Cellulite wrap: the most effective recipes

The appearance of cellulite and fatty deposits is an eternal problem that almost all the fair sex faces. In the fight against cellulite, women use many methods, among which wrap is considered the most effective.

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  • Recipes anti-cellulite wraps
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    Cellulite wrap: the most effective recipes

    Anti-cellulite wraps can be hot or cold, but the best results will be given by alternating these two types of anti-cellulite lulite technique.

    This method of dealing with the problem that has arisen is not suitable only for those women who suffer from varicose veins or have other problems with blood vessels. The course of treatment includes 12 sessions, they are held in 3 days. To consolidate the effect of the treatment carried out, wraps should be done every six months.

    For a cosmetic procedure you will need:

    • cosmetic blend;
    • cling film;
    • blanket or blanket.

    The procedure is carried out in circular movements, heading up the body from the bottom up. The minimum time for one session should be 15 minutes, but ideally it is desirable to allocate 30-40 minutes for this.

    After removing the mixture, rinse the body with water and apply an anti-cellulite cream to the skin. With maximum warming of the treated area of ​​the body and performing physical exercises, the desired result can be seen much faster.

    Types Body wraps

    According to the mechanism of action on the body, wraps can be cold or hot. When the procedure is hot, all slags and toxins are released through the pores. It is necessary for the treatment of such areas with cellulite as the buttocks, thighs, abdomen, where a dense fat layer forms in many people.

    If you carry out a cold wrap to remove cellulite, the vessels narrow, and the blood carries toxins to the cleansing organs, which harmful substances are discharged to the outside. This procedure is recommended for swelling and heaviness in the legs. In addition, cold wrap is indispensable for improving lymphatic drainage of the skin, it is done to give elasticity to flabby and saggingskin.

    Any of the species is strictly prohibited in the development of gynecological, cardiovascular and skin diseases. The technique is also contraindicated in case of high blood pressure.

    Anti-cellulite wraps recipes

    Cellulite wrap: the most effective recipes

    With this greenhouse beauty treatment, you can get rid of the " orange peel "And correct the shape. Fat burning and cellulite elimination occurs due to the activation of blood circulation in the skin and increased work of sweat and sebaceous glands.

    Effective elimination of cellulite can be carried out independently, for this you can use components such as algae, sea mud, blue clay, honey, dough, coffee, green tea. Don't forget to use other additional fat burning ingredients.

    Seaweed and honey

    The most popular body wrap is based on seaweed and honey. Their use can reduce the number and size of cellulite bumps, make the skin firm and elastic. In addition, this cosmetic procedure well nourishes the skin with useful vitamins and minerals.

    Two tablespoons of warm honey and 2 tbsp. l. ficus. Dissolve the algae in warm water and leave for 15 minutes to swell. After that, add the yolk, 10 drops of any citrus and 20 drops of camphor essential oil.

    Mix all the components well, apply the mixture to problem areas. Secure the anti-cellulite mixture on the body with a film, wrap it up with a sheet and cover with a blanket.

    Green tea

    If you decide to get rid of " orange peel " with green tea, you will need 5 tbsp. l. crushed leaves, 2 tbsp. l. honey, half a spoonful of ground cinnamon, boiling water.

    For the procedure, follow these steps:

    • Pour boiling water over the crushed tea leaves until mushy;
    • Add honey and cinnamon, mix well;
    • Apply the prepared mixture warm to problem areas, wrap the body in plastic, lie under the blanket.

    If desired, you can add a couple of drops of rosemary, lemon, or anise essential oil to the mixture.

    Coffee wrap

    It is known that coffee contributes to weight loss, for this you can not only consume it inside, but also do cosmetic procedures. Coffee wrap for cellulite is useful in that it helps to remove toxins, and also has the ability to break down subcutaneous fats.

    add 3 drops each of rosemary and orange essential oils or fresh ground coffee, apply the mass to problem areas. Coffee can be blended with cinnamon and sea salt, which are also effective against " orange peel ".

    Cocoa wrap

    At present, chocolate wrap is the most popular procedure in all beauty and spa salons. It is suitable for those who want to combine business with pleasure, relax, improve mood and at the same time get rid of cellulite.

    Not all women can afford this pleasure, since it is one of the most expensive cosmetic services ... Some girls found the right solution and started applying the procedure at home. For the procedure, you will need chocolate, consisting of at least 50% cocoa beans, you can also replace it with regular cocoa powder.

    Cellulite wrap: the most effective recipes

    • Mix 250 grams of cocoa with two glasses of hot water. Apply the prepared mass to the areas of the body affected by cellulite;
    • Melt a bar of chocolate, add a spoonful of olive oil and 5 drops of orange oil;
    • Dissolve 350 grams of cocoa powder in two glasses of water, add 2 tablespoons of cinnamon.

    Cocoa and chocolate, due to their composition, can eliminate cellulite in the early stages, as well as reduce its manifestations at later stages of development.

    Wraps with cocoa for cellulite will solve the problem, subject to the full course of treatment - 10-15 procedures. They need to be performed with a break of 1-2 days, no more.

    By choosing for yourself the most suitable type of wrapping, you can return your figure to slimness and attractiveness at home without big money!