Breast enlargement at home? Quite possible!

The size of breast size directly depends on many factors, for example, weight, body structure , diet, lifestyle and other factors. That is why its correction will be effective only in an integrated approach.

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How and when does the breast grow by itself?

Breast enlargement at home? Quite possible!

During pregnancy and breastfeeding, breast enlargement is a fact ... However, in other periods of a woman's life, breast size is not static. Though a little, but the mammary glands add in volume in certain phases of the menstrual cycle.

In the middle of the cycle, ovulation occurs, as a result of which the epithelium of the thoracic ducts grows. In this way, the body prepares for a possible pregnancy. If this is not observed, the breast returns to its original state.

This natural process depends on hormonal levels. If there is an imbalance of hormones in the body, then the breasts can enlarge by a whole size, become coarse and cause painful discomfort.

Increase breast size with nutrition

Want to have beautiful breasts all women, but if you do not want to resort to surgical intervention, you can try alternative methods. They, unlike plastic surgery, will not harm the body. Basically, these methods are to change the diet.

There are some foods (natural) that increase the mammary glands:

  • In adolescence, it is recommended to eat cabbage, especially white cabbage. It accelerates breast growth (does not increase, but accelerates);
  • Tea with milk and chopped strawberry leaves. Pour boiling water over the leaves and pour in a little milk;
  • Walnuts. Their kernels are mixed with honey and infused for a week. Eat 2-3 nuts a day;
  • Beans. 100-300 g of these legumes are eaten for 3-4 months every day;
  • Hop cones. A tablespoon of the plant is crushed, poured with a glass of boiling water and boiled for about 10 minutes over low heat. You need to drink the broth before meals, 50 ml. Better to brew in the morning to keep it going all day. Take only fresh broth. The effect of hops is explained by the fact that it contains an analogue of female sex hormones - phytoestrogen;
  • Compresses from whey and hops, light massage with oilohm of fennel, apricot or peach, a contrast shower, as well as products, stimulate blood circulation and, accordingly, increase chest ;
  • Mustard plasters and iodine increase blood flow, perform a kind of massage. However, you should be extremely careful not to get burned, which can lead to serious illness. These are the most risky ways to enlarge the mammary glands;
  • ​​Non-alcoholic beer dark varieties;
  • Banana and milk cocktail. 1 fruit is mixed in a blender or mixer with 200 ml of milk;
  • Mineral water. Scientists have proven that it has a beneficial effect on the body as a whole. The condition of the skin, hair and, of course, the chest improves;
  • Vegetables and fruits of green and yellow color: salads, carrots, citrus fruits, bell peppers and others;
  • Light massage with lemon juice , diluted with olive oil in a ratio of 1: 2;
  • Cereals and grains, in particular brown rice, barley, millet, oats. They are used not only in the form of cereals, but also as infusions;
  • Products containing large amounts of monounsaturated fats: sesame, avocado, olives, flaxseed, fatty fish. This type of fat is not deposited on the body, on the contrary, it serves as a valuable source of Omega-3, 6, 12 acids, which women need.

How to increase size with the help of physical education breasts

Breast enlargement at home? Quite possible!

Gymnastics is an effective way to lift your breasts, make them more elastic. In addition, exercises strengthen the chest muscles, improve posture, skin tone, and well-being. Such measures increase the muscles of the chest in volume, respectively, visually the bust also becomes larger. Gymnastics for the chest can be included in your daily set of exercises, because it will take very little time to do it.

Classes are held both at home and in fitness center, gym and gym:

  • Push-ups. First, 5 approaches are performed, then the loads are gradually increased;
  • Raising the arms above the head. Standing, straightened arms gently raise forward, then spread to the sides and up. Clap their hands over their heads and lower their limbs. For greater efficiency and load, you can use dumbbells (3 sets of at least 10 repetitions);
  • Hand circles. One hand is placed on the thigh, the other is described in a circle, then vice versa. From 3 reps per arm;
  • Pushing off the wall. Stand at arm's length, rest them against the wall, bending them at the elbows, approach the surface. It is recommended to start at least 10 repetitions, gradually increasing the load;
  • Imitation of breaststroke swimming. Start at 10 reps;
  • Bends. Fast tilt alternates with slow straighteningand then vice versa;
  • Squeezing the ball.

Hormonal drugs

How to enlarge the mammary glands with hormones in at home, only a qualified specialist, that is, a doctor, can tell. You cannot prescribe these funds on your own, because the wrong dosage will lead to undesirable consequences, starting with a violation of the cycle and ending with oncology.

It is imperative to consult a gynecologist regarding taking any drugs. The doctor, after some research, will determine which drug is suitable in a particular case, and in what dosage.

The peculiarity of this method lies in the complex intake of not one, but as many as 4 hormones, which are responsible for breast size:

  • Estrogen is the main female hormone. It first begins to be produced by the adrenal glands and ovaries during puberty. It is responsible not only for the growth of mammary glands , but also for rounded hips and a thin waist. The lack of this substance in the body is characterized by a masculine figure and an almost complete absence of mammary glands. However, too high a level is also harmful. It causes obesity, malfunctions of the cardiovascular system, stops breast growth;
  • Xenoestrogen - is formed in the body under the influence of household chemicals, cosmetics, polluted ecology. It blocks the work of estrogen and negatively affects the entire endocrine system;
  • Prolactin - during pregnancy, its amount increases up to 2 times. However, a synthetic analogue can also increase the level;
  • Testosterone is a male hormone, but it is present in the body in women. Too much of its production affects the change in the timbre of the voice, the appearance of hair on the face, hips, and a change in figure. The rise in testosterone levels is not always associated with the use of hormones, such as contraception. Science has proven that sweet foods, sugar also affect the production of this hormone in the female body.

Clothes and underwear

You can visually enlarge your breasts at home with the help of properly selected or special clothing and bras:

  • Bra. It should be a push-up model with small volumetric inserts in the cups. He can add 1 size even to the smallest breast. A significant disadvantage is that such bras cannot be worn all the time. Experts advise to wear them no more than 2 times a month;
  • Sweatshirts and T-shirts should have a V-neck or polo style. Products from stretch should be tight and have a deep cut. Woolen and cotton clothing will suit loose fit;
  • Blouses. Frills and ruffles are perfect for hiding a small bust;
  • Sweaters, especially cashmere loose cut, add volume, but there is also a drawback - the entire upper body becomes voluminous.

Other methods

Breast enlargement at home? Quite possible!

Biologically active additives (BAA) and special creams are another method of temporary enlargement of the mammary glands. The dietary supplements contain phytohormones, that is, natural analogs of female hormones.

So As the size of the breast glands depends on their number, the demand for such funds is very large. But it should be noted that they give only a temporary effect. As soon as the drug is stopped, the previous volumes return.

In addition, constantly take Dietary supplements should not be, since too high a level of certain hormones can also harm. As for creams, they have the same effect as dietary supplements, but they act directly on the décolleté, without affecting the internal organs. But they are not completely safe either./p>

Too many hormones accumulated in one place can lead to a number of diseases, including cancer.

Be attentive to both your appearance and your health! Don't sacrifice one for the other!