Best haircuts for curly hair

In order for women with curls charming fell in love with my curls and learned to care for them, to turn ordinary hair into luxurious, stylish and original, you should be able to choose the best haircuts for curly hair.

It is important to determine the best option for hairstyles and learn how to style it. Only in this way the curls will always look nice and neat.

The content of the article

Haircuts for long curly hair


By themselves, long curls are very beautiful. But stylish haircuts for curly hair impressive length is a real masterpiece. The ideal option is a variation on the theme of the haircut "Cascade". With its help it becomes possible to create the desired amount of curly strands. Beautiful framing of the forehead, cheekbones, accentuated neck line — all this can be achieved with the help of a female hairstyle.

Choosing your style for fluffy or thin, long curly tresses, it is important to cut bangs. It all depends on type of person, also important is the structure of curls. Through various forms of each person will be able to radically transform your way to create unique, brand new and more fashionable.

In addition to the symmetrical hairstyles with a middle part is ideal arched bangs. For oblique parting the best Supplement will be long asymmetric bangs, delicately programmirovaniya.

As a result, the curls will be soft, manageable, hair style even without styling it will look quite organically, and with both fine and lush strands.

Haircuts for curly medium length hair

For those who have the length of the curls below the middle of the ear, but above the shoulders, best option haircuts for is "Caret". Bangs here can be anything, but the best option — elongated oblique, although for those who have long face, you can make straight bangs on the brow. Looks gorgeous on crispy thin or fluffy strands of medium length Bob with elongation.

What else there are women's haircuts for medium curly hair?

A great choice will be a Bob is a popular hairstyle that is suitable not only for medium-sized strands of hair, but for your curls too. For example, will look stylish asymmetrical haircut on one side. But there is no styling to do, and both fine and fluffy curls. Enough to comb the front strands back, gently secure them, using an assistant to touch. To decorate the perfect barrette.

Short haircuts for curly hair

  • For the daring and brave women a great choice will be super short model "Garcon". It does not require installation, although you can slightly straighten strands to give them a strict look with the foam or wax. Face is very open.
  • Great haircut for curly fluffy hair — "Pixie". She gives a cute appearance, it looks a little hooligan. Stylish, comfortable, this model has impressive anti-aging effect.

Haircuts for thin curly hair

Thin strands bring a lot of trouble to its owner. And curly — especially because they always fall where it is needed. Unfortunately, the thin curls are more common than lush. And quite difficult to lay. Great choice of accommodation – women's short haircuts for curly hair. Although the options for strands of medium length in this case is also relevant.

In order to give a desired texture to the ends, use a razor. Additional workload was created by using layered haircut. Also in this case a great choice and contrast highlights at the roots. Thus, one can create a loose and stylish modern look.

Lush haircuts for curly hair


Despite the fact that thick hair has always been and is the pride of women, quite often problems arise from owners of such.

This applies to styling, after all, quite difficult to rein in the unruly MOP of curls. Stylish haircuts help to achieve incredible results, to maximize and enhance the beauty of thick hair.

Deciding on a short haircut, the owners of lush curls not worth much to cut off the length of the strands. The optimal solution is to leave the short curls at the level of the earlobes. Otherwise quite problematic to put the strands. The best option for lush hair — haircuts medium length.

Haircuts for curly hair without styling

Creating a new image, depending on the length and nature of curly hair, you can choose any stylish hairstyle, which will not need to constantly put. So, you can actually save a lot of time, going to work or shopping, for example.

Not to look like "lion's mane" long locks will help layered haircuts that require no styling. Multiple layers help to gain the clarity and ease curls. Female hairstyles to create the effect of volume, hair looks air.

Among the hairstyles that do not require styling to curly tresses is to provide the following:

  • "Cascade" (different length strands are clearly identifiable and uniformly distributed over the entire head);
  • "The ladder" (aliasing haircuts conspicuous only by contour lines of the face, the rest looks like a uniform along the length of the hair mass);
  • "Rhapsody" (shortened and at the same time, bulk head, different length strands – only in person).

In the above alternatives principle. But all these women's haircuts are different from each other.

Cascade haircut for curly hair

If the hair is too wavy, then this hairstyle will be your ideal choice, it does not require installation. As a result, the hair becomes lighter, without excessive volume. This achieved, the transitions from shortest on top to longest at the bottom. All strands are cut layers.

Women's haircuts such as cascade, looks quite comprehensive, but in moderation, of course, very attractive. Curls easy to comb, they become more obedient. For fine curly strands cascade is just as good as lush.

Useful tips when choosing stylish models:

  1. The length of the curls is an important component.
  2. You must take into account when choosing the shape of the face.
  3. The thickness of the curls is another important factor.
  4. It is necessary when choosing a hairstyle, take into account what the nature of curls. For rigid and elastic ideal would be shoulder length or below average. For curls the average diameter and rigidity, the optimal choice — a haircut for medium hair.

The subtleties of proper care of the swirls

You must learn how to wash curly hair.

  • First, this should be done every day.
  • Secondly, the best wash to use no shampoo, only conditioner.
  • To start you should wet hair in the shower. It is not necessary to touch hands — let water alone flows through the curls, washing away the excess.
  • After that, it takes a tablespoon of hair conditioner, it gently rubbed into the scalp with fingertips. Gently and slowly.
  • Then is washed with water, again without touching hands to the head. The procedure is finished.

Criteria of natural beauty is quite relative. This applies to features of body and face and hair type. Despite the fact that curly hair is harder to style, the curls, the curls always cause a special interest among hairdressers.

Worthy of having such a hair, it is possible to achieve perfection, unprecedented beauty. Moreover, to tame curly hair right now there are lots of various means.