Calcium chloride – make a face peel at home

"The roll" – as in the days of the Soviet Union was called a very effective cosmetic procedure that is quite expensive, and to get to it was not so easy. We are talking about the chemical peeling with the use of calcium chloride, one of the most popular manipulations and among modern women, accustomed to care for themselves. Performed by beauticians in beauty salons, and today it is not available to all because of its cost, but the same effect can be obtained and the peeling face at home.

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Benefits of peeling?


The use of this method even on their own, the house will amaze with its rejuvenating effect, retain freshness and beauty, since it contributes to the qualitative purification of the skin, making it tender, soft and renewed.

Also, thanks to this type of chemical peeling, surface skin removed desquamation of dead skin cells, blackheads, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles. The structure of the epidermis becomes smooth and slick. And even indentations from acne and redness go away.

Calcium chloride is a very effective medicine with a wide range of applications. With his help, stop bleeding, inflammation, combat allergic reactions. And now one of the most popular medicines for scrubbing deep cleaning of the skin is the same calcium chloride – face with its use stimulates the restoration of collagen, which causes a natural renewal of the skin.

Chemical peels calcium chloride: contraindications to the use of

Despite a good post-procedure effect peeling of any kind is kind of stressful situation for the skin. That is why his conduct at home should be treated with extreme care. Should know and that in some cases, this remedy is contraindicated. The first thing you should pay attention to is the type and condition of the skin. If it is sensitive and dry, then this procedure is not for her.

Do not get too often use this technique and the owners of normal-type skin, because the result may be a violation of lipid balance and, consequently, to have an allergic reaction such as rashes, the skin may be red and start to peel, will appear shiny and oily.

The main contraindications to performing this type of peeling include the following:

  • All sorts of damage on the skin. It can be sores, scratches, even shallow acne;
  • The presence of skin diseases, no matter what their etymology;
  • The active stage of viral infection herpes;
  • During pregnancy, and during breastfeeding.

Irresponsible attitude towards the procedure and its lack of control may cause irreversible effects, the development of necrosis.

Before the procedure, especially the first time, it is important to make sure that no allergies to the drug. Inflicting on the inside of your wrist or the elbow a little 5% calcium chloride, you need to leave it on for 15-20 minutes. In the case of at least a small itching as well as burning sensation and redness, peeling calcium chloride in the home is contraindicated.

The main components included in the solution for peeling face

Quality cleaning the skin on the face is obtained by connecting two components, forming a non-dissolving in water a film of calcium salts. To remove them how would crumble. During this action all dead cells and particles of epidermis are also removed.

What kind of substances are the main components for this procedure?

  • Soap. Him special requirements. Namely: it must be natural and not contain any chemical additives. All the requirements of complies with the children's soap, because of its preparation are used only fats of vegetable and animal origin. You need to keep in mind that in other hygiene products, such as foams, liquid Soaps or gels that are included lauryl or Laureth sulfates, that is why a response is necessary, which accounts for the chemical peeling does not occur;
  • The calcium chloride. A drug that has a budget cost. Is a vial of solution which can be five or ten percent concentration. His first experience on the face peeling is better to implement using the 5% liquid.

To apply these substances it is recommended the cotton pad, it's comfortable, and hygienic.

The preparing skin for the procedure

The skin of the face sensitive and tender, therefore, to perform a deep cleaning need very carefully, including, if the main component is the solution of calcium chloride. Peeling can be performed only on healthy skin. Therefore, it is recommended before the procedure to do a thorough inspection, and if the identified damage or pimples, you need to give up the manipulation to full recovery. Otherwise, it causes chemical burns.

If there is no reason to delay the cleaning, before it is necessary to completely remove the makeup, use your regular cleanser. This can be a cosmetic lotion or gel cleanser. Before beginning the procedure it is important that the epidermis was completely dry and clean.


Only your responsible attitude to the procedure will contribute to its effectiveness. The method of peeling with calcium chloride and baby soap is quite simple and does not require any special training.

Will easily cope with it even the fairer sex, who decided on a home manipulation first because it includes the following steps:

  1. Avoiding areas around the eyes, apply the liquid from a previously opened ampoule on the skin;
  2. So repeat after each drying of the skin as long as the vial has liquid;
  3. Now take the soap and well we soap up beyond the hands, until a thick foam. There is no need to soak them. Water should be as small as possible. Also "pioneers" it is better not to use cotton sponges because they absorb water easily and can not be calculated;
  4. Soapy hands begin to work with the person. Make it along the massage lines. The foam should be as large as possible, but the movement is smooth and without unnecessary pressure. You need to constantly move around and not to focus on certain areas.

If done correctly, the massaged area will begin to form pellets of white color. Continue procedure until, until. Then, you should wash with warm water and apply moisturizer.

For the more experienced can recommend another way, which one of the rollers offers Victoria Bonia.

Peeling calcium chloride in this case is characterized by a method of applying components to the face

  1. On clean and dry skin with a cotton pad, apply the liquid from the ampoule;
  2. This sponge well we soap up beyond (thanks to the remnants of the liquid it is still wet) and massaging the soap, apply the second layer;
  3. Take a dry cotton pad and start with the chin in a circular motion to erase pre-applied contents. Treated this way the entire skin;
  4. Then again, plot the solution, and after him we soap up beyond the face and wipe in a circular motion.

All, is to produce three repeats, then wash with warm water and apply moisturizing nourishing cream. Performing chemical peels calcium chloride in the home, it is better to refrain from exposure to the skin around the eyes as it is very delicate, and can cause problems.

After the beauty treatments you may feel a temporary discomfort, and even redness. But when they go away in the mirror you can not learn, because the person becomes fresh and younger. No wonder this manipulation still bears the name "Hollywood peel with calcium chloride".

However, we must not forget about post-peel procedures, which need to actively moisturize your epidermis. You can use masks, oils and nourishing creams. And the effect is not long to wait and very surprised.

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