Comfortable postures for meditation

Teaching yoga is as boundless as the universe. Meditation are an integral part of it, but to learn how to fully turn off the mind and slowly observe the thoughts, you need to take such a comfortable position to possible pain and discomfort did not distract from this activity.

Naturally, poses for experienced practitioners is not suitable for beginners, the muscles and joints which are still insufficiently developed for difficult positions. They should look for something easier or simplify the existing options.

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the correct posture for meditation


About this posture called Padmasana, heard even those who are far from this teaching and was never in a deep meditative trance. However, this position requires a certain level of physical fitness, as you need to learn how to bend legs in knees and ankles.

If you seriously want to master this asana, you should start with the stretching exercises and taken a Lotus pose, called Ardha Padmasana.

What is it?

You need to sit on the floor, straighten the spine and all the time try not to bend your back and neck to keep them as evenly as possible. Bend the knee on one leg and position it on the opposite thigh, and the second under the appropriate thigh. The upper leg should feel loose, without tension. Ideally, the knees should touch the floor and that should be the goal, but forced to do nothing, eventually everything will work itself out. Being in that sitting position for a long time, to avoid wicking of muscles, especially of the habit, so beginning to change feet sometimes.

yoga postures for meditation for beginners


If you are familiar is a variant of Turkish, use it. This posture is called Vajrasana. When this crossed feet leave the floor, but try to get as close as possible to the groin. If you want you can use improvised tools – a cushion or pillow.

Try to get on the knees, while women are encouraged to join them together while men separate parties of about 15-25 cm of chain between the legs of the cushion, as if you are riding.

Don't forget about direct and extended up the spine! If this position causes discomfort, you can take a small pillow and put it under the buttocks.

Hands you can just place it on your knees, and you can attach them to one another as two connected bowls. Large fingers or are parallel to each other, or touch each other tips.

Postures for meditation upon diseases


There is no correct posture for meditation and wrong.

The main thing – that was convenient and comfortable to be in the selected position. If because of their age, any illnesses and injuries you against the above asanas, you can turn off your mind and all other senses, sitting on a chair or a bench. Chair for meditation you can use a regular padded seat and straight backrest without armrests.

All you need is to sit down, putting the feet parallel to each other and proceed to the contemplation of himself.

Special bench for meditation is designed in such a way that the lower back was propped up against a small roller, and the crossed feet were just under the seat. The role of the bench can carry the folded blanket, Mat or pillow. If you have reached the full emancipation of the hip joint, you can master this pose called Sukhasana without available funds.

What it means to meditate

Even those who for years engaged in meditation, he can never comprehend the point. This human condition is all described in different ways and if you still difficult to completely disable the mind and the mind, begin to pray. But not just to pray, and to do it using the technique of Ho'oponopono.

What is it?


This technique was developed by Joe Vitale, borrowing its foundations from the shamanic practices of the indigenous peoples of Hawaii. He proposes to begin to heal yourself when the world around is chaos, when be it is not only uncomfortable but also scary.

And to understand that everything that surrounds you is yours, you need to read the Ho'oponopono mantra technique, which consists of 4 phrases:

  • I love you;
  • I repent, but rather repent;
  • forgive me;
  • thank you.

These simple phrases you need to pay as himself, and to those people and situations that are relevant to the creation of the world around them. However, Joe Vitale advises not to pray out of desperation, as he believes that praying will only get more desperate. To say the phrase should be thoughtful and understand the meaning. The only way to be healed and to heal the world around us.

Peace to your soul and your body – health and harmony!

How To Sit For Meditation with Perfect Posture