Box of paper: create useful things with their hands

If you don't a special box or chest where you could store things without taking up their places on the shelves, not necessarily to buy it. Learn how to make a box out of paper, it may well be suitable for these purposes.

Box of paper: create useful things with their hands

Options for creating such useful things a lot, so you can easily choose the most suitable idea.

Make a cardboard box with their hands

If you wish to make a small simple box in which to lay the necessities of thread, needles, buttons, elastics and hair pins – you can use this simple option how to make a box out of cardboard. The box can be constructed from any paper, but that it was more sturdy, better to give preference to the cardboard. For giving structural strength, you can use a stapler, Scotch tape or regular glue.

Prepare: materials: white or colored cardboard, ruler, scissors or x-ACTO knife, glue stick.

The storage box of the right things are we going to do with their hands on such a scheme:

    • From cardboard cut two squares, the side of one of them must be 1.5 cm longer than the other. The square, which is larger, will be cover for our crafts. The size of space to store your things choose themselves. You should also know that the thicker the cardboard is, the stronger will turn the design, so it will last you longer;
    • Fold the cut squares in diagonally and then crosswise: you should have a piece of cardboard, bent in several places;
    • When the paper is prepared, begin to collect the details of our construction, raising the edges of the hands from all sides, but the new curves do not need;
    • Gently make a roll-folded cardboard inside the box. When you are done doing one part of the design, move on to the second.

On top of the finished crafts can be decorated with ribbons, bows, stickers or beautiful to paint markers.

Packaging for gift

Box of paper: create useful things with their hands

Buying a gift for family or a friend, we immediately hide in a nice package. If you have no such packaging, and the holiday is just around the corner, you just need to choose the most affordable way how to make a box for a gift. It is needed for the reason that without it, the gift does not seem so worthwhile and respectable, it would be impossible to surprise endow man.

If you are looking for ideas on how to make your own hands a box for gift, it is better to give preference to custom solutions. At first this idea may seem quite complicated, but in fact the creation of handwritten packing will bring you only positive emotions. The person will be nice to get a gift, if you put it in a round gift box.

Those who do not know and have not seen how to make gift box round shape, this handy manual.

To create this gift wrapping you will need:

  • heavy paper or cardboard;
  • glue stick;
  • a simple pencil, ruler, scissors,
  • the compass.

Before making a round box, measure your gift to the design fit its size. The diameter of the box should be slightly larger than the gift that he freely it was placed. In addition, it is important to consider the point that cover should be a few millimeters more of the base of gift packaging, so it will be free to get dressed.

Stick to this scheme of creating art and craft work:

Box of paper: create useful things with their hands
  • On paper, draw 8 circles of equal diameter and 3 bars, the length of which should be equal to the perimeter of the circle. Width of one of the bands should be whatever height you want to the box. Second, make a 1 cm wider, and the third a little more first;
  • For the bottom of our packaging interconnects, 4 circle, using adhesive;
  • Overlapping bonded first and second strips, so both sides turned their face, if she are distinguishable;
  • The wall attached to the bottom, closable in the ring and fix with glue;
  • In the same way we do the lid for gift packaging, but using it only one strip of cardboard.

The finished box is decorated to your taste, using any decorative elements.

There are many other ideas how to make a box for a gift. These gift packs can have different form – in the form of a pyramid, heart, house, animals. A little bit of effort and show imagination, you can easily make boxes for gifts your family and friends.