Cardboard crafts – perfect for family creativity!

Coming to a great holiday? Wondering how to please the family? Surprise friends and acquaintances will help a well-known carton. What can be made of ordinary cardboard? Yes, all that your heart desires! It is perfect for creating gift boxes, and for making the gift. It happens that some made out of cardboard are more aesthetically pleasing than store-bought counterparts.

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The use of corrugated cardboard for crafts

Initially this material was created to protect the goods from damage during transportation. And today, corrugated cardboard is in very high demand in creating a reliable package, but in recent years its scope has expanded considerably.

I must say that the variety of crafts made from corrugated cardboard are ideal for children's creativity, as the material is easy to bend, and it easily takes the necessary form. Buy some material and start a family to create a colorful cardboard products.

The technique called "quilling" is used for most corrugated products. It is a twisting of strips of different densities. Thus, a spiral of different shapes and sizes. With such flourishes make a great dimensional flowers for applique.

We do flower

To make this DIY we will need:

  • ordinary cardboard and corrugated color;
  • toothpicks or wooden sticks;
  • adhesive;
  • a pair of scissors.

For a start draw 15 petals on the colored cardboard, cut them out. With yellow and brown cardboard (corrugated) cut strips of Dina which must be 50 cm So as to obtain the dome, twisted them together.

From a piece of a cardboard with the scissors cut out a circle 5 cm In diameter sticking a toothpick in a circle – petals. Following a series of petals attached on top of the previous, slightly shifting the number to the side.

Take the green material, cut out 2 leaves, glue them to the stem. The flower is ready.

Holiday card

For the holiday great fun for the children will be preparing cards. That will come in handy in this case:

  • the corrugated cardboard;
  • adhesive;
  • scissors;
  • black marker;
  • colored paper.

Cut out the rectangle to create a background cards, and 2 wide strips in half a centimeter (orange and green). Do the middle of the flower using orange tape, as in the previous production version.


Folded sheet of corrugated cardboard in the form of a concertina, draw and cut out petals. Randomly glue them to the base, forming a flower. Green strip folding to get a piece of paper and sticking down postcards. Fasten earlier middle.

With the usual colored paper, you can make a rectangle for the label "Congratulations!" and sticking in the lower right corner.

If you help the child, it is quite possible to create a bouquet of these flowers. Only thing is it requires a lot of time and perseverance.

There are many master-classes on creation of quilinguing of three-dimensional shapes. But this kind of creativity is complex, it is subservient to the children of the senior age category. Due to such properties as stability and strength, made from corrugated cardboard can last for years and look great!

Crafts from old boxes

But it is not necessary to buy specially material for Handicrafts. Tinkering with children can be that seemingly will never come in handy, for example – of the boxes from household appliances, chocolates, shoes and other household items.

Today crafts from cardboard boxes interest children no less than once. Yes, it is possible to buy ready-made toys, but to make their own – it's so exciting!

People throw a huge amount of boxes. And only worth considering how much fun could children bring each of them! You only need to show imagination and allow yourself to realize his childhood dreams.

Very popular among the kids enjoy the craft of stained old cardboard boxes, designed in the form of household appliances: a stove, washing machine, wardrobe or cot for dolls.

From big boxes everything will turn out beautiful and believable. And control panel with buttons and knobs can be easily draw on cardboard, and it would be better to make them from old used CDs or disposable plastic cups.

To make a crib for the doll will not find better material than a box from under the Shoe. All you need is figuratively cut edges. But to create a wash, cut out the box in a big circle and put the iron bowl.

Another of the big boxes make excellent castles for princesses and knights, as well as houses for Pets. From the little you can create a whole town for dolls or Parking for cars. In the latter case, the role of the supports between the floors well play cardboard from toilet paper rolls.

To make these crafts out of cardboard the kids love it. Just use your imagination, and it will tell you what and where to strengthen.


For example, to make a machine for children, enough to cut off a box top, attach it to the record instead of wheels, and plastic cups instead of the headlights. Paint all good, will get a pretty nice car.

Cutting off the front and rear walls of the box, get a wall mounted aquarium. It is only in the upper part penetrate several longitudinal strips, to pass each of them a string with a cardboard fish and pin it on top, tied to the button. Thus, the inhabitants of the aquarium can be moved.

In any case, to connect the parts of almost all products will need a glue gun. It will help to make all joints neat and very discreet.

Create crafts out of cardboard with your hands is fun and exciting. They transfer to the world of childhood, where any trifle seemed a treasure unseen, but ordinary cardboard box – a giant castle or a mysterious cave.