Cooking recipes walleye

Perch is a delicate fish of the perch family. He's got lean meat, white and very useful. It requires caution when butchering. As it has spines on its Gill covers and fins.

Use the fish for cooking, it stewed, fried, baked and boiled. There are many interesting recipes for cooking walleye.

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Useful properties

The meat of this fish contains a lot of useful substances, respectively, has valuable properties. There are a lot of protein, and also vitamins A, E, PP, b group, minerals zinc, fluorine, chromium, potassium, iron, sulfur, magnesium and others. It is non-greasy, therefore there can be those who diet and those who are recovering from an illness.

This product:

Cooking recipes walleye
  • improves brain function;
  • sharpens vision;
  • reduces the concentration of cholesterol;
  • it improves blood circulation.
  • regulates thyroid function;
  • removes toxins;
  • improves the digestive tract;
  • strengthens bones.

In addition, the meat of the pike is useful for the prevention of thrombosis and blood clots, to normal functioning of the heart.

Cooking secrets

How to cook walleye in a slow cooker, in a pan, in the oven? When cooking with this fish you must adhere to certain nuances. Then it will turn out delicious, fragrant and tender.

Here are the secrets:

  • the product must be fresh, you can find it by its bright red eyes and smooth skin;
  • not long to keep it in the boiling water, otherwise it will not retain useful properties and will not be too gentle;
  • to perch turned out juicy and ruddy, you have to fry it in a pan on each side for about seven minutes and then bake at high temperature in the oven;
  • if you want to put out better pre-fry the carcass;
  • for aspic or salad walleye need to bring to the boil, boil a little bit, and then, removing the bone, again bring to a boil;
  • if you're going to bake, then have a little fry it or make a thick sauce, then the dish is juicy;
  • need to fry in a small amount of butter, previously rubbed with salt and pepper;
  • readiness to learn about you pierced the meat with a knife, it must be well separated from the bones;
  • it goes well with potatoes, mushrooms, sour cream and cream, vegetables;
  • stew in wine sauce.


Cooking recipes walleye

How to cook walleye? It can be stuffed, make him burgers, soup, pancakes, rolls, jelly and prepare the filling for the pie. Cooking recipes you can choose according to taste.

The easiest recipe is fried fish. Fry the chunks or fillets. If desired, drizzle with lemon juice. The pieces need to roll in flour and fry 15 minutes. This dish is good served with vegetables. The dish turns out delicious in a slow cooker. Enough to lay the fish pieces in a bowl, and top with any favorite vegetables and sprinkle with cheese. Bake for 35 minutes in the mode "pastries".

How to cook walleye in the oven?

You will need:

  • tomato;
  • fish;
  • lemon;
  • tomatoes;
  • bow sweet;
  • spices;
  • mustard.
  1. prepare the fish, make across carcasses of the small incisions;
  2. RUB with pepper and salt and leave for twenty minutes;
  3. tomato cut into slices, onion rings, half a lemon thin rings;
  4. on a sheet of foil, lay the carcass, the incisions and place slices of tomato and lemon (a few slices of tomato Express);
  5. mix the mustard with the juice of half a lemon and fish oil;
  6. onion and the remaining tomato stuff the trunk;
  7. bake in the oven for half an hour at high heat, wrapped in foil.

If you want to cook more hearty dish, use potato. How to cook walleye with potatoes in the oven?

You will need:

Cooking recipes walleye
  • onion;
  • fish;
  • lemon;
  • potatoes;
  • mayonnaise;
  • dill or celery greens;
  • mustard;
  • sour cream;
  • saffron, spices.
  1. carcass cut into pieces, not dorezaya to the spine;
  2. onions cut into rings, potato slices;
  3. carcass pepper and salt, sprinkle with spices;
  4. place meat in baking pan, spread out around the potatoes and onions;
  5. combine mayonnaise, saffron, mustard and sour cream sauce over the fish;
  6. in a pan pour a glass of water and bake on average heat for forty minutes;
  7. the finished fish with potatoes and onions, lay on a dish, previously sprinkled with chopped dill;
  8. between pieces you can insert lemon slices.

Do not like to cook in the oven? Cook the fish in the pan. It becomes very tasty with sour cream. How to cook walleye on the pan in sour cream? You just have to fry, obalanya in flour. Then make a sauce of sour cream with cheese. And watering slices in the pan with the sauce, leave for a few minutes under the lid. The cheese will melt, and you get a delicious pike perch in sour cream.

There are many recipes for cooking perch – choose the most delicious. Surprise and raduyte their loved ones and friends!