Beautiful hair

Low temperatures, lack of the right amount of vitamins in the diet, too dry air is not the hair gives no advantages and just pushed to take decisive action and special care in the cold.

Beautiful hair

How to care for your hair at different times of the year, it is desirable to know any woman, because the conditions in which the hair is in the winter, differ, say, from the summer.

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How to care for hair in winter

Caring for curls in the winter time should begin with limiting the adverse impacts. For example, the first thing you need to pay attention to is filling in the body of vitamins and minerals.

This can be achieved in different ways, but the most effective – receive a balanced multivitamin which is specially selected so that all the essential for hair, skin and nails substances are present in the right quantities.

In addition, you need to correct your diet and add foods that contain fatty acids, proteins, zinc, calcium. To eat more fruits, vegetables, beans, greens and other foods rich in vitamins.

Following the direction in which you need to constantly do in the winter, is the restoration and improvement of blood supply of the skin. If you go without headgear from the surrounding low temperature blood vessels in the head constrict, bad minerals.

The result of this shortfall will be weakening of the roots can begin the loss of a certain number of hairs, which become thin and fragile, they fade and increases their fragility.

Beautiful hair

A good remedy such developments, safe and effective, experts believe more or less the regular massage of the head and cervical spine.

Rubbed the skin on the head and neck, you will recover and improve the blood supply, and in company with him and make the necessary microelements of the bulb hairs.

In a more modern way, in a technological sense, is a method of recovery of the intensity of microcirculation of blood, as the d'arsonval. Weak pulse current of high voltage and frequency, effect on the skin and also improve the flow of blood and lymph, has also an antiseptic action, preventing hair loss and stimulating hair growth.

How to care for dry hair

For good result you also need the hydration of the skin and strands. To prevent dehydration you can drink mineral water, to get a household humidifier, or apply intensive moisturizing conditioners, masks and balms.

In addition, it should be noted that the use of masks and balms not only well hydrated, but will also make them shiny and smooth, compliant and elastic, and in some cases relieve irritation and itching.

Undoubtedly, in the winter of shampoos, conditioners and other means should be selected more carefully than in summer. Those to which you are accustomed, is not suitable because of the effects of temperature and mode of care in the winter.

Beautiful hair

If your hair has become more dry and brittle, you should choose a more gentle and delicate care.

But you should choose only natural ingredients, without dyes and other additives that can be allowed in the warm season. After shampoo you should always use a conditioner or conditioning for confidence in the protection from drying out curls.

One of the regular procedures for the care of dry strands should be the regular application of nourishing masks with vitamins F, 6, 1 and 5, as well as with phospholipids, glycolipids, orange essential oils, amino acids and proteins. All of these components included in the composition applied on wet and pressed hair masks restore the structure after a twenty-minute procedure.

A good way to maintain moisture and improve appearance will be nourishing serum. There is a large number of nutrients, and it does not need to rinse. Dropping on the head of a few drops of this drug, you can get a boost for hair and the quantity of the ingredients that can a long time to heal, to restore and preserve the structure of the strands.

It should also be borne in mind that in the cold season for different reasons on the head often have dermatological problems, such as dandruff. In this case, a particularly careful choice of shampoo, masks for hair strands of olive, burdock, jojoba oils. Really effective way in the fight against violations is a General increase in immunity – the higher it is, the more the body resists all negative manifestations and diseases.

How to care for thin hair

Sometimes the struggles of caring for curls is not due to weather conditions and time of year, but purely physiological causes, by the properties of the strands. For example, hair is a subtle structure, using therapeutic procedures that cannot be changed and the reason for this may be heredity. These curls do not keep the shape of hair, get dirty faster than normal, it is difficult to create volume.

The owners of the thin strands need to be cut no longer than shoulder length, for example, a haircut "Bob" and "care" will look like in this case, quite effectively hiding the lack of thickness. Dyeing these strands need in light colors because dark hair and light roots make them visually more rarely.

To care for fine tresses it is necessary by means of which action is directed on the solution of this problem. Shampoo, spray, conditioners, masks is better to take those that retain volume and freshness.

Beautiful hair

As a result of improper care, traumatic actions, brushes, hot air hair dryers and so on, thin strands can become dry.

If this happens, use a shampoo with biologically active substances, vitamins and extracts of plants such as chamomile, peppermint, lime blossom and so on.

Before washing you need to make a mask or just RUB the oils and compounds from plants in the head. Good effect have warm wrapping hair with a mask.

How to properly care for curly hair

If you have hair, curly by nature, if they are curly like after Curling, then you're already familiar with their naughty disposition. You should know some rules how to care for natural curly hair and for hair after Perm.

Tips on caring for curly hair are:

  1. use specialised shampoo, mask and balms;
  2. wash the head in two stages – first to wash off the dirt and then shampoo massage scalp to increase circulation;
  3. to feed the roots and remove dead skin cells, to use special tools.

Given the fact that the porous structure of the curls, they are by nature quite dry and thin. This means, when deciding how to care for curly hair, you should pay attention to the means that contain the following components: jojoba extract, coconut oil, white Lotus, flowers of cornflower, witch hazel, sage.

Drugs aimed at the volume to use is not worth it as they will only dehydrate curly strands. Kinky curls dry naturally, raduyte their weekly masks and prefer the haircut hot scissors.

In compliance with all our recommendations, your hair will be healthy, shiny and beautiful!