Country house or apartment — what to choose?

The purchase of their own homes — a crucial step, making that you need to weigh the pros and cons. In order not to fail when purchasing, require thorough theoretical training on all issues — from legal to technical. Let's try to briefly review the main of them, which in practice will help you to decide what is more profitable — a house or apartment.

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Alternatives to the market of city real estate

Country house or apartment — what to choose?

If you are looking for accommodation in the city, most likely, you will be offered a choice of three option is apartment in new building, second homes or a city cottage. Each in its own way seductive.

New building good layout, modern, fresh accommodation, this is the most frequent variant under the mortgage, to pay which begin already at the stage of construction.

Resale attractive price and the opportunity to throw a housewarming party. Overall the apartment is good because you don't need to take care of the maintenance of the building and the site, and its location is often much more convenient in terms of transport and infrastructure around.

But to live in the house more pleasant, not only because you are its sole owner. If you choose a house (cottage) in the city, you can enjoy all the benefits of the city but not have problems with the accessibility of entrances, neighbours and poor sound insulation.

Even the part of the house, purchased the property, gives a sense of calm and solidity, which cannot be said about some of the "isolated" apartments in panel houses, where the feel alone is very difficult because of the noise from all sides — from the street, behind the wall...

To quickly decide what to choose — apartment or house, think about the disadvantages, namely:

  • the buildings shrink in the next 10-15 years, which leads to potential problems — cracks and distortions of walls;
  • commissioning of new buildings sometimes have to wait 3-4 years for bringing communications and documentation, even if the building itself is ready;
  • the secondary, especially cheap, in need of repair, sometimes overhaul, with replacement of pipes, batteries, wiring, plumbing, remodeling... contribution to repair can result to be a third or even half the cost of the housing;
  • settled in an old house, you get in addition the environment that may be far from your idea of the perfect neighbors;
  • becoming a landlord, you will inevitably face specific challenges to solve that will have you content in the order of a basement, roof, yard, fence, bathrooms, water heaters, heating systems;
  • utilities for a house is much higher from the point of view of monthly payment better to live in an apartment building.

So pitfalls are everywhere, and it is wise to choose where to settle, the flaws that you can tolerate or that you can fix.

Apartment or a country house — that will cost less?

There is a perception that to save money on housing after moving to the suburbs. Some families deliberately go to towns in the belief that to live well and raise healthy children can only be outside the polluted city. But still, most are confident that moving to the countryside means a drop in living standards. And there was this stereotype for two reasons: the price of a house in the village is low, and from his farm on the site can eat normally.

And again the pitfalls. As mentioned above, to contain even the most simple house is expensive, and attractive starting price does not mean that you will be able to save on real estate.

American businessman and realtor R. Kiyosaki for many years trying to convey to the understanding of the simple people the truth, home ownership is expensive (and in terms of our villages — and even questionable).

Remember that cottage, whatever it was — elegant or modest is a liability in your budget, the article of the standing and considerable expenses for heating, repair, completion, gas, and taxes on the land, if there is one. For some, these nuances will be a compelling reason to refuse to move out of the city.

If your goal is to buy as little as possible, and future costs of the economy do not scare you, then you can look for options. Financial question — apartment or part of a house — will always be in favor of the latter.

But remember that the cost of the house is influenced by the following factors:

Country house or apartment — what to choose?
  • the presence of the train station, bus;
  • a convenient drive down the street and to the house (soil or asphalt);
  • do I need to drill a well to have a source of water;
  • if the gasified portion;
  • is there a utility room;
  • is there a sewer or outhouse.

All these details that can make your life either comfortable or unbearable, so you should pay attention to them along with the size and materials of construction.

Townhouse is an apartment or a house?

In recent years, the country conditions in some areas are noticeably improving, and all thanks to a new for us type of household. The townhouse is a few cottages, combined into one unit. Townhouse intended for construction of the suburban areas or a separate comfortable areas in the countryside.

If you look at this building, it resembles a cobbled together series of houses in two floors, which look neat and modern. Inside it looks more like urban housing, with its mandatory attributes — toilet, lack of large office space and shared walls with neighbors.

The facade of the townhouse, facing paved street, the rear has a small yard, but the land may not belong to the owner.

As the option of buying the townhouse has its advantages:

  • urban comfort in rural environment;
  • affordable price;
  • communications — electricity, gas, water, Sewerage;
  • includes entrance to the building.

The disadvantages clearly include the following details:

  • the quality of construction often is low, the construction of the panel on the basis of generally negates the idea of warmth and silence;
  • possible problems with the plumbing and heating, again because of the poor quality of construction;
  • responsibility for the content of the collective, so that will have to negotiate or argue with neighbors;
  • the surrounding area is negligible, only in rare cases it is possible to arrange something different (and nowhere, and often the law).

The townhouse is an intermediate option between the poor house and cottage, the long-awaited choice for the economy in terms of suburbs. To consider this alternative is definitely worth it.

Better to buy an apartment or build a house?

This question is probably the most difficult, because much depends on the details: where to build, what to build, how many floors and rooms and stuff. Immediately disclose the truth — it is more profitable to build it ourselves than to buy in a new building.

Country house or apartment — what to choose?

The construction from scratch of an average cottage with the best facilities, undeveloped land and communications will cost you around the same as the isolated apartment of the same living space. At the same time note the difference — you will have a landscaped area with services.

The timing is also advantageous to its construction. A small cottage erected for 6-8 months, while the wait for the check-in building for several years.

The answer to the question, is it cheaper house or apartment, turns into the other side, if you are on the secondary market. It will be cheaper and a housewarming party you can arrange much faster. For documentation on the property, the registration of the secondary is not difficult, but much easier than the earth, which, moreover, is not always possible to buy. So there is saving of time, nerves and money speaks in favor of the apartments.

If the finances you have thought of everything, will have to ask yourself what you prefer — a house or flat, and move towards your goal.