Creative manicure ideas create masterpieces at home

Those girls who want to make their way in flavor and personality can do this with unusual nail art. Moreover, to create a masterpiece on nails it is not necessary to go to a salon and spend a ton of money. At home creative manicure is quite possible to do, you just need to know some secrets and stock up on everything necessary for creativity.

Of course, it is necessary to warn that the unusual design on the nails can turn out not the first or even the second time, but if you have patience and a little practice, you will succeed. It is important to believe in yourself, and an interesting pattern will emerge by itself.

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Ready to do at home


The simplest and probably many overexposed version of the manicure own hands can be called French. Looks like this nail art, of course, neatly and elegantly, but it is very simple, and for many ladies and boring. Sometimes the soul asks for something unusual and bright. In these cases come to the aid of creative manicure that you can do yourself at home.

Drawings on nails can be applied with a needle, a toothpick, a stem of a ballpoint pen, in General, any objects caught your eye. Professional nail art creating patterns with the help of special sticks-brushes, which are called dotsy.

The most basic version of the creative manicure at home can be called using decals and rhinestones. Pictures might be wetted with water and transferred to the nail plate, top fixed with varnish.

Rhinestones can be attached with the special glue and clear lacquer, it all depends on the size of the jewelry. Then the stone that is fixed by the fixer.

Learning to work with decals and rhinestones, you can buy ready-made stencils. Choose simple patterns such as hearts, flowers, twigs. Already having minimal skill in nail art you can use stencils and crystals to come up with new creative ideas and bring them to life.

When you are bored and want to expand the field of creativity, buy dry sequins, beads (very small beads), brilliant powder, special dried flowers, in General, everything that you enjoy in the store. And forward, to create.

Practical tips

A beautiful manicure is not only a chance to finish your image, but also to correct the imperfections of the nails.

Well-chosen image can help to visually lengthen nails. To do this, consider the following tips:

  • When choosing patterns give preference to smaller and accurate images;
  • Performing nail art on short nails, do not use figures with horizontal stripes, they are visually shorten the fingers. And here the thin vertical lines, on the contrary, will help to visually lengthen nails;
  • Applying varnish on the surface of the plate, no color in it all. Apply the color only on its middle part;
  • Use different options for French manicure. Coating only a portion of the nail visually lengthens it;
  • If doing creative manicure on short nails, you want to add sparkle and decorations, use small quantities of dust, micro-dust and a little glitter.

Technology implementation patterns

If decals, stencils and rhinestones you're bored and you want to learn how to do beautiful drawings at home, it's time to learn.


The first thing we learn to draw twigs. To create the pattern you will need two contrasting nail Polish. Colors can be anything, as long as they blend together. For example, you can take the white and red. Also, please be a needle or a toothpick.

To the nail plate, apply the main lacquer. On the still wet coating, place second contrasting color dots of small size, arranging them in a semicircle.

The number of drops will depend on the length of the nail and the size of your nail plate, usually placed from 3 to 5 points. Be sure to leave a little space between the points, to then be stretched in the drawing.

Now put the needle to the center of the top and slowly move the needle down, performing a movement, if you want to draw the "eight"lying on its side (the infinity sign). Drops of paint will stretch out, turning into a beautiful pattern. It is important to perform all actions quickly, otherwise the main the varnish dries, and the picture will not work.

This nail art can be applied to all nails or just a couple. When the primary Lac and the picture dries, apply the clear top coat.

Those who first tried his hand in the decoration of nails, I want to give a few tips:

  • Begin to apply the pattern with a dead hand, for example, if you are doing everything right hand, her art, apply nails, first on the left hand. This will allow you to get used to the technique, you perform the composition neater and practice;
  • Start doing nail of the little finger. This approach will allow not to damage the painted nails;
  • When you run the pattern, press the needle too hard, otherwise will scratch the nail plate.

Here are practical recommendations. If you remember them, then let's try to master another option for nail art. It is a flower. He performed in a simple technique, but since the image is very large, such a figure is recommended to do not on all nails, and 1-2. Very elegant look of these flowers on the ring fingers of each hand.

To create nail art you will need 3 nail Polish, a top coat and a needle. One shade will be the basis, and the other two required to complete the pattern. So, apply color until it dried up, in the center of the nail plate put 5 small drops. They must be distance. Now each point must be pulled to the center.

To do this, place the needle up one drop and gently swipe. Also do with the other points. In the end you get a flower, and full of affinity draw a middle, others of contrasting lacquer. For more glitter, you can use rhinestones. When the image dries, apply a layer of top coat.

Another creative idea nail Polish – reshetochka. To perform image will need a basic nail pink and two shades for painting: black and silver. Varnish for printing is better to take special, with fine brushes. Also the provision of small rhinestones and top coat.


On nail plate apply a basic pink Polish in several layers, let it dry out completely. Now draw a thin black line from one corner nail to the other, just below another one. If the length of the nail allows the top draw the third strip. Do the same manipulations, but from a different angle.

In the end, you should get a black latticed. To spice up spend about the black stripes silver line. When the image is dry, apply a top coat, to the intersection of the strips of glue straziki and again cover with a transparent varnish. All the drawing is ready.

This nail art can be used in everyday life and for festive events. However, every day is better not to hang a large number of crystals, you can simply have a latticed.

In the future, when you learn to paint with regular varnish, you can buy acrylic paints to create them. Options for interesting and unusual Neil-Arata mass. So, start with simple solutions and gradually add new items to their drawings. Don't be afraid to experiment, create!