Coniferous baths for babies and adults: indications and contraindications

Today, many beauty salons in the price list you can find various treatments based on the use of natural substances. The effectiveness of these procedures is confirmed not only beauticians, but customers of institutions that have used them. Health and beauty properties of different extracts, extracts, essential oils plants.

One of the most popular procedures today are coniferous baths, as they are very useful extracts. Indications for their use are numerous and contraindications quite a bit, but they, of course, also must be considered.

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The composition and effectiveness of the needles

The use of a bath of needles is due to the composition of the applied extract:

Coniferous baths for babies and adults: indications and contraindications
  • Antioxidants;
  • Phytohormones that contribute to the rejuvenation and prevention of dryness and sagging of the skin;
  • Volatile, which has a calming effect, and is preservatives;
  • Vitamins B, PP, K, E, C, P. Also includes folic acid, carotene. As for pine needles, it of these substances contains more than in the needles of spruce;
  • Trace elements, including manganese, copper, iron, cobalt, aluminum;
  • Essential oil.

All these components contribute to the synthesis of collagen and elastin, normalizes metabolism in the epidermis. Thanks to this process the regeneration of its cells. High temperature can accelerate blood circulation, thereby improving metabolism. Effect of coniferous extract is possible not only through the olfactory centers, but also through the skin.

Due to irritation of nerve endings is the impact on blood flow in capillaries, making and regenerate cells.

To carry out the procedure and you can own without spending money on expensive salons, and the event was even more useful, you can add salt (about 1 kg/bath).

Indications and contraindications

Despite the usefulness of the event, realizing it is not always possible. Before you do pine baths, you need to study the indications and contraindications to them.

In some cases, such procedures are recommended?

Coniferous baths for babies and adults: indications and contraindications
  1. Chronic fatigue, insomnia, depression;
  2. Respiratory illness;
  3. Reduced immunity, metabolic process;
  4. Diseases of the nervous system;
  5. It is recommended to do these baths and osteochondrosis;
  6. Problems with blood vessels.

In addition, such procedures are used in cosmetics for such purposes:

  • The improvement of the skin. In particular, we are talking about its power and upgrade;
  • Getting rid of excess body volume, obesity, which may account for the excretion of toxic substances, toxins.

These are the indications of this procedure, but there are cases in which it is better to avoid:

  • Heart disease;
  • Cancer of the disease;
  • The presence of long-standing chronic ailments.

Diseases such as varicose veins, diabetes mellitus is not contraindication to the procedure, but before its implementation should consult a doctor. The same applies to pregnancy.

What materials to use?

For procedures used spruce needles, juniper, cedar, pine. Overall use of any extracts of conifers. But the most often used pine because of its composition.

Preparing the extract for useful pine baths, consider these recommendations:

Coniferous baths for babies and adults: indications and contraindications
  • To make it better in the winter. During this period, pine contains almost two times more
  • Try to cut the needles as far as possible from the roadway;
  • It would be better if each session you will apply freshly cut pine needles. If you have not, get ready extract or zaschite needles in advance.

Still the best way to keep the raw materials for your bath – freeze it. Through this approach it will retain all its properties.

Method of application

Spend a little time you will be able to prepare necessary conditions session.

  • Fill the tub a little to the brim. Its temperature should be around 37 degrees;
  • Add extract. Can add salt, because salt baths are very useful, and in tandem with pine needles this product doubly useful;
  • Place a towel in the area where your head and immerse yourself in the receptacle so that the heart area was not covered with water;
  • The session should last for about a quarter of an hour, and when it's over, dressed in a warm coat or other warm clothes and lie down for half an hour. The event continued to favorably influence you, just lie down in peace, not watching TV and not reading.
Coniferous baths for babies and adults: indications and contraindications

Treatments should be performed 3-4 times/week (every other day). All sessions should be 12, and then take a break for about six months. Currently, the increasingly popular use of bubble baths. Gems this is not used, and the sessions are usually held in salons, because they require special equipment that fills the water with oxygen bubbles. It is because of them the event has the same name.

Such a device can be purchased and to arrange sessions at home.

The indications for it are similar to indications for coniferous baths, but this list can be supplemented with hypertension.

In addition to the indications for coniferous-pearl baths, there are contraindications:

  • Thrombophlebitis;
  • Fungus;
  • Tuberculosis;
  • Ischemia, hypertension;
  • The presence of various chronic diseases.

In addition, some people during the sessions, the feeling of moral discomfort. It is also a reason to abandon them.

Font for infants

Coniferous baths for babies and adults: indications and contraindications

Most moms know how much positive impact such procedures on little children.

For infants also apply pine baths, because they rest on them, while making a more positive, improving their mood and depriving anxiety, restlessness.

For them too it is possible to apply extracts purchased at the pharmacy or shop, as you can procure raw materials.

The principle of the preparation of the necessary conditions is almost the same as for adults, but the concentration of the needles should be smaller. To correctly do pine baths for infants, you need to know how long they need to take, and what should be the temperature of the water. The session duration should not be more than 15 minutes, and the optimum water temperature is about 36 degrees. The number of sessions in the course for a few kids in short – it is not more than 12 procedures and their frequency the same through the day. After this course, too, should take a break.

To enhance the therapeutic and soothing effect for babies too, can do a coniferous-salt bath by adding this product to almost half less than for adults (approximately 0.5 kg), so as not to injure the sensitive skin of the baby. Remember that before conducting the sessions, you must consult with your pediatrician.

Arranging these sessions at home, you will be able to save money and get a wonderful effect from coniferous baths.

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