Coffee mask for dark hair

Dark hair is a real luxury and wealth for its owner. Brunettes are the living personification of the charming magnetism, their appearance is noble and refined, contrasting and picturesque. Their curls are usually shiny, alive and bouncy. But there are other cases. For example, black paint for hair thins and dehydrates the cortex is not less than the line-shades of "blond" with a high concentration of ammonia.

Ruin dark hair and in other destructive ways – the constant use of hair dryer, hair straightener and Curling iron, perming and permanent straightening.


Whatever it was, withered and lifeless hair a deep dark hues to completely lose its charm.

Barbers unanimously claim that in order to grow healthy hair, you must shave off the damaged ends.

If one idea of parting with length plunges you into a panic, our article will be useful for you.

Using the recipes of masks based on coffee you can restore your hair gently and naturally.

The content of the article

Than coffee good for your hair?

Coffee is not only fragrant invigorating drink but also a valuable storehouse of nutrients for the strength and beauty of your hair. Active product application in modern cosmetology is practiced more than half a century. Its effect is stimulating, regenerating and revitalizing. Moreover, the use effect is extremely fast.

Ground coffee deep cleanses the scalp, stimulates lymph flow and blood circulation around the follicles, activates metabolic processes, nourishes and moisturizes the hair. We recommend you to pay attention to essential oil green coffee. This product will saturate your cortex fatty acids, have for him a powerful antioxidant and moisturizing effect.

We do not suggest to use masks based on coffee blondes. Product can slightly stain the hair, so you may lose beloved bubble lights. And dark-haired ladies, on the contrary, become more rich, bright and "rich" tone of the hair.

How to use the mask?


Mask – an effective tool to revitalize and restore the structure of hair, however, it must be applied intelligently and in stages.

Easy application made of the whole on length of hair will not bring you the desired desired effect. First, it is important to choose for themselves suitable means of purification.

If your hair is damaged and you are using aggressive shampoos with a high content of parabens, sulfates and fragrances, it is unlikely that you will be able to revive my hair with the mask.
Because the shampoo and conditioner that damage the cortex, you use more often.

If no such problems, plan for comprehensive treatment damaged hair:

  • Planning to achieve results as quickly as possible, combine the use of masks by rinsing phytotherapeutic (herbal) teas;
  • Be sure to buy a professional fluid with thermal protection, if you frequently wear your hair appliances with heating, or always use the dryer;
  • Contrary to popular belief, the mask must be applied only to clean, damp hair. Otherwise it just won't work: existing components may not be able to penetrate the skin through contamination;
  • The maximum effect of the masks is achieved in the bath, when intensive vaporization of the scalp. So if you have the opportunity to visit the steam room-grab a pre-made composition. The alternative – acceptance of a hot bath at home;
  • The scalp needs exfoliation no less than the skin. As a scrub for this purpose are widely circulated English or sea salt. If you will perform mechanical peeling before each use of the mask, its beneficial effects will amaze you in just a few sessions;
  • The greenhouse effect is a necessary condition for the use of any mask. After the composition is applied, wrap your head with cling film or a conventional polyethylene, and on top place a warm towel;
  • Do not forget to take vitamins to strengthen the hair;
  • Rationalize your diet, give up Smoking and alcohol;
  • For a while give yourself a promise not to dye your hair, at least, ammonium dyes.

The most effective hair mask based on coffee

Treatment pack for dry dark hair "Soft Daisy":

  • Pre-make a concentrated decoction of the flowers of the medicinal chamomile;
  • Connect a few tablespoons of broth with 20 grams of dry ground coffee;
  • Season mix 1 tbsp warmed on a steam bath of olive oil from the first pressing (you can also use wheat germ oil);
  • Enter the weight of egg yolk (be sure to separate it from the protein!);
  • Apply the resulting paste on damp hair, evenly distributing on all length;
  • Wrap with foil and a towel, soak it for at least 40 minutes;
  • Rinse without the use of shampoos and conditioners.

Mask "Activator" of brandy:

  • 15 grams of coffee grounds, connect with an equal quantity of brandy (preferably use a good quality drink);
  • Add the liquid mixture of natural honey and mash all the ingredients until a homogeneous paste-like consistency;
  • In the received structure add a few drops of rosemary essential oil, eucalyptus or grapefruit;
  • Apply on the scalp rubbing in circular massage movements;
  • On the tips of the mask is better not to apply;
  • Create a greenhouse effect for the head, soak the mask for at least one hour;
  • Rinse with warm running water without cleaning agents.

The most effective therapy for hair is based on the exchange principle. Active treatment lasts a month and a half, masks are used every 3-5 days. After completion of the course requires the consolidation of results in which to apply the product every two weeks.

Let your hair will gain strength, will be long, flowing and sparkling!

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