Correction of the labia: the change in shape and size

Some women are very sensitive to cosmetic defects. Not an exception and the intimate sphere. Many women complain about the shape or size of the labia. They experience discomfort and feel complexes about it. Unfortunately, there are many factors that affect the occurrence of this defect, for example, childbirth.

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Correction of the labia: the change in shape and size

The operation of shape correction of the labia has become one of the most popular in the field of cosmetic surgery. So that the mistakes of nature, uncertainty and dissatisfaction can be easily removed with the help of a specialist of this branch of medicine.

The increased volume of the labia minora is quite common. But modern standards of beauty that are not exempt from intimate sphere, require correction even of such condition.

Urgent need of plastic occurs in those women who feel discomfort when walking, exercising, wearing tight clothing.

Laser correction reduces defects and does not affect the outer surface of the bodies, as the procedures are conducted through small lateral incisions. Besides not affected sensitive area. Contrary to popular belief, the sensitivity of this area not only remains unchanged but may increase significantly.

For some repulsive factors are unpleasant and sometimes even painful during sex. But it's just a myth, because the operation does not affect sexual intercourse. The only thing you need to strictly adhere to the instructions of the surgeon and eliminate the sex for about a month after carrying out these procedures.

Correction of the labia minora

This operation is safe, effective, and aesthetic method to eliminate cosmetic defect. Many women after the age of 40 complain of sagging skin, including in intimate areas. Such changes create psychological discomfort. Do not be influenced by the age of the metamorphoses and to look attractive is the main prerequisite for the operation.

Such events ceased to be a rarity, and today is very common. They help to eliminate various shortcomings asymmetry, unpleasant odor, fading skin, increased sweating.

Correction with surgery of the labia majora

Of its kind now offered by almost all clinics of plastic surgery. With a simple procedure removed the excess skin and eliminates aesthetic defects. It is believed that the intimate area is more attractive when the large lips cover small or, conversely, are small about a centimeter.

This plastic is done not only for aesthetic purposes. Correction of the labia allows to maintain the necessary humidity and temperature in the intimate area, which prevents the penetration of infection into the vagina.

The procedure is painless, and the recovery process takes very little time, as in this part of the body a good blood circulation, which promotes rapid healing of sutures. It is worth noting that after the surgery, no scars even.

In addition to the reduction of the labia majora carried out the operation to increase. Such events are called lipolifting, and opposite to them – liposuction. The latter is often performed in conjunction with abdominoplasty to get a more qualitative result.

Correction of postnatal scarring

Correction of the labia: the change in shape and size

Very often surgeons help women who experience discomfort because of the stitches on the breaks after childbirth. The seams, prevent a harmonious sexual life, because take painful.

In addition, the more serious problem is the omission of the walls and expansion of the entrance to the vagina. Unfortunately, such phenomena are present in almost all parous women. But surgery can restore reproductive organs and to restore harmony in sexual relationships, even in such difficult cases.

Plastic surgeons working together with gynecologists, return women the joy of a fulfilling life with the help of the plastic sheath and removing the insolvency of the pelvic floor muscles.

The main indications for the use of the intimate plastic:

  • Age-related changes;
  • Injury;
  • A difficult birth;
  • Heredity;
  • The disease.

Shape change through surgery returns still quality sex life, and also, not less important, is struggling with a problem like a prolapsed uterus. Such problems can be easily and safely eliminated in a few hours. This procedure is absolutely painless, as the operation is performed under General anesthesia.

A few days later you can return to the usual rhythm of life. The only thing needed is the mandatory implementation of all instructions of the doctor. Adhering to the rules of rehabilitation, plastic will never be a cause of discomfort.

Specialists in this sphere in some cases, reduce the recovery time. In many hospitals after the event the patient returns home the same day. And the next day, as a rule, you can proceed to the usual household activities, but, of course, contraindicated in excessive overhead.

If the operation was conducted without the use of absorbable suture, you will need to visit the clinic again in about a week for removal of sutures.

The wearing of underwear, hygiene procedures, trips to the toilet do not cause discomfort and discomfort. To your normal sex life back, not earlier than 21 days.

Laser surgery and large labia minora

Almost all of the modern clinics use innovative methods. Operation with a laser are just such.

They have a number of advantages in comparison with traditional methods:

  • Painless;
  • The statement immediately after the surgery. There is no need to impose and remove seams;
  • Correction can be done at any age.

Changing the appearance of the labia by surgery available to the masses of the population, that is not "hit the pocket". In addition, they are made only once and the result lasts forever.

The progress of the operation

The event, as mentioned, is performed under General anesthesia. Woman falls asleep before the procedure and wakes up after the doctor has completed the task. Labiaplasty is performed as with a laser, and a scalpel.

In the rehabilitation period, there may be slight swelling and tenderness, especially after applying the laser. These unpleasant phenomena are temporary, they disappear on their own after a few days. A week after discharge, the woman must come to the gynecologist and the surgeon.

Correction of the labia: the change in shape and size

In the postoperative period is not much strain physically. Allowed only walking at a slow pace. Going to the gym and having sex postpone to a later date.

To go home immediately after the surgery (not driving). At home recommended more to lie and adopt a reclining position. The doctor will also give recommendations for treatment of the wound with antiseptic. There may be slight bleeding, but they are seen as a normal variant.

Correction of small and large labia, and other activities aimed at elimination of defects allow to return the woman self-confidence. The complexes that have arisen on the background of such intimate problems, directly affect all other aspects of life.

No need to accept these phenomena as something inevitable. Modern medicine has many possibilities and resolve the issue quickly and easily.