Bowel cleansing with salt water and special exercises

Perhaps everyone knows that cleansing the body is a necessity. Unbalanced nutrition, junk food, poor ecology - this is not a complete list of factors that lead to the accumulation of harmful substances in the body that poison it, contribute to the development of various diseases, weight gain. One way to get rid of them is to cleanse the intestines with salt water.

In yoga, this method is called Shank Prakshalana. It involves not only the use of salt water, but also a set of special exercises to help remove toxins.

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Why Do you need cleansing?

It may seem that the question of why you need to remove harmful substances is simple and everyone knows the answer. This is true, but even knowing that it is necessary to do this, many ignore this method of healing.

In vain, because a polluted organism often experiences such problems:

Bowel cleansing with salt water and special exercises
  • Harmful substances accumulate on the walls of the intestine, provoking a lot of diseases of both the digestive system and other systems;
  • Lack of beneficial microflora, minerals, vitamins;
  • Immunity function decreases;
  • Toxic substances can penetrate into any cells, negatively affecting them and often causing the development of cancer.

It can take a long time to list the harm of poisons that accumulate in the intestines, but it is important to understand the main thing - the body needs to be cleaned and salt water prepared on its own at home is an excellent assistant in this matter.

If you experience the following symptoms, you should try this technique:

  • Apathy, drowsiness, fatigue;
  • Plaque on the teeth, tongue and, as a result, an unpleasant odor from the mouth;
  • Feeling of heaviness in the abdomen (especially in the lower part of it) , bloating. These symptoms are often accompanied by constipation;
  • Frequent headaches;
  • Presence of a rash.
Bowel cleansing with salt water and special exercises
< p> It is worth thinking about the need for bowel cleansing with salt water, first of all, for people who have discovered several of the listed symptoms. Important factors are age, unhealthy diet, addictions.

In general, such events should be periodically carried out by everyone who is not indifferent to their health.

The essence of the method

It has been used for many centuries, showing highGreat results that can only be compared with the effect of fasting. Carrying out the cleansing of the body in this way, people were surprised to note that during defecation they were not digested substances that they had consumed several months ago.

How can this be explained? When moving from the stomach to the intestines, food has to overcome many obstacles in the form of valves and membranes, where it gets stuck. Shank Prakshalana involves doing exercises that relax these valves so that water can easily enter the intestines. There it acts as a lubricant that softens the feces.

Bowel cleansing with salt water and special exercises

Carry out the event at least 4 times a year. The optimal time for him is the off-season. You should definitely try this method for people suffering from constipation - it will allow the body to reorganize to a normal bowel movement.

Before cleansing, you need to prepare your body. To do this, a week before the start of the event, exclude meat, fried, salty, spicy, fatty dishes from your menu. Take a warm bath every day to warm up your body before starting your home cleanse. Drink fresh fruit and vegetable juices in the morning.

When is this method not recommended?

  • During your period;
  • In the presence of gastrointestinal diseases, especially during their exacerbation. These diseases include gastritis, colitis, pancreatitis, ulcers, hemorrhoids, etc.;
  • For colds, because immunity is weakened during this period;
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • Pregnancy, lactation is also a contraindication;
  • Do not use the method if you have recently practiced fasting. You can start cleansing no earlier than a month after its end;
  • It is highly undesirable to carry out the cleansing procedure if the body temperature is elevated for any reason.

Flow of actions

Bowel cleansing with salt water and special exercises

The drink you need to drink is prepared like this.

B Dissolve 1 liter of water with 1 tbsp. l. sea ​​salt (you can take oceanic, iodized, Himalayan, Hawaiian). The water for the drink should be warm.

Next, taking 1 glass of drinking alternate with exercise.

The procedure continues until you have taken 6 glasses of water.

< span class = "strong"> Here are the exercises you need to do to cleanse your bowels between salt water meals:

Bowel cleansing with salt water and special exercises
  • Accept original a position in which the legs are shoulder-width apart. Close your arms in the “ lock ", lift them above your head so that your palms are facing up. Slowly perform bends to the right, then to the left (you need to do 8 bends in each direction);
  • With your left hand on your chest, extend your right hand in front of you. Perform upper torso twists while moving your right arm awayto the side. Do the same movements, swapping your hands. Perform turns in each side 8 times;
  • For the next exercise, lie on your stomach, leaning on your elbows and spreading your legs so that there is a distance of 40 cm between the heels.Now hold your breath for a while, rest on your palms , turn right. When you see your heel, take the starting position again. This exercise also needs to be done 8 times, turning to the left and right sides;
  • Squat down, make sure that the distance between the feet is 30 cm. Note that the heels should not be under the buttocks. In the same position, place one knee on the floor without removing your hands from your knees. With your hand, gently push your right leg towards the one on the floor, and lean forward with your body. According to yoga technique and bowel cleansing technique with exercise and salt water, you need to gently press your right foot on your stomach. Do this exercise the other way. In total, it is performed 8 times in each side.
Bowel cleansing with salt water and special exercises

When you drink all 6 glasses of liquid, do 6 times a set of these exercises, there should be a desire to use the toilet. Otherwise, repeat all steps again. In extremely rare cases, repeated implementation of the event does not help. Then you need to do an enema using ordinary water without adding salt.

When you go to the toilet, drink water with salt again, do the exercises that yoga suggests. Then empty again. You need to drink liquid until you see that liquid comes out of you.

After cleaning, use 3 glasses of plain clean water without adding salt. After this, vomiting should be provoked. This is necessary for even more effective cleansing.

For 1 day, it is recommended to drink 6-14 glasses of water with salt. You should also not exceed the norm, so as not to have a traumatic effect on the digestive tract.

Is this technique useful for losing weight?

In addition to the fact that a person will acquire a healthy color face, rejuvenates, begins to feel better, he will also take the path of weight normalization. People who are overweight will begin to lose weight, and those who are underweight will begin to gain it to the desired level. To achieve this result, you must perform the procedure at least 1 time/month.

Bowel cleansing with salt water and special exercises

When cleansing the intestines with salt water for health and weight loss, it is important to take into account the diet ... As a rule, breakfast on the day of the event falls on the second half of the day, because in the first the body will be actively cleansed. The first thing you can eat is durum pasta, rice porridge (always with butter) or oatmeal.

The next day, you can not eat meat, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, milk, cheese, alcohol. A day after cleansing, you can eat as usual.

For a better result of bowel cleansing with salt water, it can be donewith lemon juice. You can add it to the solution, the recipe for which is described above (you need the juice of 1 citrus fruit). It will enhance the effect of the procedure.

Remember that the body needs to be cleansed, so do not forget to get rid of harmful substances in time, using, for example, salt water and special exercises.