Children's room: 5 ideas for interior girl

To create comfort in the girls ' room is not so difficult, because young women from early childhood, come to the delight from the stylish interior and enthusiastically accept all of the attributes of the hearth — light walls, soft furniture and warm textiles.

Children's room: 5 ideas for interior girl

On the other hand, purely adult techniques are not so spectacular for a child's room, because despite the inherent femininity, even a growing girl — a child who needs a place to play, a special selection of furniture taking into account the physical health and comfort conditions for development.

Use the following tips to equip a child with special elements, ideal for girls.

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Children's dressing table

What is the interior of the nursery for girl is complete without a mirror and dressing table? However, for a child's room to 14-15 years, adult vanity mirrors, with mirrors will look ridiculous. Therefore, if possible, put a little daughter children's version of vanity — low table with compartments for hygiene items and jewelry, a low soft Ottoman and a small mirror.

The mirror is better to mount directly on the wall, as restless children can touch and break the mirror, leaning against the wall or standing on the frame stand. Mirror for girls is decorated with monograms and flowers with frost effect, sequins or Golden color — it looks very cute and girlish.

If a single illumination does not work, put children's dressing table closer to the window, but place it so that waking up in bed, the child could not immediately see his reflection — it can be scary. Overall girlish vanity is a great opportunity to emphasize that the room lives a girl, but also to create for it a cozy and warm atmosphere.


To transform the interior a child's room for girls in a good story about princesses, you can use the Wallpaper. Now Wallpaper panels and entire sets for two and three room walls with images of characters of fairy tales, magical forests, of the interior of the castle or boudoir of a fairy Princess. Even if the room lacks furniture, its painted counterpart will successfully decorate the interior and will entertain children.

Thematic mural depicting the fabulous interior is better to glue the floor to the ceiling, and small composition with cartoon characters, flowers or toys can be placed at the center of the wall or around the door. Make sure that your chosen materials are safe for baby and not too bright, provoking fatigue.


Children's room: 5 ideas for interior girl

The canopy over the bed is one of the elements of decoration that can radically transform the look of the nursery. It can be white veil, lace veil, satin curtains, but look good and the canopy of heavier fabrics like thick cotton, and velvet, jacquard. Interesting canopy pair of beds in the interior nursery for two girls.

The choice depends on the function of the canopy: you need it for decoration or will perform the role of the screen? If the girl wants to have her bed completely hiding behind the curtains or she just like the fabulous entourage at the head?

Various design of the canopy allows you to arrange:

  • decorative curtain on the wall;
  • the frame around the perimeter of the bed with a heavy canopy;
  • ceiling socket with a lace curtain;
  • the fixed canopy is a sail above the bed and so on.

Pay attention to the color of canopy: for good sleep and relaxation nervous system, it is better not to hang red, maroon, yellow bedspread, but give preference to relaxing shades of blue, green, peach, beige, milk white.

Bean bag chair

Bin-run, he's a beanbag, original and comfortable, especially for a child's room. This kind of frameless furniture is good for any age and children are just crazy.

The advantages of this piece of furniture is obvious:

  • Light weight (4-8 kg);
  • The child can drag your bin-bag to any place in the room;
  • Do not spoil the floor while dragging;
  • It is possible to frequently change position;
  • Develops the back muscles.

Bean bags look cozy and beautiful, often they have a removable cover that can be washed as needed. The design of the case can support the style of the interior of the nursery for a girl or neutral if the family has children of different sexes.


Better than you can equip the workplace of the child is a table-transformer. Behind this name hides a simple principle: the mechanism of the table allows you to change the height of the countertop and the angle of inclination in accordance with the height, pose and lighting.

Children's room: 5 ideas for interior girl

The angled tabletop suitable for reading and writing, and smooth — sculpting, sewing, and other girlish hobby. Sometimes these tables have a fixed location (shelf) for a computer or notebook, back panel — Desk and also bench set.

In the children's interior for girls this furniture wins on all counts: looks great and saves space. Table-transformer allows you to combine learning and play areas, takes up less space than adult writing, but also has the perfect feminine colours — white, Golden, yellow, pink, etc.

When you select decor bet on soft shades and smooth lines, try not to clutter the space with unnecessary items and don't forget convenient storage system — small rack, containers, or low chest of drawers will perfectly cope with this task and will help your daughter to independently maintain order in the room.