Cupping massage cellulite: how to use it properly

Winter time is coming to an end. Come spring and it will be followed by summer. And so, become warm and you can go on vacation to the sea or the river, to sunbathe, to swim. And here we remember that the winter holidays brought us not only pleasant memories but also a couple of extra pounds.


And spending on summer clothes, it turns out: the swimsuit is not very mini-skirt is too fitted through the hips and accents the rounded side. And most worryingly – there cellulite, a sort of bogorotsky and dimples called cellulite.

Of course the pounds to lose it is easy. You can go on a diet, go to the gym.

But what to do with cellulite?

And unfortunately, this phenomenon is not only chubby women. It can appear due to hormonal failure, metabolic disorders, in connection with sedentary, sedentary lifestyle.

But every woman so want to have a nice body, to not be ashamed to wear a swimsuit or mini-skirt. What to do in this situation? Of course, the correct way of life, the constant and intense physical effort required in the fight against this scourge. And in addition, to eliminate the nasty crust will help cellulite massage.

The content of the article

Cupping massage at home: fighting cellulite

To undergo such procedure in any beauty salon. But unfortunately, not every woman has the opportunity to visit SPA-salons. But beautiful-I want to become everything. So today we will tell you how to do cupping massage cellulite.

Also worth noting is the fact that this procedure in the home will suit absolutely everyone, in contrast to the cabin. Holding such manipulation tones up the muscles, the skin becomes elastic, tightened.

So let's find out what it is massage cupping and how to do it at home. Also worth noting is the fact that cupping is in virtue of the principle of its action is still called the vacuum massage. During a session, use the usual medical jars, glass or plastic, silicone, inside which creates a vacuum. During the procedure, banks, moving through the skin and work at her annoyingly, and have a therapeutic effect.

The result is the following:

  • improves blood circulation;
  • comes to normal cellular metabolism;
  • to become more elastic skin;
  • improves the function of muscles;
  • decrease or completely disappear the appearance of cellulite.

Now let's look at the question of how to do such manipulation of cellulite. It is better to use special plastic jar or with a rubber bulb on top. Due to compression, the banks created a vacuum.

Glass jar less preferred for vacuum use burning cotton swab. There is a risk to get a mini-burn. It is for this reason to carry out a similar session with a glass jar at home is not recommended. So if you want to get rid of orange peel just using glass jars, to do this kind of manipulation better than the professional.

Do not forget that the area of the body where the procedure will be performed preferably lubricated with cream or oil. So you protect your skin from damage. The tin is applied to the body in a compressed form, the absorption process of the skin. Feel slight pain.

Attention! If you are having too much pain, the session is immediately terminated. After all, if you squeezed the skin too much, then at best you will have bruises, get rid of them will be very difficult.

Then a smooth, gentle circular or zigzag movements of the Bank is moved. Remember, the direction of the banks should be the flow of lymph. Pay attention to the fact that the canned version can be used even in case you have noticed a small cellulite on the arms. However, in this case, you will need to buy a special small jars.

Another feature of the holding cupping massage for cellulite for hands is that the direction should be from the wrists to the elbows, and then from the elbows to the shoulders. Otherwise, the effectiveness of such manipulation will be very small.

Rules for the conduct of cupping massage at home

To ensure that the procedure was effective and did not work so that you abused your skin to no avail you need to know a few rules, the execution of which makes the session successful and harmless for your body.

Such rules include:

  • before the procedure, the muscles and the body heat through the soul;
  • to the Bank to glide easily, the skin should be lubricated with oil. Thus, by the way, you also protect your skin from bruising;
  • allowed the retraction of the skin not more than 1-1,5 cm, to prevent hemorrhage. Hemorrhage can lead to not only bruising, but also to the formation of blood clots. And this, as you understand, nothing good will result;
  • the movement of the jar it is advisable to make a clockwise circular motion;
  • if you experience severe pain discharge the vacuum under the jar. Remember that severe pain may indicate impending hemorrhage. And we are with you a completely useless;
  • maximum session duration – fifteen minutes. The first time it is recommended to do no more than five minutes. In General, you need to understand that any, even the most safe procedure should not last too long. Otherwise you run the risk of harm to your body.

And one more thing: it's better to do vacuum the option and to carry out this procedure in the first half of the day to avoid trouble falling asleep. The course should not exceed ten to twelve procedures as to create unnecessary stress for your skin and blood vessels and not worth it.

Cupping massage cellulite: indications and contraindications

Like all the other homemade cosmetics, cupping massage has its indications and contraindications. Anti-cellulite massage is indicated if you have a subcutaneous fat layer, the skin has lost firmness and elasticity. Such a great tool and if you have some muscle fatigue.

But before the procedure of massage, you should carefully review and contraindications. After all, the principle of any procedure, do no harm.

So, in any case it is not necessary to use this procedure if you have any of the following diseases:

  • thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, the presence of the capillary network;
  • poor blood clotting;
  • gallstones, kidney stones or other diseases of the internal organs in the acute stage, tuberculosis;
  • any skin diseases. Please note that this includes even the smallest irritation in the skin. Even if you have a small pimple, we recommend you to wait until its disappearance;
  • the presence of a tumor (even benign);
  • the presence of moles in a zone of carrying out of massage;
  • hypertension. During such procedure, the pressure will definitely start to rise, and if it so high, it does not end good;
  • cardiovascular disease;
  • the presence of a pacemaker;
  • an acute infection. In this case we recommend you simply wait and carry out such a procedure after complete recovery;
  • pregnancy and several months after birth.

Cupping cellulite massage is strictly prohibited on the genitals, groin, spine, breast, heart and kidneys, on the internal surface of hips and hands, behind the knees, armpits, the subclavicular region, in region of lymph nodes. Remember that disregard for the rules and contraindications can be dangerous for your health.

As you can see, the use of cupping massage cellulite can be quite effective.

But before using it you should very carefully examine the list provided by us contraindications. After all, the main thing to be beautiful without harm to health. Good luck!