Cook the meat in French

There are dishes that are more than just food. It is the epitome of tradition. Moreover, it is not necessary that these traditions are rooted in the time of king Peas. An example of this traditional recipe is meat in French. Try to trace the origins of the national gastronomy love, and also offer a recipe for how to make a traditional French meat using modern kitchen equipment.

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Why "French"?

Cook the meat in French

In a diverse French cuisine recipe, which would have an exact match with the usual dish, no. There is a legend that the food has French roots, but with great influence of the Russian soul.

I say that this dish was invented by the French chef of king Louis XVI, the one that was beheaded during the French revolution.

The Royal chef prepared a dish for dinner in honor of count Orlov, the favorite of Catherine II and the Russian national taste: the food should be plentiful, juicy and rich.

Apparently, a court chef knew the Russian and their tastes in food. Happy with reception and a full count, inquired the cook his secret recipe of wonderful dishes, and brought him to Russia, where the dish changed its name from "Beef Orel", and "Veal French"because he was a very humble man and wanted to pay tribute to the culinary art of the French master ladles.

It is not known for certain, whether there was a story, and the legendary dish "veal-Orel", but the meat, baked potatoes with sauce, we call "French".

Although, apparently, it is as far from France as another gastronomic darling of the public – salad. In the vast beloved homeland there are variations of meat dishes, the recipe which repeats the "French" option, but called these creations "captain" (the far East), "Diplomat" or "Surprise"in the Middle of Russia.

Cook the meat in French

By the way, the more likely the story of the recipe is not far from France, and with the age-old Russian tradition to praise all the French and considered any "fine" cuisine and French cuisine.

Controversial in this recipe using mayonnaise. This sauce is not intended for heat treatment – as with any emulsion, when heated, it decomposes into egg flakes, vegetable oil and other components.

The question is – why are so labor-intensive to combine the egg yolks and vegetable oil in a gentle emulsion, then to get her to break down into the components in the preparation? When heating mayonnaise, commercial, and even produce carcinogens and other harmful substances to the body.

Why we love this dish

Among the sophisticated palates baked under mayonnaise meat is bad: combination of veal and potatoes drenched in sauce, not intended for heat treatment – is it any good? Yes, and the caloric content is through the roof.

But there are a significant number of people who perceive it in another light, considering the delicious and festive dish. And even those who are watching a figure, somewhere deep down, perhaps very deep, but happy to have tasted.

Cook the meat in French

Popular dishes associated with the ease of cooking even the most far from the kitchen apron quite able to make excellent succulent meat.

The second reason is that the technology allows the use of any raw material: you can choose for dinner, pork or beef, lamb and veal. Use chicken or cook meat in French mince.

Quite ambiguous and the rest of the ingredients. Meat dishes can be cooked without potatoes, replacing it with slices of tomatoes, or combine both potatoes and tomatoes. To increase majoritate the already hearty dishes, potatoes can be enhanced with mushrooms.

Love delights or cook option for the holiday table – add wine when marinating, or make meat in French with pineapple. By the way, one of the ingredients is really French cuisine there has a recipe that could loosely be considered the ancestor of the famous meat dishes: Baeckeoffe.

The meat is marinated in wine, were extinguished in the pot with onions, potatoes, carrots, parsley root, sliced into large chunks and roasted with cognac. The last layer in the pot was pear.

In the Russian cookbook 1892,"a model kitchen" there is also the option of cooking veal in the sauce. Among other things, advised to take more bacon and ham. Vegetables: onions, carrots, and turnips.

Cook the meat in French

Those who believe that mayonnaise and oven are incompatible, can use sour cream or cream. If you understand the intricacies of French sauces, you can experiment with olandeza or Bechamel sauce.

As you can see, the recipe is simple, but interesting dishes can be varied depending on tastes and availability of the products in the refrigerator. A method of cooking "under a fur coat" even allows the use of a completely useless piece of meat that is widely used by chefs cafes, covering a lush covering of onions and mayonnaise something that consists of lived.

About tasty and healthy food

Cook the meat in French

For those interested in not only nourishing and taste of food, care and calorie and pork or veal meat in French. Forced to disappoint: there's plenty of calories – almost 300 kcal.

The contents of proteins, fats and carbs too much. The calorie content depends on the ingredients. To make diet food will not work, but you can make a lighter version using chicken. And mayonnaise can replace sour cream sauce and cheese.

How to cook

Now many Housewives have in their Arsenal is the slow cooker. Smart machine allows you to cook a variety of dishes. In a slow cooker to make this dish.

Among the cooking options we chose the recipe closest to the traditional method.

For the preparation of traditional dishes of meat in French in multivarka we need:

  • fillet of pork or veal – 500 g;
  • medium size potatoes – 6 PCs.;
  • onion – 2 pieces;
  • cheese durum – 140 g;
  • any mayonnaise – 1 packet;
  • egg chicken – 1 PC.;
  • milk or cream – 50 ml;
  • spices, salt, pepper.

Cut filet. Some people prefer to cut it in portions, some prefer that the portion was a few bites. If you prefer large pieces, it is recommended to discourage them slightly. Prepared fillet salt, pepper to taste.

Cook the meat in French

If desired, add other seasonings. To put in a bowl and mix with a small amount of mayonnaise, leaving to soak.

Meanwhile cut thin slices of onion, separate into individual rings. As did the potatoes – cut into not thick slices. Grate cheese. For the sauce, milk, and remaining mayonnaise and egg mix to obtain a homogeneous mixture.

In a container multivarki place a layer of onions, pieces of fillets, then onions again. Next, the potato slices. The last stage all fall asleep grated cheese. Received puff design evenly pour the sauce. The dish will be ready within the hour in the "baking".

The finished dish garnish using parsley and dill.

Try also to prepare for the second chicken lean meat in French no less tasty, but easier option. Bon appetit!