Causes and treatment of swelling of eyes

Your health should not be taken carelessly. Some external signs may indicate disorders in the internal organs. This also applies to swelling in the eye area. No need to panic and to ascribe a terrible diagnosis, but to understand the situation still stands. What to do if you have swollen eyes?

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Why there is swelling?

Causes and treatment of swelling of eyes

The most common and harmless reason is failures in the functioning of the internal organs caused by improper diet. If you drink at night a lot of water and eat something salty in the morning, you will notice that swollen eye, he poured the eyelid. This is due to the fact that the body retained fluid.

Alcohol intake can also cause this phenomenon. Alcohol-containing drinks consumed in a large amount, violated the metabolic processes and increase vascular permeability.

Causes of swelling can include the following:

  • high blood pressure;
  • violations in the work of the heart and kidneys;
  • pregnancy;
  • allergic to plants or household dust.

Diseases that cause swelling of the eyes

If bacterial or microbial agents infiltrated in the mucous membranes of the eyes, a conjunctivitis. When this occurs, tearing, pus, redness, eye pain. Particularly acute is the disease occurs in children.

Causes and treatment of swelling of eyes

Sometimes people notice that he has swollen eyes and had barley. It is formed under the influence of the infection. The swelling first appears at a certain point, but eventually begins a pronounced swelling. When ripe yellow dot, it opened. Only then are all the symptoms.

If sore and swollen eyelid over the eye, and swelling hot and thick, most likely you have an abscess – a large lesion of the eyelids. If this disease is not treated, the inflammation will go into the surrounding tissue.

Sometimes causes swelling of insect bites, for example, was bitten by a Midge. When this happens, the tearing, the pain appear. Inflammation and swelling can cause foreign body caught in the eye.


The man with the swollen eyes is not a good look, so you need to pay attention to their appearance and condition. In some cases, swelling can be removed in half an hour, while others will have to seek help from a specialist.

Causes and treatment of swelling of eyes

If this phenomenon is caused by poor diet, excess salt or excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, you should drink plenty of pure water, applying cold compresses and swabs soaked in black tea, lotions do. If by lunchtime the swelling subsides, then we can drink the diuretic.

If you are diagnosed with conjunctivitis, your main task – to liberate the eye from accumulations of pus.

For these purposes you can use the decoction of chamomile, calendula, Bay leaf, tea. The main treatment must appoint a physician after determining the nature of the origin of the disease.

To cure a stye, you need to follow a sequence of actions. Before the rod is formed purulent, it should be applied dry heat, make a lotion of calendula. After the pus comes out, the affected area should be applied tetracycline ointment and eye drip "Sulfacetamide".

Phlegmon should be treated only by a doctor, can not delay a visit to him. The inflammation spreads very rapidly, which can lead to tragic consequences.

What to do if you have swollen eyes, because are bitten by a Midge? The bite of any insect is considered as swelling an allergic reaction, so you need to take "Loratadin", "Zyrtec", "Fenistil".

Causes and treatment of swelling of eyes

If the swelling appears on the lower eyelid, it may be associated with banal tiredness, the use of substandard cosmetics, gynecological problems. Sometimes this swelling occurs due to the fact that excessive proliferation of adipose tissue. It can only be removed surgically.

If infectious diseases to bother you quite often need to be monitored and to establish the cause. Perhaps you have lowered immunity or the body lacks the vitamin.

Swelling from crying

Very often prolonged crying causes face edema. How to remove puffy eyes after crying? There are several proven methods that effectively relieve the swelling, formed from the tears.

If you have a swollen upper eyelid, relieve swelling tea. Dip it in the water two tea bags for a few minutes. When they are cool, attach them to the eyes for half an hour, I closed the eyelids. Tea must contain caffeine because it constricts blood vessels.

Causes and treatment of swelling of eyes

To reduce the swelling eyes, you need to drink plenty of water. After crying need to give up salty foods, to not stay liquid in the body.

Another proven remedy is the cucumber. It must be cut into slices and apply to the eyes. You do the procedure in 15 minutes, periodically changing the slices.

Whisk egg whites and apply on the eyelids. When they are completely dry, rinse with cold water. This method is effective in case if swollen upper eyelid and eye area.

I hope these tips will help you to remove unpleasant symptom and your eyes will delight you and others with your radiance!

Why Is My Eye Swollen?