Crafts from unnecessary things: how to breathe new life into objects?

The imagination of folk craftsmen, who can literally create masterpieces of art out of nothing, will not deplete! You will be surprised, but most of what Russian craftsmen work with can be found in their own trash cans.

From old things, plastic bottles, disposable tableware and much more, you can make a decoration for your home, a toy for a child, or a thing that is useful in gardening - for example, a broomstick and even furniture. Some crafts from unnecessary things are offered to your attention today.

Crafts from plastic bottles and dishes

Crafts from unnecessary things: how to breathe new life into objects?

Perhaps, plastic bottles take the first a place of honor among other inventory, suitable for use as the main material.

What is not done from ordinary plastic bottles - furniture, boats, lamps, toys for children, all kinds of home decorations - vases, candlesticks and much more.

If you have accumulated a decent supply of this consumable at your dacha - do not rush to throw it away. You can make a great broom that will serve you faithfully over a long period of time.

Manufacturing steps:

  • cut off the bottom and neck of the 2.5 liter bottles, and dissolve the main part into ribbons. That is, cut strips about 7 mm thick with scissors;
  • you should have 7 tufts, the thickness of which should be such that each of the tufts fits snugly into the cut neck. It is advisable to lengthen the hole a little and do it quite simply: you need to glue the two necks together;
  • now it remains to saturate the top of each bundle well with glue and insert it into the structure of two necks. Screw the plugs to the old wooden mop with self-tapping screws and you can go sweep the yard.

Many craftsmen look for inspiration for their creativity, visiting flea markets, because here you can find anything your heart desires. People who are in captivity of unnecessary things cannot find a worthy use for them and rush to get rid of them by selling or selling things for free. Visit such a market and you will find a lot of interesting things there.

Crafts from unnecessary things: how to breathe new life into objects?

However, in order to become the owner of a wonderful lamp or pendant on a chain, you won't have to look for a long material at hand - enough wrap up in the first supermarket on your way and buy several sets of disposable spoons there.

It is simple to make a lamp out of them: you need to separate it from the main part of the handle, and the remaining " petals" glue a large 5-liter bottle, make a hole in it for a light bulb and attach it to the ceiling.

And to make a pendant in the shape of a rose, you need to hold spoons of different sizes over the candle flame so that they melted and acquired a shape characteristic of petals, and then glue them together and attach the resultingpendant to the chain.

Second life of unnecessary things

What woman does not dream of an original bracelet, earrings or brooch, the second of which no one else would have? You have the opportunity to make such accessories yourself, using ordinary microcircuits for this.

Manufacturing steps:

  • first make sketch of products on paper. How would you like to see your earrings;
  • cut out the patterns from the color film according to the sketch, and now select the printed circuit boards by color. Stick the templates on the selected microcircuits and press down tightly;
  • armed with an engraver equipped with a nozzle with a diamond cut wheel, cut out the details and process all irregularities;
  • with a core mark the places for the holes and prepare the connecting rings of the corresponding size and color. The finished product looks a little rough, but it's a folk style. It will fit perfectly with the appropriate vintage set of clothes.

If you are looking for someone to give old unnecessary things, do not rush, perhaps there is a person in your circle of loved ones who gives them a second life, which is significantly different from the first. Or maybe you yourself will try to make something unusual and useful, for example, a wallet from a mobile folding phone that has ceased to perform its function.

The main thing is that its body is in good working order. It is enough to remove all the filling and use one half for storing small change, and the other for paper bills. To keep the latter securely in its compartment, it is necessary to provide a holder made of pharmaceutical rubber.

Crafts from unnecessary things: how to breathe new life into objects?

Lovers of knitting simply have unlimited possibilities for creativity. If you have already presented all your friends and acquaintances with lace napkins, give them something new, for example, an original decoration for the interior - a ball of napkins.

Cover them with an inflatable ball of medium size, and as soon as they dry, remove it carefully. Some go even further and prepare lamps from balls.

Such crafts look very original and give the interior a unique charm.

Now you are unlikely to bother with the question: How can you get rid of unnecessary things? You know that they can continue to serve, but in a different capacity. Be creative, dare, create new masterpieces and look for ways to please yourself and your loved ones.