Cleansing the gallbladder: carry out the procedure at home

Most people, especially men, don't like to visit doctors. And if something starts to hurt, I prefer to tough it out and wait until the "cure" itself. Such a flippant approach to their health often leads to big problems and ailments develop into chronic.

And when a person is already "pressed", it still goes to the doctor. The verdict of the specialist alone – emergency surgery.

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What diseases affect the gallbladder?


Gallbladder disease can be attributed to such "quiet" ills. Polyps and stones are formed in the body imperceptibly, especially without disturbing the patient.

Unpleasant bitterness in the mouth or a slight pain under right ribs are not worrying of a man who believes that it will pass.

And if a patient gets to the doctor, often the situation is already launched. To avoid trouble, it is recommended to carry out abdominal ultrasound. This approach and timely professional advice will allow to not run the disease and bring it to a critical point, when help only surgical intervention.

So if you know you have health issues, cleaning the gallbladder can favorably affect the disease. And to carry out this procedure at home, nothing complicated about it.

Clean the liver at home

There are different options cleansing of the gallbladder in the home. One of the most efficient and effective methods is the way with the use of olive oil. This approach, of course, acts on the liver.

This purification is very complicated, since not everyone can bring themselves to drink vegetable oil with lemon juice. Prescription in the evening to eat 1 tbsp oil, added the juice of half a citrus fruit.

It is the acid of the lemon triggers the production of bile. Some people wonder can I replace the lemon juice with the same acid. The answer is negative, no substitution in the prescription should not be. This will change the effect.

It is worth saying that before the procedure is recommended to consult with a specialist and learn about the presence and size of biliary stones in order not to provoke negative consequences.


There are more simple methods of purification that is carried by the body easier and more enjoyable cleaning, for example sorbitol. For the procedure separte in a thermos overnight 3 tbsp rose hips.

In the morning when you Wake up, pour hot infusion into a glass and there, add 3 tablespoons of sorbitol (it can be buy in the drugstore, like rose hips). Drink drink in one gulp. Wait 20 minutes and drink up your brew.

Breakfast can be no earlier than 40 minutes. For your first meal, choose vegetables or fruit. During such cleaning it is necessary to move. The procedure is performed several times every 2 days.

Cleaning folk remedies

It is possible to carry out the cleaning of the gallbladder folk remedies. For this purpose, various herbs, e.g. St. John's wort. This plant is very mild choleretic. It can be applied as a prevention of even healthy people.

Use St. John's wort in the winter, given separately or added to the usual tea. If long time to drink an infusion of St. John's wort, improves bile secretion and strengthens the immune system. People who have serious health problems, can make your own broth.

It will need the following ingredients:

  • St. John's wort – 1.5 tbsp;
  • Boiling water – 200 ml;
  • Boiling water – 200 ml.

In an enamel bowl pour the wort and pour boiling water. Close the pot with a lid and heat on a water bath for half an hour. Cool the broth, pour back 150-200 ml of boiling water. Consume the resulting drink 1/3 Cup three times a day 30 minutes before meals.

The prepared broth can be stored for no longer than 2 days in a cool dark place. This Shoe is known for a long time and gives good results. After 2 months of use of broth should take a break for at least 30 days, otherwise the body will get used to it.

Another option popular method of cleansing – the use of grapefruit juice. To the cleaning you need to prepare: a day to fast before an enema. After this procedure, drink a glass of olive oil and grapefruit juice.

Most likely, you will start retching, in order to mitigate them, suck the lemon. But the nausea will have to wait, it is a kind of side effect. To drink any liquid not. When the thirst is too strong you can afford to drink a few mouthfuls of salt water.

A quarter of an hour after drinking the oil and juice, take a laxative, even after 30 minutes, you can start to drink water. The following day you will be hungry again, and then repeat the procedure: oil, juice, laxative.

At the end of the second day you will begin to get the stones (before the procedure of mandatory consultation of the doctor in order to find the size of the stones and not to cause harm). You will be able to see on the surface of urine.

The color of the stones may be cream, brown or greenish. Use the juice and oil, fasting is recommended until you move the stones, but not more than 7 consecutive days. A second procedure can be carried out not earlier than 6 months.

Carry out cleansing the gallbladder with the help of lemon juice. First clean the bowel using enemas, and start fasting. Every day drink 2.5–3 liters of lemon juice mixed with hot water.

The proportion will be the following: 1 Cup water juice of 1 lemon. In addition to taking this drink should be consumed about 1.5 l mixtures of juices: carrot, cucumber and beet. Put them in the following proportions: 1 liter of carrot juice, 250 ml of cucumber and beet.

When the cleaning on the second day may appear cramps. Do not be afraid you will overcome them. They occur rarely, but are considered normal.

This cleansing process folk remedies lasts for 7 days. At the end of the week there may come a crisis, you will feel severe pain which will be short-term. It was after this crisis and will emerge dissolved stones. You can see them in the form of sand in my urine.


Now you know how to clean the gallbladder folk remedies. Of course, this is not all, but some of the most effective. It should be noted that people who have no gallbladder necessary liver cleanse.

Because the production of bile never stops, just now she goes straight to the bile ducts and the duodenum. So body cleansing is also important.

Cleaning the liver and gall bladder do not differ from each other, so you can resort to the methods described above.

But remember that taking any herbal teas and tinctures are recommended only after consultation with a specialist. Do not self-medicate, not to hurt, take care of yourself and be healthy!