Causes and symptoms of the threat of the loss of a child, ways to preserve pregnancy

Knowing that will soon become a mother, every woman (with few exceptions) feels joy. But that good feeling may overshadow, if it turns out that gestation is under threat. In this case, trying to save the life of a child using various treatment methods depending on the causes of the looming danger.

In this regard, it is important not only to continue with the pregnancy, but the identification of the causes of the problem. If something went wrong, the expectant mother usually feels it and turns to the doctor. What should be alerted? How to understand that requires expert help?

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Urgent appeal to the specialist required in the following cases:

Causes and symptoms of the threat of the loss of a child, ways to preserve pregnancy
  • Pulling sensation in the lumbar region;
  • Pain in the abdomen;
  • Bloody or other discharge from the vagina;
  • Deterioration of General health. This can be attributed to dizziness, edema, high blood pressure.

Signs of deterioration of health status and characteristic of normal gestation, the threat often goes unnoticed. However, women need to constantly analyze your health. If the waiting child has the above symptoms individually or in combination, it makes sense to consult a doctor.

With the phenomenon as a danger to the life and development of a child can face any woman, but there are risk factors that can be instigators of trouble:

  • Smoking, alcohol and drugs;
  • The pregnancy ended in a miscarriage in the past;
  • The presence of chronic diseases, including reproductive organs;
  • Constant stress, neurosis, harmful work.

Threat to the development and life of the fetus can occur not only at early stages of gestation, but later. In this regard, spontaneous abortion is of two types – a miscarriage, which can happen before the 27th week of pregnancy and premature births that occur after the onset of the 27th week. The first type accounts for about 16% of all established pregnancies, the second of about 6%.

Is it worth to save?

In Western countries, pregnancy is a period of up to 12 weeks is not considered valid, so that if there are threats to the pregnant woman do not propose to fight for it. Moreover, experts do not recommend to do this, arguing that the viability of the fetus. But this applies only to those cases where the pregnancy first.

If women have had a miscarriage, trying to save. This approach has its reasons. Among Western experts is the norm the first unsuccessful pregnancy. They argue that the problem of pregnancy should be abandoned and soon to conceive again and give birth to a healthy baby.

After the first failure, the woman is not even prescribed examination and treatment. If the risk occurs and on the second try, for the life of the fetus will fight to give the woman a chance to become a mother.

Preservation of pregnancy in the later stages also has its own characteristics. For anybody not a secret that born in the period, the child quickly adapts to the surrounding world develops. Preterm infants are high susceptibility to disease, and their adaptation is much slower.

In this regard, the doctors are trying to prolong the term of stay of baby in the womb. But sometimes this is not possible. Further, the bearing may be hazardous to the life of a woman or child in this case doctors approve of a premature birth.

Despair about premature birth should not be — this is not a sentence, and the baby eventually adapts his health stabiliziruemost. Times when to give the child, born prematurely, decent health care was difficult for a long time in the past. Modern equipment and techniques allow us to care for children whose weight is 600 g or more.

Causes and workarounds

How can we explain that there is a threat of miscarriage? The reasons could be many.


Most often, women who lost a child, the doctors explain this phenomenon by natural selection. In many cases, miscarriage occurs when the fetus has serious abnormalities, due to which not able to survive.


Causes and symptoms of the threat of the loss of a child, ways to preserve pregnancy

The body women manage hormones. The endocrine system is a delicate mechanism. The failure of its work during the period of waiting for a baby can lead to tragic consequences if not produce an adequate amount of progesterone.

In identifying threats, the woman is examined, including the number of its content.

If the suspicion that he is the culprit of the danger is confirmed, the expectant mother is prescribed hormones to increase the chances of keeping the pregnancy. Generally these medicines are effective, they manage to achieve the result.


In addition to chronic diseases of various organs and systems, the most frequent instigators of abortion are chlamydia, herpes, influenza, hepatitis, cytomegalovirus, syphilis, sore throat. A serious problem during gestation can become infections and diseases that are transmitted through sexual contact. When detected, prescribed a special medication to maintain pregnancy.

Diseases cause changes in the reproductive organs, reduced local immunity. They often occur with little or no symptoms, and for their detection it is necessary to pass a special examination. The presence of some of these diseases can be caused by atypical secretions, deterioration of the General state of health.

No less the problem is toxoplasmosis. The disease is transmitted to the child that causes the formation of a different kind of mutation, which, as a rule, do not leave chances to survive. Among the symptoms of toxoplasmosis are highlighted cardiovascular disease, pain in joints, muscles, stomach, intestines.

You may experience blurred vision, and in females menstrual disorders. All these signs of disease is not at all suspicious for toxoplasmosis, because they can accompany many other diseases. Therefore, when planning a pregnancy, you should exclude the presence of disease by examination.

To treat some of these diseases put in the hospital in the hospital, and in some cases out of home treatment.


Having RH factor different from the RH factor of the child, the mother's body treats the fetus as a foreign body and rejects it.

Bad habits

The intake of alcohol, drugs and Smoking can result in the loss of a child. Before planning the birth of the baby, get rid of these bad habits to significantly reduce the risk of threat to the child.

Emotional state

Health, correct development of the baby largely depends on the psychological state of the mother. Often the cause of miscarriage becomes nervous shock, the constant exposure to stress. During pregnancy try not to worry, be calm, tune in a positive way.

In the hospital or at home?

Depending on the seriousness of the situation and the doctors determine when you should put the woman to the hospital for the continuation of the pregnancy, and when you can do home treatment. As a rule, indications for hospitalization are pain or dragging sensation, bleeding, increased uterine tone.

Causes and symptoms of the threat of the loss of a child, ways to preserve pregnancy

The first thing recommended to do the woman to stay in bed. Also, prescribe medication depending on the causes of the threats.

When the danger has passed, and doctors are confident in the normalization condition of the expectant mother, hospital mode can be changed to home. To take action can be at home, if the doctors believe that the threat is small and it can be handled with bed rest.

By the way, if you work for a business and you still had to stay in hospital, don't forget to take sick leave, which is issued at the end of treatment, directed on preservation of pregnancy. The document has a standard form.


You can significantly reduce the risk of losing the baby, if you prepare for the baby's arrival in advance – get tested for various dangerous diseases, get rid of bad habits, spend on drink a course of vitamins or, if necessary, other medications.

Watching your health, you will be able to minimize the risks that can haunt you for a carrying a child.