Create the right atmosphere

Such a design method as a combination of Wallpaper in the interior long won an impressive audience of his fans. Not surprising. Man by nature seeks to comfort. And where else but in my own apartment to create an atmosphere that will not only pleasant to have a family lunch, but also to relax from the daily bustle, enjoying a quiet environment.

The content of the article

Why is color so important?


Many have heard phrases such as "heavy atmosphere" or "the walls are closing in". This happens for several reasons. As you know, the General mood of the situation depends largely on the color of the walls. No matter what material they are decorated with Wallpapers or painted with special water-based paint. The secret here lies in the shade.

Color tends not verbal impact on our nervous system. Quiet shades we are calm, aggressive – on the contrary. And what color is decorated a particular room depends on how we psychologically comfortable with yourself in it feel.

Certain answer to the question what color will suit particular spaces does not exist. We are all different in temperament and color preferences. Recently psychologists began to note that every age has an individual colour group.

For example, bright shades of orange, blue, green very good effect on the psyche of the child. It would seem, quite dynamic tones, on the contrary, should contribute to the stimulation of the nervous receptors of the brain. Children because of their natural activity, and without them, quite lively, doesn't it baby?

Doctors neurologists is recommended to consider the design of the walls in the nursery in bright colours. They motivate this by the fact that in its infancy the nervous system of the child more flexible than adults and it is characterized by frequent mood swings.

So if you prefer quiet tones to the child, then these shades will constantly influence the child's overwhelming. Such children are more prone to depression than their peers, the happy owners of a bright room.

Here is an example: colors such as lime, pink, bright blue or turquoise also have a calming effect, but they do it more delicately than the classic bed. The older we get, the less flexible is our nervous system and our perception of colors changes. Please note, in what tone decorated offices, emergency rooms and outpatient clinics?

Even choosing the color of the Wallpaper for the bedroom, we want was dominated by colors like sand, pistachio, cream, soft green. And for good reason. Scientists have long noticed that the color when the correct combination is able not only to create a certain interior, but also to change its perception.

And to the walls of your home could recreate the desired and comfortable atmosphere for you, you should know how to harmonize and combine with each other not only the color of the Wallpaper, but the features of their invoices. Let's start with color.

How color can affect a space?

You can increase the space, blending together the different shades on the "temperature" of colors – warm and cold. To apply a warm white, beige, pistachio, pale pink, etc. Cold is the shades of such colors as blue, grey or purple. If the arrangement of colors will be performed in a vertical way, will create the effect of high ceilings.

To emphasize a certain style. For the classics characterized by a combination of beige tones, shades of at approximate. Modern combines shades of purple and green palettes. Oriental design with purple and orange, which are applied over the entire area of the wall, and insert.


Zoning. It's a color division of space. This decision is especially relevant in areas that do not have large sizes.

Example – the kitchen, which is possible by means of combining separately the part of the dining room from the cooking areas. It looks impressive and homey.

With the combination of not only colors but also of textures you can change the geometry of the room. Knowing how to properly combine textures, you can extend or retract the room. Another beauty of Wallpapers is that they are able to hide such a flaw, like cracks and small irregularities on the surface of the walls. Thus, it is possible to save on the plastered walls.

Given examples when choosing Wallpaper is to pay special attention to not only color but also texture. As you can see, with the right combination can transform your interior, while expending the minimum of effort.

The right color combination of Wallpaper in the interior

There are four basic colors – red, blue, white and green. All the others are obtained by mixing them. Use this fixture a designer range of shades – it has located the correct combination of all natural colors. The principle of operation is simple.

All the colors are arranged in a circle and is divided into three zones:

  • one color or related;
  • related contrast;
  • opposite.

To create a harmonious atmosphere should consider not only individual characteristics of the premises, but also the color preferences of each family member. A game room should make bright. For this approach rich warm colors such as pale blue, pink, orange.

The right combination will allow you to create an interior that not only positively will affect the emotional state of your child, and will contribute to his intellectual development.

For teen room, you can use shades opposite on compatibility, because this age is the formation. And who knows, maybe in this method of manifestation of the identity crisis of adolescence will pass with minimal losses.

Good for a bedroom bedding colors and as addition to it – related shades. The design of the living room is at your discretion. If you want to emphasize understated solemnity, use shades of gray or blue tones. Want brightness – includes all colors of the rainbow. The main thing is to remember the proper combination.

Variations of the combination of Wallpaper in the interior

Wallpapers are different not only in colour but also in texture. What effect you can achieve by resorting to a combination of

  • To highlight the advantages and hide flaws to help Wallpaper, on which a pattern of medium or large size. If you use Wallpaper with pictures of any, even the most flashy of the bumps will be barely noticeable;
  • Zoning space or accent wall. This can be the material with the embossing, and maybe a photo with any of your chosen story;
  • The distortion of space. Horizontal stripes visually lengthen the room width and the vertical will help to create the effect of "Stalinist" ceilings;
  • Insert. It is the youngest of all the combinations, because the design is executed in such a way, makes the interior unusual and even a bit colorful, but it's not to everyone's taste;
  • Solid. It is the combination of one basic color and shades of his palette. The classical method of design of residential space and the demand, as classics never go out of fashion and always relevant. Drawing on such Wallpaper should not focus on the attention, only complement.

As you can see, the skillful combination of not only textures and colors, but also a large number of possible variants of their use, you can easily create any design. It all depends on your imagination and what kind of results you want to see in the end. I wish you creative inspiration!