Cocktail dresses 2017: top 10 best models

Cocktail dress – a versatile wardrobe item that is suitable for going to a solemn event, and for friendly parties. Such a style always in demand, so in 2017 it is present in many collections of famous designers. How to choose the best model cocktail dresses, we will understand further.

The content of the article

Current trends

  • Asymmetry in cocktail dresses

New trend this season is asymmetry. In recent collections there are beautiful aircraft models with an uneven hem. Such detail makes the image extravagant.

Skinny girls fit styles with lush asymmetrical skirt. But masking some of the deficiencies it is better to give preference to semifitted options with an asymmetrical hem.

  • Stylish dress with a plunging neckline

Winning for all types of figures V-neck. Perhaps for this reason, these models appear frequently in the collections of famous designers. Neckline creates stress on the neck line, emphasizing its slimness.

The image did not look too provocatively, it is better to give preference to the sheath dress with sweetheart neckline. If this option seems too revealing, then choose a model with a neckline that is covered with translucent fabric. For decoration use glitter. In this case, the cutout would seem bold, but all covered. A win-win for fashionistas!

  • Cocktail dresses with open shoulder

Another fashion trend 2017 – open shoulders. In this way, it is feminine, emphasizing the neck line and shoulders. In addition to the shoulder – puffy skirt. In that outfit the woman feels Queen.

Option for a bold dress on the cups. Here the focus is not only on the line of the neck and shoulders, but also on the chest. Models on the cups are often complemented by special frill (peplum) at the waist. It can help hide the extra inches on your stomach or sides.

A challenge to the conservative society is a sheath dress with bare shoulders. As a decorative element used lace insert around the edge of the hem.

  • Cocktail dress with openwork inserts

In 2017, come back into fashion styles with lace inserts. It is simple or complex, floral or abstract motifs. With this outfit, your image becomes romantic. But if you select off the shoulder or neckline, the romantic image of becoming cocky.

  • Silk and satin

This season fashion is returning to natural fabrics – silk and satin. This outfit will allow its owner to stand out from the crowd. The image is sophisticated and refined.

Thin women fit close fitting clothes with a flared skirt. But chubby should pay attention to the options for easy cut, so figure flaws are carefully hidden and dignity underlined.

Please note! Satin or silk model should not be overloaded with unnecessary details. If you select the option from such material, it should be simple and elegant. To know the measure of worth when choosing jewelry. Remember that in this case, the image must be concise.

  • An a-line silhouette

These styles a few years ago was at the peak of popularity. And today, yet again, with their abundance in the collections of famous fashion designers. It is worth noting that this style looks great on almost any figure, emphasizing the advantages and disadvantages of hiding.

With regard to the selection of jewelry, should give preference to bright, but not the frilly accessories. Importantly, the image was harmonious and not overloaded with details. When choosing shoes in this case should pay attention to shoes on a thick heel. Fit and light shoes with thin heels. The tone matches the color of shoes or dress or decoration.

  • Minimalist cocktail dresses

Full minimalism is another opening in 2017.

The highlight of this model in this style – the lack of spare parts and plain fabrics. Cut simple. Outfit decorated with buttons or a thin braid. But these decorations should not be too stand out on the background fabric.

At first glance, this style seems boring and mundane. But if you choose the right fabric color and make-up, the image will sparkle with new colors.

  • Cocktail dresses with feathers and fringe

Bright style is also in fashion. And if you are not afraid to stand out and attract maximum attention is what you need! Dress in this case, fringe, rhinestones or shiny sequins. These bright novelties not uncommon in the collections of famous designers of the season spring – summer of 2017.

Pay attention to is that tissue must not be combined all three types of decorations. So the image becomes vulgar and tasteless. It is desirable that the outfit was decorated with one. It is not recommended to use too bright accessories. Fit simple and elegant jewelry.

  • Spring – summer 2017: cocktail dresses with embroidery

Another trend of this season is embroidery. Outfits with embroidered motifs seen in this season's most fashionable collections.

Pay attention to is that in the presence of bulky embroidery, jewelry should be small in size. But if the embroidery is small, then brightening the image using long earrings or a few bracelets. Importantly, the image looked harmoniously.

  • Cocktail dresses with circle skirt

This option will create a romantic look, highlighting the slender legs.

The fluffy skirt while walking fluttering, flirtatious opening legs. In order to stress the legs, better dress to combine with heels.

Attention! For harmony of the image do not combine the skirt with sweetheart neckline. The outfit is vulgar.

Colors for cocktail dresses are: what is fashionable


This season the trend is the color of fire. These include:

  • orange;
  • coral;
  • Bordeaux;
  • yellow.

Equally popular black and white colors. In fashion collections this season meet as monochrome pattern in these colors, and their combination with bright shades. Look advantageous styles that combine black and red colors. The way this combination looks sexy, but at the same time elegant.

No less look elegant outfits, which combine white and black color. Remember, classic is always in fashion!

As for the pastel, gentle tones, this season they are also popular. In the latest fashion collections from top designers can be found not only the classic beige, but a light lilac shade. Nice model, the color "milk chocolate". Look great these shades with simple styles. As for fabric, to create cocktail dresses in pastel colours this season use satin or brocade.

How to choose a style of cocktail dresses fitted

Finally, a few words about how to choose the right model in accordance with the parameters of the figure:

  1. Pear type. Rotate the shoulders and chest with thighs. For this approach outfit A-shaped type, models with high waist or shoulders;
  2. Boyish type of figure (rectangle). In the absence of pronounced curves should give preference to the sheath dress or the model with the smell;
  3. Triangle. Costume need thus to counterbalance the narrow hips and shoulders. This will fit models with a narrow top and full skirt. For example, a classic style with a skirt;
  4. Apple. You should pay attention to the styles of fabrics, they will not emphasize the fullness. Beat the Breasts with a V-shaped cutout;
  5. Hourglass. They fit any style. If that type of physique is added to completeness, it is better to prefer a light flying models.

Cocktail dresses is a great choice for a visit to the festive event. The main thing is to choose the right style and color. Good luck!