As restoring the body after curettage and when to plan pregnancy?

Scraping, which is often called cleaning, is a common medical procedure. It is assigned in both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Doctors do not always explain to patients what is the essence of the event, therefore, the latter have concerns about such a therapeutic and diagnostic measures.

Most women often wonder whether it is possible to get pregnant after scraping, for example, of missed abortion? Is it hard to do? How is the recovery period and what can be the possible complications?

Every woman, if she was prescribed such a procedure should ask the doctor, how is it performed and what its consequences are. It should be noted that complications such events occur very rarely, if conducted by an experienced obstetrician-gynecologist.

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The uterus is a muscular organ. In appearance it is similar to a pear. It is growing and developing child after fertilization of the egg. The uterine cavity is lined with a mucous layer called the endometrium. The latter undergoes a change over the cycle. After ovulation when fertilization is absent, he rejected, menstruation starts. Scraping involves the removal of the top (functional) layer of the endometrium. After the procedure, the mucosa will recover from germ layer.

There are two types of cleaning: regular and separate. In the first case, first clean the cervical canal and then the uterus. Obtained during the procedure, the material is sent for histological examination.

The second type of cleaning is currently being carried out by hysteroscopy. This method is more preferred because it is much safer and more convenient standard. During the procedure, the uterus is introduced a device that allows you to see the cleaning process. At the same time, standard scraping is performed blindly, increasing the risk of complications, for example, injuries. Hysteroscopy allows you to fully control the process of removing the endometrium and observe the results.

Usually the event is held a few days before menstruation, because in this case, the body will recover much faster.

Pregnancy: when it's after hysteroscopy with scraping?

It is worth noting that pregnancy after curettage may already after 2-3 weeks. The course of pregnancy and childbirth, as a rule, not accompanied by complications. If to conceive a baby does not work for 9 months after the procedure, expert advice is required.

Fertility is violated very rarely. In any case, if a woman wants to conceive, she must first go to a gynecologist. The doctor will assess the situation, pick a favorable time for conception.

Pregnancy after curettage in the presence of an endometrial polyp and other abnormalities

Cleaning assigned in both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

Indications for the procedure:

  1. Pathological changes of the endometrium, revealed by an ultrasound. For example, in local formations or thickening in the mucosal layer. When the thickness is too large, there is a hyperplasia of the endometrium. Upon detection of the polyp is also advisable to carry out scraping, but for medicinal purposes. As a rule, he no longer grows after the procedure;
  2. Disorders of the menstrual cycle. The indications include: heavy, prolonged periods, unexplained lack of pregnancy with regular sexual intercourse, intermenstrual bleeding and spotting during menopause;
  3. Pathology of the cervix. Scraping prescribed after a pelvic examination during which the doctor revealed abnormalities, especially when suspicion of their malignant nature. Obtained in the course of cleaning, the material is sent for histological examination to exclude cancer;
  4. Miscarriage. Scraping in this case is required to remove the remaining in the uterus parts of the placenta;
  5. In the presence of missed abortion;
  6. The indication may be endometriosis, sinehii, the remains of the ovum after abortion.

A pregnancy immediately after scraping: what's the danger?

As for the complications that often arise following States:

  1. Tear of the cervix. This happens after the dismount bullet forceps. Minor tears heal themselves, while others may require sutures;
  2. Perforation of the uterus – through injury on instruments. When large perforations require closure;
  3. Accumulation of blood in the cavity of the body. In medicine this phenomenon is called hematometra. The danger is that a high probability of infection;
  4. Inflammation. Pathology occurs when the violation of the rules of asepsis and the absence of antibiotic treatment. First of all inflammation is evidenced by the increase in temperature;
  5. Sprout damage of the endometrium. This pathology difficult to treat. It is likely that, after scraping the mucosa does not recover;
  6. Pathology, e.g., polyp was removed partially or not isserles. It is advisable to repeat the procedure. Sometimes relapse occurs, for example, a polyp grows again. In this situation also requires cleaning.

Recovery of the uterus and of the organism after curettage of missed abortion: when will menstruation?

Month after the procedure starts, after about 4 weeks, but this largely depends on health.

The delay may occur after medical abortion, because the body needs some time to recover reproductive function. Too heavy menstruation or, conversely, poor are a cause for alarm, especially in the presence of pain in the abdomen and elevated temperature.

Cycle fully recovers within 2-3 months. If not, the necessary gynecological examination.

After missed abortion, miscarriage, removal of polyps often periods quite long and abundant. If they do not exist, it is possible to suspect a serious pathology, so you need to go to the doctor.

Bleeding and vaginal discharge after cleaning

The blood stands out for several days. This process resembles the standard period. If bleeding is delayed, it is possible to suspect complications. Selection may be spotting or include blood clots. A deviation from the norm is as prolonged and heavy bleeding and too short, scanty.

Anxiety symptoms are abdominal pain and temperature (valid up to 37,5°).

  1. You may experience brownish the secret, which indicates blood clotting. This means that the bleeding will soon cease;
  2. Strong bloody, accompanied by abdominal pain and fever. Discharge may have an unpleasant smell. This indicates the development of complications;
  3. Yellow the secret is in the body infection is present, antibiotic therapy is required;
  4. Standard vaginal leucorrhoea appear after end bloody and there are no complications.

Pain syndrome after the procedure

When will cease to operate, the effect of anesthesia, there will be discomfort in the abdomen. Women claim that pain reminiscent of the sensation during menses. It may last from several hours to 2-3 days. Specific treatment in this case is not required. The doctor may prescribe pain medication in the postoperative period.

Medications after curettage


During subsequent menstrual periods may be present pain. It should be noted that this phenomenon is very common among patients who have had cleaning. Your doctor may prescribe antispasmodics (D. no-Spa), to prevent the accumulation of blood clots in the uterine cavity and stop the pain. Nospanum take three times a day one tablet.

Often after procedures are prescribed antibiotics. They can prevent exposure to infection and speed recovery.

Strong uterine bleeding cropped using injections of oxytocin. On day 14 after the event requires a preventive gynecological examination.

For 2 weeks after the procedure prohibited douching, use of vaginal tampons, have sex. Strictly not recommended for heavy exercise.

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