Can pregnant women kiwi: what are the benefits and are there any contraindications to the use?

Today, every home on the table you can see not only native apples and pears, but also many delicious and healthy exotic fruits. The reason for their popularity in the availability in stores of their large number and everyone chooses what he likes.

Among this diversity there is kiwi. This hairy brown fruit with a juicy pale green pulp. But the benefits, can pregnant women kiwi?

Do the benefits of kiwi fruit for pregnant women?

While carrying under heart of the child the woman is required to take large amounts of vitamins, because the developing fetus draws nutrients from the mother's body, and you need to replenish them constantly.

Each fruit has its own number of useful components, but how useful kiwi fruit for pregnant women?

  • This small in size and unremarkable fruit, like kiwi, is on the second level among the products that contain high percentage of folic acid ( vitamin b 9). It is an essential element that allows the fetus to develop properly, especially in the first months after conception.

9 is assigned to women who plan a pregnancy, the dose lasts three months after its occurrence. This substance has a positive effect on the correct development of the nervous system of the baby.

If you regularly take the "hairy" fruit future mums, in the body enough vitamin and the mother and the unborn baby, resulting in possible to protect the fetus from developmental defects of the Central nervous system, and this, in turn, is directly related to the viability of the child.

  • Also use for pregnant women is that this fruit helps the mental development of the child in the first few years after birth. As shown by numerous studies, children whose mothers had a preference for kiwi during your interesting position, mental ability has developed much better than other kids.
  • One fruit contains about 10% of folic acid from the prescribed daily allowance. Found that vitamin b 9 helps the placenta to develop properly, reduces the risk of spontaneous abortion in the beginning of the period.

Experts advise every pregnant woman to eat some fruit daily to reduce the risk of anemia, but kiwi can be pregnant, if not allergic to it.

  • In addition vitamin b 9, there are many more ascorbic acid and iron, and they are responsible for the metabolism and the blood in the pregnant woman's body. Kiwi fruit is useful for pregnant women because it contains such trace elements beneficial:
  • calcium;
  • phosphorus;
  • potassium;
  • magnesium;
  • sodium.

We should eat only 100 grams of green fruit, and the daily rate of trace elements replenished.

  • There are a lot of fiber and acidic nature that makes it easy to cope with failures of the digestive tract and the toxicity that can accompany a woman, starting from the first day until birth.

The question arises, is it possible to have kiwi pregnant, if before conception the woman, this fruit does not eat?

In this case, the doctor advised to Supplement the ration, but to do it carefully, because you may receive Allergy. Start to eat small pieces and to monitor the reaction, if any manifestation is not, then every day increase the rate.

As practice shows, is very rare in pregnant women are allergic mostly they perfectly bear fruit, but it's better to be safe, because each woman's individual body chemistry, and during pregnancy it is completely rebuilt and do not know how to behave, if you just eat three fruits.


What are the useful properties of kiwi fruit for pregnant women?

The use of the fetus to the expectant mom's body lies in the following:

  • Due to the fact that this fruit contains a lot of dietary fiber, it is easy to cope with constipation, this symptom is often experienced by women bearing baby.
  • Useful properties of it is due to the fact that if you eat before the main meal, it prevents the appearance of heaviness in the stomach and relieves heartburn – companion of women during this period.
  • Vitamins help to strengthen the immune system, which greatly weakened.
  • Very high benefits the fruit those moms who gain weight quickly. And because it contains minimal amount of sugar and calories, and to eat it.

I especially want to mention that the peel contains the largest number of useful components, so kiwi fruit for pregnant women would benefit if consumed untreated.

Hairs that cover the fruit can be eaten, use them will also be. And if they are not to your taste, then, using the brush to get rid of them. Whether to eat raw fruit, if you cut it slices.


What harm kiwi, it may be the woman who's carrying the baby ?

How useful kiwi fruit for pregnant women clear, but in some cases it is better from its use to give?

  • In some women it can cause allergies, so better in the early days to eat only a small piece, it is also important for those who before pregnancy did not eat, to follow the body's response, and if everything is fine, we can include it in your daily diet.
  • Also, extreme caution is necessary to eat those women who have problems with the stomach. Gastritis and high acidity, peptic ulcer, kidney problems are the ills, when kiwi is contraindicated.
  • In kiwi contains a lot of liquid, due to which there is a big load on the genitourinary system. If the expectant mother has doubts about entering into the diet of kiwi, it is best to consult a doctor not to provoke aggravation of the disease and not to harm future baby.


Healthy recipes with kiwi fruit for pregnant women: benefits and harms

Whatever delicious and healthy Chinese gooseberry, and this is also often referred to as kiwi, but the taste might just get bored.

Not worth the stay just to eat it fresh, you can also cook him lots of delicious and healthy dishes, enriched with vitamins and trace elements necessary for proper development of the fetus. Here are some interesting recipes:

  • You can cook amazing vitamin fruit salad, you need to take kiwi, melon, Apple and any other fruit, sprinkle the salad with sour cream or yogurt.
  • You can prepare a milkshake with a greenish tint, adding a useful kiwi.
  • Flavorful and healthy will be jelly if they added pieces of the flesh of the fruit will also be very useful to make the pudding and add the kiwi.
  • You can decorate or add to cream useful slices of kiwi, when preparing pie or cake.

But it is worth remembering that the heat treatment of kiwi will cause the beneficial properties of the fruit will be lost, especially ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

Very tasty salad, if it combines different taste fruit, but there is a matter of taste, everyone chooses how best to prepare kiwi fruit to eat pregnant.

From the above one can draw the obvious conclusion, how useful kiwi fruit for pregnant women, and possible harm from it is minimal.