Cheesecakes with raisins

Cheesecakes from curds with raisins — a simple recipe that will appreciate everyone. It's delicious, quick to prepare, and most importantly — useful. With the help of modern household appliances you can cook this dish is not only pan, but also, for example, you can make cheese cakes with raisins in the oven or in a double boiler, slow cooker and even the microwave.

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Use cottage cheese for the body

Cheesecakes with raisins

In cookbooks, on forums, on TV, we offers a huge number of recipes cheesecakes with raisins, cottage cheese, using them in food, our body is saturated with one of the most desired products for the body is the cottage cheese.

Its beneficial properties know all, as it is 20% protein, and he, in turn, actively participates in the normalization of metabolism and regeneration of cells.

The systematic use of such fermented milk product contributes to the normalization of the nervous system. The doctors suggest there are his people who are overweight, gout and disease of the kidneys and liver.

Calorie and varieties of cheesecakes

For making cheese cakes or as they are called the curd, is used in the composition, various additives are pieces of peaches, apples, add dried apricots, condensed milk, raisins, grated carrots. The main ingredients of each individual species, in fact do not differ from each other, only need to accommodate your favorite Supplement when you knead dough. Classic cheesecakes are those in which is added the raisins.

Calorie curd cheese cakes with raisins is 226 calories — this dish uses ordinary fat cottage cheese, if you take low fat, calorie reduced about 2.5 times.

When you do the calculation this dish, keep in mind the calories of raisins (264-280 kcal per 100 grams). Add raisins to your liking, even if it in the cheesecakes would be too much, the overall calorie content of the curd (100 grams) will not be more than 20 kcal. In addition, dry grapes is quite useful therefore benefit from it will more than unnecessary calories.

Often prepared cheesecakes with semolina and raisins. Instead of semolina flour. In order for you do not feel the grains during meals, put in the refrigerator for half an hour dough with semolina, the dough will be fine.

How to make unsweetened curd?

Easy — cook with no added sugar, and the dough put a little more salt. As additives it is possible to use pieces of sausage, green onion, rice, egg, bacon, etc. Supplement you need to wrap in the pastry-like a pie. Out extremely tasty.

Recipes of delicious cheesecakes

  • lush curd with raisins
Cheesecakes with raisins

Put 250 grams of cottage cheese in a bowl and mash well. Break an egg, vanilla (one bag will suffice) and three or four tablespoon of sugar.

Curd mix with the egg mixture. Add one teaspoon baking powder. Sift a Cup of flour, and a third pour in a bowl where all again mix thoroughly. Wash half a Cup of raisins and put to the test.

A third of the flour pour on the Board. One tbsp of dough spread on a flour. Shape the cheese cakes thickness of one see do with all the dough. Heat the pan, pour vegetable oil.

There we post our finished products and fry them on medium heat for four minutes on both sides. The ready dish is served with condensed milk, jam or sour cream.

  • cheesecakes with semolina and raisins

Mash 500 g of cottage cheese, add three eggs and stir. Put 50 g of sugar, five tablespoons of semolina, all mix and put it on 30 min.

Add to the mix 50 g of dried fruit. About a tablespoon of the crumble in a mass of semolina and give the correct form of the dish. Fry from both sides in three minutes. Very tasty goes well with ice cream.

  • The curd with raisins in the oven

Rubs three eggs, vanilla (bag) and three tbsp of sugar. Add 500 g of cottage cheese, four tbsp flour, pinch baking powder, salt and mix everything. Pour a handful of dry grapes with lukewarm water and leave for 15 minutes, Then dry the dried fruit and add everything to the curd. Slush molds for muffins and fill them with blank. Bake in the oven at 180° C for 40 min.

And one last tip. A common problem with this dish — the amount of flour (or semolina). It happens too much and is mouth-watering meatballs come out tight and solid washers. Or is it too little, and cheese cakes are obtained as an amorphous pellet, which spread across the pan. Output there is only one flour you need to pour enough so that the dough becomes thick and elastic, well tucked, not sticking to hands.

So fill it slowly until you see the desired result. A tasty masterpieces!