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The idea of free relations gathers supporters of all ages and statuses. There is something attractive: sanctioned cheating, without the typical consequences of the scandal, separation, resentment... But in society such a practice is negligible and most of the conversation on this topic becomes nothing more than a harmless exchange of opinions. And before you declare publicly about the idea of confidence in a pair or Vice versa the brutal cynicism, you need to understand what open relationship means, what are their pros and cons – will be discussed below.

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Open relationship: how to understand each other correctly

If we leave aside branding adultery and sanctimonious judgment, the serene view of an open relationship means the following:

Available in a couple

  1. steam supports a connection between them at the level of the intima, the joint doing life, cohabitation or marriage;
  2. everyone can have Dating and sex with other partners;
  3. this prevents jealousy, revenge and separation on the grounds of adultery.

Why you need an open relationship? A synthesis of the response of people practicing this form of love is the salvation from boredom.

Life dampens, gray days destroy the romance, while many after "walking on the side of" return to the permanent partner and discover that feelings are refreshed and the voltage disappeared. Open relationship work, like installation and save the nerve cells for those who are assured that after the betrayal they would still be together whether the jealousy, and the atmosphere of falsehood in the house?

Men and women want stability and happiness in marriage, while having the assurance that the surge of hormones, silly affair or a sudden romantic impulse to a third person will not destroy the love and understanding that may have built over the years.

The danger of such freedom lies not in the torture of jealousy, and not even in a banal love triangle. The biggest problem is blurred in the definition of obligations that remain between regular partners.

It seems pretty simple – Hiking "the left" is not only forgiven by the fact of their Commission, but allowed to advance. Treason, even, you can plan, keep up to date with your soul mate, do not feel remorse and not be afraid to lose a stable connection. The problem begins when the words of partners into action.

What to consider in the agreement on freedom relations

Available in a couple

Determining the pros and cons of an open relationship, first and foremost, the conversation should start with the vital questions that will help clarify the position of both parties. If the marriage is in crisis, that sex without commitment on the side can distract from the spouses family scandals, will help to rethink the feelings of the spouses and even become the catalyst for the reunion.

Another thing, if a person from the very beginning puts the partner before the fact that serious intent had not.

Whether to agree to such conditions and whether to hope for change for the better – a private matter. The catch lies in the fact that when a partner wants to unilaterally end it, then to blame him is not what he said is not serious.

Couple in an open relationship should discuss how they will decide, if someone of them because of the given freedom will fall in love. Fun entertainment but also the opportunity to dismiss it is impossible. And the argument that no permission for treason can unexpectedly come out with a new love in this situation is bad. Close contact with a stranger definitely increases the risk, and there is no philosophy.

The decisive moment for couples seeking an open relationship in marriage– how to have and raise children in such an atmosphere. Many come to the conclusion that this is impossible, so an open relationship is most often practiced by people who are not planning to have children.

The rules of open relationship

Finally deciding on this form of Union should get together to discuss more mundane matters. This organization of meetings and cleanliness.

Faithfulness in the pair suggests that a man and a woman is protected from sexually transmitted diseases and illegitimate pregnancies, and also take care of the rest and comfort for a spouse or friend. An open relationship does not have to take these positions.

Important questions:

Available in a couple
  1. Is it possible to change with the same lover?
  2. How often do you go on dates?
  3. Whether to allow to bring a friend or girlfriend home?
  4. Cheating is just about sex, or you can chat, call and write the lover?
  5. How to protect themselves?
  6. How to defend against claims that may bring a lover or a mistress?

If in these matters to let the situation slide, then riot in the pair can not be avoided. Besides discussing such details, the couple can come to the conclusion that all this is for them too difficult, and to abandon the idea.

Open relationship: pros and cons

The obvious advantages of liberty the following:

Available in a couple
  1. disappears the freshness – both man and woman continue to feel desirable to others, have the opportunity to enjoy flirting and intimate relationship on the side;
  2. disappear fear for personal liberty – often the partners are not looking for sex with strangers, and simply free time which you can spend in the company of friends;
  3. removed the prohibition disappears in the temptation, so that freedom can be a clever move to prevent disaster;
  4. a new experience in sex can beautify intimate relations in the couple and if one of the partners is unusual passions, the sex party may be the only solution;
  5. open relationships can teach people not to be attached to each other excessively and to keep the necessary distance – when no other way "recycletime" no.

To the obvious disadvantages are:

Available in a couple
  1. despite the agreement, the partner openly jealous or hide your emotional pain, while playing in other areas of life – simply revenge;
  2. after receiving official permission for the infidelity, the partner may forget about caution and results in a disease, pregnancy, or even blackmail from a third party;
  3. an open relationship is a radical method to reduce the degree of the experiences in the pair, which teaches you to escape from problems and contradictions, not resolve them with love;
  4. in fact, this freedom can mean that the man does not take financial care of the woman and the woman does not want to care about him on a daily basis;
  5. in difficult times people may not be available or, even worse, morally distant from the problems of their partner, resulting in a pair of increase not connected with the sex emotions – fear and distrust of life in such a Union.

Whether to choose an open relationship or not is a personal choice each couple, but before you make this serious and responsible step, we recommend you to think carefully about the consequences!