Choose a dryer

How to dry underwear? This question has rarely arisen at our grandparents, because the answer to this question is one to hang things on the rope, into the fresh air if the weather allows. And if does not allow to hang under the canopy again on the rope.

Choose a dryer

For a long time our parents and their parents parents used street clothes dryers.

Currently, not everyone has the ability to stretch the rope on the street, because most of the population lives in apartments of high-rise buildings, not private homes or Khrushchev with a cozy "home" courts. Even the courtyards of compact environment for get-togethers and drying clothes turned into a Parking lot.

How are we, the residents of cities, to dry clothes?

The content of the article

Varieties of crackers

The solution to this problem is a portable dryer that we can keep the apartment.

Currently there is a huge selection of dryers, at the location of the following:

  • Dryer wall. The most suitable option for small rooms as it takes up little space. If you love drying clothes on the air, then your choice – the dryer rack on the balcony. Some models are equipped with automatic winding ropes from wall to wall. The most convenient model is the model sliding, in which a wing fold "accordion". The main characteristics are: the maximum load, length, size, weight, material;
  • Clothes dryer outdoor. Outdoor drying are bigger than the wall, but more spacious. When selecting this option, you need to consider covering your floor, as the legs can scratch. If you have wooden floors, it is better to buy the installation on the wheels or with the special plastic caps. Some models are attached holders for little things, for example, for children's clothing;
  • Vertical dryer is a kind of outdoor dryers. Their peculiarity is that they are very compact, but allow you to place a large number of things, as consists of several tiers. The downside is that it is most convenient to dry on a small clothes, for example, to dry the dress, bed sheets or jeans uncomfortable. Plus, these dryers is that the unused tiers can be removed if clothes not so much. Read the detail description of the product at purchase. The main properties can be: the length of the linen strips, the size in the unfolded form, height, wing size, base size, maximum loading weight, material;
  • Ceiling clothes dryer. Hanging drying rack – suitable for ceiling drying linen for a small apartment. Mounted on the ceiling, and the rods on the wall. Can withstand heavy loads, and when the wet clothes are no – virtually invisible, especially if you have light walls and ceiling. It is the most suitable dryer in the bathroom, because it does not take up much space. Better to choose a dryer, which is the distance between the bars more, and the twigs are thick, because if they are thin – it is likely that they are confused among themselves. By the way – the bars can be adjusted in size. When you purchase should pay attention to the following properties: the effective length of the rods, maximum load on one rod, number of rods and the distance between them, the material of their manufacture.

We considered shared information and noted that it is necessary to pay attention in the first place. If you very frequently wash, it is best not to use the vertical dryer, especially if you often change the bed linen. It is most convenient to use such a model, if a small child because it allows you to hang many things for children.

If your family is all adults, so your belongings will be large in size, and vertical drying you will not be able rationally to use, because your clothes will dry longer. In this case, get a horizontal floor or pendant model. But in very small apartments efficiently use a sliding wall-mounted clothes dryer.

Electric dryers

Choose a dryer

Electric dryer is suitable for underwear and light clothes and heavy outerwear, such as coats. Currently, they are common as they take up little space. Is very comfortable, consists of several parts, among which are the spokes for small things and needles for the major things.

The disadvantage of this device is a light noise machine. Allows dry set of garments for 2-3 hours, but the capacity of the unit shall not be less than 70 watts. On some dryers have temperature control, do not buy these.

It is better to purchase those variants that have multiple modes of operation, which makes it easy and without harm to garments to dry like a wool sweater and a silk shawl.

How to choose

You should not choose a entirely plastic drying as they SAG under the weight of clothes. In the acquired models can be some of the plastic parts, not more. But the presence of plastic caps – an indicator of reliability.

The best material is stainless steel, it can withstand more load, but in any case not aluminum, as it can oxidize and leave rust stains on things.

Make sure the feet dry. If you want to purchase a floor, choose the one, which will have rubberized inserts, and the legs will not slip.

The next thing is coating. The enamel coating can flake off and ruin the look and the fit, and clothes. The ideal is chrome-plated with anti-corrosion layer, it is not a color, only grey.

Next, measure the distance between the bars. If it's less than 7 inches and over 9 to use this drying is not recommended: the distance is less than 7 inches will prevent dry things, 9 inch gap elementary irrational.

How to use and care

Before you use the dryer, read the instructions. If you installed a hanging clothes dryer yourself, before using check the quality of the installation.

If drying drops, in the best case you have to re-wash, but at worst can hurt you or someone from your household. A hanging model is best used over a bath, but hang so that you do not hurt when bathing.

Drying should be wiped after each use: moisture is a fertile environment for microorganisms and bacteria. Also, if you find any rust on the bars – either replace them or cover with a protective layer.

Before the hang of things, well squeeze them because the excess water gives the weight of the clothes, it is an additional stress to the rods.

Drying and health

Choose a dryer

Some experts against the dryers that you have to excessively bend or reach. When a child in the house, the Laundry practically does not end, which means you have to hang a lot of things and often bend over as it is harmful to not trained back.

Again – when we try too high to raise their hands, we hold the vessels in the neck, and also inflict self-harm. Experts advise to buy the drying, suitable for growth.

Make the right choice and dry your clothes with fun!