Cook at home own tofu

Any new product instantly attracts the attention of Housewives, because it can be very useful and is able to make familiar dishes delicious. Appeared on the market, and bean curd (or cheese) tofu immediately began to use the host's popularity. True, some of them still believe the product is something exotic and unfamiliar, and many of the residents of our latitudes do not know what it is.

Of course, before using it you should learn about this type of cheese more and not to doubt its utility, because the product is considered as a worthy substitute for meat because of the contents in the dish large amounts of protein.

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History of tofu

Cook at home own tofu

In our latitudes this type of cheese is known not so long ago, but in China and Japan he was for many centuries revered. About cheese legends.

There is a perception that tofu was first produced in Japan, but in fact, the home dishes is China.

One of the most widespread legends concerning the invention of tofu says that cheese received the chef of the Emperor, and he managed it by accident. The chef wanted to make soybean puree, which is cooked even more delicious and added in a dish of saline solution nigari.

The latter is obtained in the conditions of evaporation of sea water.

This caused a chemical reaction, prepared dish, curled up, and the cook decided to try what came of it. The resulting taste of the substance he liked, and so cheese has become famous in China.

In Japan, the tofu became popular because of the Buddhist monks. They used pudding in monasteries as a ritual food, and then the product became known to other Japanese, who appreciated cheese. Initially it was only available to wealthy people because the cost of the product was very high. And only later, tofu became available to all segments of the population.

The benefits and harms

Cook at home own tofu

The most valuable substance contained in the product protein in large quantities. We
used to protein, usually from food of animal origin (meat, eggs), but in soy sauce substances a lot more. In addition, a protein derived from listed food is of animal origin, therefore, with the useful substance the body receives cholesterol.

Tofu is of vegetable origin, in connection with cholesterol, it is much less (30 percent).

This explains that this kind of cheese has a preventive effect against cardiovascular diseases.

And it's not all useful properties of the product.

  • Thanks to him, the body is released from dioxin, which can become a provocateur of cancer;
  • Wishing to lose weight have come to appreciate tofu in view of the fact that the calorie content of cottage cheese is only 73 kcal/100 g. It is very small, especially considering its usefulness and nutritional value;
  • The product is easily digested, which greatly facilitates the work of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • The composition of tofu include phytoestrogens – analogues of female hormones, which are necessary hormonal imbalances in conditions of menopause;
  • Some people eat this soy product in cases when you can't eat regular cheese because of allergies to cow's milk.

Tofu is considered a harmless dish, but only in moderation.

What can be dangerous soy cheese?

Cook at home own tofu
  • During excessive consumption it can reduce the number of sperm in the male sperm. As for women, they may in this case be observed an excessive content of phytoestrogens;
  • In the presence of endocrine diseases also need to exercise caution during use of the product – it can exacerbate them;
  • Tofu contains phytic acid which can bind minerals, and it interferes with the normal process of assimilation.

To cook the dish yourself. Here are some recipes of how it can be done.

Soy milk

This recipe is the most popular.

For cooking use not the milk, which we used to use. First you need to prepare this ingredient.

Cook at home own tofu

Take 1 kg of soy beans in water add pinch of salt and pour it first. Let the mixture brew for a day, and when the beans swell, they must grind through a meat grinder. Next, fill the raw water (3 l), they insist 4 hours. The ingredients you need to mix regularly. Now the mixture can be pumped through cheesecloth. The resulting liquid is soy milk from which we will prepare cheese.

Bring milk to a simmer (about 5 minutes), turn off the stove, into the liquid add the lemon juice (from 1 citrus).

Interfere with it, causing the liquid should start to curl. Clean cheesecloth or just fold the fabric in several layers, wrap it and Express the milk. The gauze will clot, which need a good squeeze. The product is ready.


Take a pan, place in a bowl of soy flour (1 Cup) and pour in a container of the same water. Ingredients of tofu for this recipe you need a good stir, and then pour this mixture the boiling water (2 cups).

Cook this mixture for about 15 minutes. Added to the weight of 6 tablespoons of lemon juice, have a good time
mix components, turn off the stove. Next, the ground needs to settle, and then it is necessary to decant through a folded in several layers of gauze or an ordinary clean cloth.

Cook at home own tofu

Cooked in our latitudes, tofu and cow's milk (1 l) and lemon (1 piece). Technology of preparation is similar to the technology of preparation of dishes from soy milk. But given the fact that the original recipe for cheese differs that the ingredients of animal origin intended for food does not apply, is to use a herbal ingredients.

What would the recipe for the preparation of tofu at home you choose, the product has a pronounced taste and smell. So you can use the dish for cooking various dishes – both sweet and salty.

The storage of the product

Cook at home own tofu

This should be done in the refrigerator. So that the cheese does not absorb odors from the refrigerator and the longer it was stored in a container in which you store the cheese, add salt solution of low concentration. This way you will allow the tofu to persist for weeks.

Store product in frozen form that will allow the dish to remain 5 months. When it thawed, the consistency of the tofu may change regardless of whether you cheese made at home or bought ready-made cream cheese in the store.

From thawed tofu, prepared meals, involving thermal treatment of the ingredients.

But you can use the pudding in the usual form.

Don't be afraid to eat bean curd, but if you are worried that the store will become a defective product, please follow the recipes and cook it yourself.