Crafts made from corks of champagne with their hands: beautiful and useful things

Many people are engaged in collecting various items. But cravings can pass, and a bunch of waste material will be left. Throw it is a pity, but what to do with it, is unclear. Today it is fashionable to decorate the interior and make a variety of useful things for the home from materials that seem to be absolutely not suitable for this.

In particular, can be used tube of champagne and wine.

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That alone can make from champagne corks

Crafts made from corks of champagne with their hands: beautiful and useful things

Today in specialized stores office sells all sorts of little things for children's games and amusements, in particular, printing. This printing is easy to do yourself out of corks from wine bottles.

Simply cut on one end of the product desired pattern, letter or any other image and, dipping it in ink, you can get a personal stamp and use it in the games, making prints on paper "documents".

In the interior are often found champagne corks. They lay out panels, decorate picture frames, make coasters for hot pots etc. it Often happens that the handles on the Cabinet doors fail – break or lose marketability.

Rescue again these devices that will be able to perform the role holders. They are easy to fasten with screws using a power screwdriver. On the same principle you can make a hanger with your hands.

As the base, you can take a piece of Board the right length and width, and the hooks are screw caps for bottles. Pinning them to a sufficient distance from each other, it is possible to fix on the wall of the finished hanger.

A product made from champagne corks, not afraid of fire and high temperatures, that's why one of them might make a good coaster for hot dishes, and a candlestick. In conventional transparent glass, place a floating candle, and now place the stack in a much larger volume of dishes made of transparent glass, filling the space between them prepared the material left over from bottles. You now have the original lamp suitable for creating a cosy romantic atmosphere.

Crafts made from corks of champagne, hand made

If you have accumulated a large number of such discarded materials, it can be used for the production of bath Mat that will not absorb moisture and will be a great massager for the feet.

Here are the steps of manufacturing:

Crafts made from corks of champagne with their hands: beautiful and useful things
  • each individual element is cut in half and sanded the cut with sandpaper. Please buy a piece of waterproof foundations is the right size. If you have an old rubber Mat – it is better;
  • using liquid nails start to lay out the blanks in a row. In principle, you can do this alternately or especially to fill the seats. In any case, you will be able to cut those edges that are not included entirely;
  • a Mat of corks from wine or champagne will look even brighter and more bizarre, if you can put the pieces to any pattern or design.

By the same token, done murals and paintings. In the manufacture of paintings from the champagne corks can go a step further and act out a story, using other scrap materials – buttons, pieces of fabric and paper, sequin, sequins, shells, stone, and other that will allow to implement the plan. Do not be afraid to experiment, because you do not pretend to be great masters. The picture will only admire you and your family members.

Holders for business cards and names of the invited

Incredibly beautiful and unconventional work made out of plugs from champagne, which is designed to fix any cards, notes, and cards, and leaves with the names invited to the celebration. If you are preparing for a wedding or anniversary, it is always costly. Holder of such material, made independently, will allow to save at least on this stuff.

Here are the steps of manufacturing:

Crafts made from corks of champagne with their hands: beautiful and useful things
  • take the wire, then twist it from one end in a circle. Take the tube and the other end
    pierce it;
  • pull inches to 7-10 and string on it beads, artificial leaves and flowers, in General, anything that is deemed an appropriate occasion decor;
  • now take the device in one hand and begin to wrap around the end beads;
  • that's all. Now make beautiful cards and insert them into the rounded top of the holder. You can just tie a pretty ribbon with flowers several tubes together and to a piece of paper held over the top, make a small incision.

You can carry this material any of the products – everything that comes into your head – boxes, the surface of the drawers, and even walls. Recently special popularity use round balls that serve as interior decoration. They are made from thread, and you can make them from the plugs, bought a few Styrofoam balls. Sprinkle them with crumbs, decorated with seeds and anything else, and that they are kept, use the glue.

Then, it is put tube. Get a sort of round "hedgehog" — a great decor element. With children in the early spring you can let the boats made of three glued together stub, and the top is equipped with a sail on a toothpick. Imagination simply has no limits.

Try and engage in this process of their loved ones and children and enjoy time spent together. Good luck!