greenish chair, but he's not capricious, it is necessary to find out what's going on with his digestive system. Especially if the color persists more than a week.

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What problems are you changing the color of the stool?

The norm is brown color of feces.

Depending on the food consumed it is getting lighter or darker:

  1. Constipation, poor digestion, it acquires a dark brown hue.
  2. The use of iron supplements color stool to greenish black color.
  3. Goiter and predominance of plant foods with oxalic acid – a chair with a pronounced green.
  4. Lacto-vegetarian diet is light brown.
  5. Express motility with increased bile – yellow.
  6. Orange – food cravings: fruits and vegetables with a high content of beta-carotene.
  7. Reddish stool color beets, or bleeding of the rectum.
  8. Black feces in the form of a liquid tarry substance bleeding from the upper gastrointestinal tract or lungs. The same color, but the consistency is normal – use the medication, part of which is bismuth, or abuse of blueberries or black currants.
  9. White stool indicates that bile for digestive process produces enough. Inflammation of the pancreas. In the case of an infant pathology in its formation or development.

Reasons for change the color of faeces from young children and adults may vary.

Why the child appeared white chair?

In infants, this phenomenon occurs for the following reasons:

  • for a certain kind of new food, milk formula with a high content of calcium;
  • transition to adult food, which was artificially added calcium gluconate;
  • in the daytime menu, too many carbohydrates – baby stomach can not cope with them;
  • the teeth began to cut.

These causes of white stool the child is reversible, if the baby does not respond to these symptoms, good appetite, cheerful.

But there are other factors causing the appearance of white chair in a child, namely:

  1. Hepatitis. Other symptoms – dark urine, yellowing of sclera and skin can really lag. So better to be safe and pass the necessary tests.
  2. Bile duct obstruction, partial or complete.
  3. Change the color of feces can cause certain medications. Before you panic, it is advisable to read the instructions – the effect of the drug on the color of the chair is always written in the paragraph "side effects".
  4. Induce vomiting, and white stool the child has rotavirus infection.
  5. In many cases, the cause of color change is dehydration.
  6. People with lactose intolerance in a child chair with white lumps, in addition to vomiting the same white lumps. This phenomenon will occur continuously after a meal, while the kid doesn't transfer to suitable diet. Can also occur: colic, temperature reaction, redness or blanching of the skin. Weight gain is not observed.
  7. Swellings and abdominal pain accompanied by dysbiosis. He can paint the chair not only in white but in a yellow-green color.

Adult and child white diarrhea occurs after eating large amounts of fatty food or a thick, rustic cream, this is a spoon the liver doesn't cope with loading.

The reason to worry is if there is a white-green stool in an infant younger than 5 months, and he gets Moody, not gaining weight. The enzyme system is formed by age 3, but their food an infant should normally take for 3-5 months. Allowed the reaction to the foods, but to understand it or not, it is possible only for 2-3 days.

The greens in the stool may indicate the following processes:

  • together with the faeces excreted bilirubin;
  • helpful microflora to colonize the intestine not in a hurry and need to use products with bifidum and lactobacilli in addition;
  • enzymes are produced in insufficient quantities.

Why this is so, it is possible to learn only after the examination.

A stool sample should be returned to flora for planting; may require other tests.

Problems with the digestive system indicates not only the color of feces, but also their consistency.

Problems in the body depending on the consistency of feces

If any of the infection in adults and children, regardless of age – with increasing temperature the stools will be liquid.

Especially sensitive to temperature changes in children under 5 years:

  1. Bright frothy or curdled stool indicates the presence of yeast, increased the number of intestinal yeast fungus that promotes the activity of Candida or when fermentation dyspepsia.
  2. Fecal stones – the faeces of a dense round or oblong colors are also called "sheep" faeces, they appear at the stenosis and constipation.
  3. Stool mushy, mazevidnaya – with excessive secretion of the intestine and its enhanced peristalsis, inflammatory processes of various etiologies, inflammation of the pancreas, insufficient generation of bile.
  4. Clay viscous Kal – problems with the liver and gallbladder.
  5. Diarrhea is a symptom diarrhea, in violation of the digestive processes – for example, when overeating, or diseases of the digestive organs.

For acute conditions – with the additional symptoms indicates the following the consistency of faeces:

  • liquid, like pea puree – a symptom of typhoid fever;
  • liquid colorless, like rice-water – a sign of cholera;
  • tarry, and in color resembling tar – bleeding upper intestine and lungs.

The normal feces of the baby should be of the consistency as sour cream of average density in children, crossed over to "adult food"as adults – kolbasovidnye, brown.

If the parents pay enough attention to the health of your baby, then change the color or consistency of bowel movements should be the signal for them – in the body there is something pathological for him.

But too we should not panic. Attention should be paid not only feces, but also on the state of the baby.

If he plays, not fussy, eats well and sleeps, the weight is added, it is enough to adjust the diet and everything is back to normal.

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