Obesity is an inflammatory process in the tissues of the vaginal mucosa, infectious and noninfectious origin. A synonym of disease – vaginitis. If the illness joins the inflammatory process in the external genitals, then we are talking about candidiasis.

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The causes of the disease


The causes of obesity are quite diverse and depend on the age group to which the patient belongs. In children cause of vaginitis becomes invasive flora, which normally should reside in the intestine (E. coli, for example). Often this infestation is a result of a breach of hygiene (improper wiping or cleaning) or the use of inappropriate tools for the toilet of the perineum.

Some of the tools themselves can cause irritation, and some to destabilize the balance of vaginal flora.

So, for example, antibacterial products that contain triclosan, it is prohibited to use for the toilet of the perineum, because they kill not only pathogenic microbes, but also those that are a natural barrier to infections.

Hence the growth of pathogenic that triclosan can't do anymore. Sometimes obesity can cause the ingress of a foreign body in the vagina, less common helminthic infestation. Well, as adults, to initiate the inflammatory process may also infectious agent (bacteria, viruses, fungi).

Obesity in women of reproductive age group is initiated, as a rule, STI (Trichomonas), fungi (Candida vaginitis) and the imbalance of the vaginal flora (bacterially vaginosis). In norm a large part of the vaginal flora is lactic acid bacteria that maintain the optimum level of natural acidity and inhibit the growth of pathogens.

Hormonal imbalances, increase the pH of the vagina (the shift to the alkaline side), the entry of sperm, frequent cleaning a shower, douching and violation of personal hygiene are all factors conducive to the development of the inflammatory process.

Obesity in women in old age is associated with decreased estrogen (in particular estradiol) in the body. Consequently, the reduced number of lactic acid bacteria and increases the growth of pathogenic. In addition, possible chemical irritation of the vagina, if a woman has incontinence of urine.

At any age obesity in women can initiate an infectious process in organs of small pelvis tumors and metastatic processes, fistulae of the bowel and an allergic reaction to fabric, detergent, bleach or air freshener, pads, tampons, condoms and spermicides.


The symptoms of vaginitis start to study with vaginal secretions. Normally, these allocations are transparent and mucous or milky white hue. With atrophic vaginitis , the amount of discharge decreases when the inflammatory process is changing color and smell.

Almost always the amount of vaginal discharge increases to such an extent that it causes discomfort from the soaking clothes.


Simtomatika of obesity varies depending on the pathogen and type of disease. In bacterial vaginosis vaginal discharge visually sereyut and have a sharply unpleasant smell of rotten fish.

The diagnosis is made after checking the level of acidity in the vagina and discovery under the microscope of specific cells in smears.

Candidal vaginitis (thrush) causes of obsessive itching and painful burning sensation in the perineum.

Mucous membranes are edematous and hyperemic. As comorbidity may be cystitis or a violation of urination. Highlight white and storagenode similar to milk, hence the name thrush. Have a characteristic sour smell. If concomitant bacterial invasion may be green or purulent.

For Trichomonas vaginitis liquid characteristic yellowish-green discharge with purulent inclusions, which are accompanied by severe itching and a burning sensation. Diagnosed on the basis of microscopic examination and detection of Trichomonas.

Atrophic vaginitis is characterized by a decrease in the number of vaginal secretions, which becomes purulent bloody or contains inclusions. A woman experiences itching and burning and painful discomfort during intercourse.

Microscopic examination reveal degenerative changes in the cells and reducing lactic acid bacteria on the background of the coccal flora.

Sometimes there is a pseudo colpitis, when the discharge is not vaginal and uterine. This occurs, for example, with gonorrhea or chlamydia.


The treatment of obesity chooses the doctor according to the cause of the disease. Typically, this vaginal disinfection of mono - or combination drugs containing antibiotics, to which sensitive infectious agent, antifungal agent and related components, eliminating sensitization, edema and hyperemia. In addition, are assigned to specific drugs and vitamins for overall body strengthening.


At any variant of vaginitis in women is also necessary examination and, if the detected problem, the treatment of the sexual partner or spouse. This is done to exclude recurrent disease.

Depending on the complexity of the disease treatment can be inpatient or outpatient. For this reason, the doctor will choose for you optimal local reorganization of the vagina or system, including injection, treatment of the body.

Self-medication is strictly prohibited because obesity can be caused by even such serious things like cancerous tumors or metastases. In addition, antibiotics should be prescribed only by a doctor because an allergic reaction in case of wrong choice of drug can cause necrosis (death) of tissues and even anaphylactic shock.

Prevention of the disease

As you know it is better to prevent disease than to treat it. What do you need?

First of all, intimate hygiene. Wiping after using the toilet and cleaning from front to back, regular bathing, and toilet crotch every night. A selection of neutral detergents. Free from non-breathable tight underwear.

If you are doing any douching, ask your gynecologist whether they will not cause any harm. In addition, vaginal washing jet shower under pressure can disturb the natural flora balance.

Caution in sexual relations. If you don't know about the health of the partner, use condoms, and if you are all right, then take a shower before and after intercourse.

Do not misuse the hot tubs with flavors and foams. Use special gels for intimate hygiene.

If you have allergies, eliminate of garments synthetics, choose hypoallergenic powder for washing and clean the bathroom regular soda – it cleans well and disinfects the surface. Refrain also from pads and tampons with fragrances.

In any case, if you detect the symptoms and look for effective treatment of vaginitis need to go to the gynecologist and, if necessary, and pass a comprehensive examination by other specialists.