Burnt the hair in the sun: good or bad

Today, when the fashion extravagance, many girls think that sun-bleached hair is very nice. No one argues that this shade looks quite original. But for some reason almost everyone forgets about what being under constant direct sunlight has no positive influence on your hair.

Burnt the hair in the sun: good or bad

As a result, after a few days of admiring my new look, you notice that they become brittle, lifeless and lost its Shine. Under the influence of sunlight, the hairs are cut, broken their structure.

So if you dream of a luxurious head of hair, it is strongly recommended to use special creams and other cosmetics to protect their curls.

By the way, if you think that fade curls in the sun, you are deeply mistaken. Slightly deviating from the topic, note that this effect and normal drying. Just in this case it all depends on the air temperature.

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Protect hair from the sun: advice

The danger of the sun is that under the influence of ultraviolet keratin, supports the elasticity of the hair gradually destroyed. It may cause dullness and brittleness of each of the hairs. How to keep tresses in perfect condition?

For this you need to follow these rules:

  • If you are resting on the sea, you should not get my hair wet in salt water. Under the influence of the sun, and even with salt, the curls will deteriorate much faster than if you were just sunbathing. So, if you have happened to accidentally wet the head, it is necessary to wash it on the same day to avoid substantial damage;
  • Now for the pool. If you want to step out on the stormy sea into calm water of the pool, remember that in almost every such artificial pond adds chlorine. And it also does not have a positive impact on your hair. In order to minimize its negative impact to moisten the head of an ordinary bottled water. It will envelop each hair, not allowing the bleach to destroy the structure of the hairs;
  • A must in the summer you need to eat more fruits and vegetables. Because they contain these necessary hair vitamins a and b, which not only prevent aging of the hair, but and prevent hair loss;
  • During the vacation, forget the Curling irons and straightener, because their use together with the sun will be the last step on the way to the sick hair. Especially if you have curly hair, then straighten or not straighten, after you are submerged in water, they return to their original form;
  • Not desirable to be in the sun during the hottest time of the day: from twelve to four o'clock. At this time the sun is in its Zenith and, in addition to dry tresses, you can also get sunstroke or burn.

And, of course, do not forget about the comb and headpiece. Comb should not be with too few teeth, so you do not pull out your own whole locks of hair. As for the headgear, the fashionable beautiful hat not only helps keep the brain from overheating and hair from drying out, but also add some zest to your image, making it vivid and memorable.

How to protect hair from the sun: traditional methods

If you do not want to use different cosmetic products of mass production, I can offer you some of the popular methods of protection of hair from ultraviolet radiation.

Mask with egg yolk and burdock oil. All the ingredients must be mixed in equal proportions and apply on dry hair. Then insulate the head and leave the mask on for about forty minutes. After that wash your hair as usual.

This mixture is great for recovering already damaged the structure of each hair, and also is a preventive cure for hair loss. And burdock oil included with this tool also carries a protective function.

Mask based on honey. To obtain it you need to mix two tablespoons of honey, one tablespoon of vegetable oil and one tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar. The resulting mixture is applied to dry hair and leave for half an hour. After that, you can wash your hair as usual.

Burnt the hair in the sun: good or bad

If your hair is already dry, and you're afraid that trip to the sea will make them look like a straw, you can use colorless henna. It is most effective following mask: mix two tablespoons of colorless henna with water (the mixture should resemble sour cream).

Then add one tablespoon of liquid honey and egg yolk. The mask is applied to the hair and leave for twenty minutes. Attention! Try to carefully separate the yolk from the white, as if the latter gets on the hair, wash it will be hard enough.

You should pay attention to home remedies which include vitamins A and B. for Example, you can do one of the previously described maschek, and after wash the head to lubricate the tips of conventional vitamin And purchased at a pharmacy. Thus, you can not only protect your hair from drying out, but also once and for all to forget about split ends.

Cosmetics to protect your hair from the sun

Among all cosmetic products it is best to pay attention to sprays, because they are easy to apply to hair and do not require rinsing. And in the modern world, where life flows very quickly, that Express tool is indispensable. Today we offer to your attention several types of such spray, each of which is good for something.

Spray Sun Care Hair Veil. This great tool will not only protect your hair but also the scalp, thus giving hair a pleasant citrus aroma. The effect of this miracle spray lasts about 16 hours.

Spray Sun Care Oil Spray SPF 30. Sold in the form of a slightly oily solution, which you spray into the locks just before entering the sun. And thanks to the extract of Cassia, this tool can protect your hair from the damaging effects of sea salt.

Also undoubted advantage is that it does not leave any greasy residue on the curls. So you can not worry about what you will have to wash your hair every time after using the spray.

Spray Micro-Voile Protecteur. This spray except for defence, will give your hair elasticity and softness. Let's not forget about the incredible amount of boasting which you can after the first use of this amazing tool.

Spray Hair Sun Protection Red Vine. The extract of sunflower, which is part of the spray, you will be able to avoid fading of colors. A protective layer on each hair create aloe Vera. But vitamin B5 will allow your hair to be more shiny and silky.

Burnt the hair in the sun: good or bad

Shampoo Color Extend Sun After-Sun Shampoo. If all previous sprays had to be applied to hair directly before sun exposure, then this shampoo should be used immediately after a hard hot and Sunny day.

This cosmetic product has unique cleaning qualities due to which the scalp and the curls disappear salt, minerals and other unprofitable for hair results swimming. A huge plus of this tool is the excellent recovery effect.

As you can see, our curls need protection from ultraviolet radiation. No matter what you choose: spray to protect hair from sunlight or any favorite home remedy.

The main thing that your hair was well groomed and did not suffer in the summer heat. In General, take care of my hair, and she will delight you with body and Shine.