Curly hair: a gift or a punishment?

Any girl with straight hair will always look with envy at the owners of curly women. But hardly anyone realizes how difficult it is to lay curls sticking out in all directions. First of all, it should be said that wavy curls have a finer structure, which means they get tangled much faster.

Curly hair: a gift or a punishment?

And putting curls into a beautiful hairstyle is much more difficult. And, of course, haircuts. After all, it is important not only to cut your hair the way you want, but also to choose the length so that the hairstyle looks organic, fitting into your image.

But this hair structure has its advantages. For example, if the owners of straight curls spend a huge amount of time and effort to create a beautiful creative mess on their heads, then girls with wavy hair just wash and dry them.

So, as you can see, each hairstyle has pros and cons, and our task is to figure out how to create an attractive image using what nature has so generously shared with us.

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Haircuts for curly hair: how to choose

If you decide to change something in your life, then changing your hairstyle is the first thing that comes to mind. But choosing the length and shape of a haircut is very difficult. In order for the image to look complete, it is worth considering not only fashion trends, but also appearance features.

Let's figure out which parameters you need to consider when choosing a haircut:

  • Face shape;
  • Hair structure;
  • Facial features and general physique.

This is the kind of information that needs to be assessed before thoughtlessly cutting off the curls. After all, if you have broad shoulders and decide to cut yourself a very short haircut, then the upper body will look much more massive than with a medium length hairstyle.

The main parameter to rely on is the shape of the face. And you are incredibly lucky if you have it oval. Because, in this case, absolutely any haircut will suit you. More accurate needbut to be the owner of a round face - too short a haircut will only emphasize full cheeks, making the head look like a ball.

And if you really want to have a short haircut, then you should not, at least, add artificial volume with all kinds of cosmetics.

Facial features are also important. For example, you have a long nose. You can disguise it with a lush short haircut, the perky curls of which will distract attention from the problematic part of the face. Likewise, you can correct the situation with a short neck. To do this, you just need to avoid medium hair lengths. And, of course, the ears.

If you have them protruding a little, then just avoid too short haircuts. It is best to opt for a medium length, because this way you can disguise this feature of your appearance anyway.

Now let's get more let's talk in detail about which haircuts should be chosen, taking into account the features of appearance.

Short haircuts for curly hair

The look of any girl with curly hair will become lighter and more airy thanks to a short haircut. And you must admit that insignificant playfulness and romance give the appearance its unique zest. Who are short haircuts suitable for?

If you have a rectangular or oval face shape with fine features, then the haircut is ideal for you “< span class = "italic"> for a boy

". The advantage of this hairstyle is that such a length allows you not only to create a naughty image, but also to turn into a strict business lady by straightening naughty strands. So you can constantly reincarnate, giving your hair a variety of forms.

Owners of a triangular or heart-shaped face should pay attention to this look haircuts like a bob. The option with elongated temporal strands will look especially beautiful. With such a haircut, the face will appear a little neater and thinner.

And, of course, we cannot disregard extravagant girls who want to shock others with their appearance a little. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you can shave off your whiskey, but leave the length of the hair on the rest of your head intact.

An example of such an extravagant image is Rihanna, who decided to surprise her fans in this way. And such a haircut does not require any special care: you just need to periodically shave your temples and cut the length of the rest of your hair.

Haircuts for medium curly hair

Curly hair: a gift or a punishment?

If, you think that a short haircut is detrimental to your femininity, and behind long curls is too clYou can look after, you can opt for the medium length. And if you like hairstyles in the Greek style, then on medium hair they turn out very beautifully.

In order to maximize the emphasis the face shape is ideal for a classic square. The advantage of such a haircut for curly hair is ease of care and styling. And by transforming such a haircut from curly to straight curls, you will also get amazing results.

Want to be a little extravagant? Then make the square asymmetrical. To achieve this, it is sufficient to shorten the length on one side a little more. And so, your whole image is imbued with boldness and originality.

Haircuts for long curly hair

Do you want to be more graceful and romantic? Then long hair is exactly what you need. And by the way, if you turn to statistics, then girls with curly curls most often prefer long curls, since this way you have quite a lot of styling options. But don't just grow the length.

Be sure to visit a beauty salon every few months, where professionals will shape your hair.

The ideal solution for curly hair is a cascade haircut. Thus, you give the hair a certain shape, and the separately curled curls along the edge of the hair perfectly add originality to your appearance. And, of course, the cascade has a positive effect on the volume.

So, if you want a fuller head of hair, this type of hairstyle can definitely meet all your expectations.

You can just cut the curls to the shoulder blades. But this length will look spectacular only if the hair is twisted into tight curls. If it's too fluffy, the look will be, to put it mildly, not very attractive.

By the way, there is one hairstyle element that is not suitable for girls with wavy hair - this is a bang. In any case, it will stick out in different directions, not wanting to fit even with the help of expensive professional tools. Therefore, if you do not want to look stupid, then you should not cut it.

curly hair

Curls, regardless of their structure, always need careful care. But with wavy curls you should tinker a little. Due to the peculiarities of their structure, they are more brittle than straight ones.

Therefore, when choosing cosmetics, you should give preference to moisturizing shampoos and balms. What's more, if you scrutinize the pharmaceutical and cosmetics markets, you can find a whole series of products for the care of wavy curls.

Curly hair: a gift or a punishment?

Be sure to trim your hair at least once every two to three months. The need for this procedure is due to the fact that the appearance of split ends has a negative effect on the appearance. So this problem must be got rid of in time.

Do not overuse thermal styling methods. , straightening or curling the ends with a curling iron - all this has a negative effect on the structure of each hair, sometimes leading to horrific consequences. Therefore, if you do not like it when hair falls out in huge quantities, it is better to let the curls dry naturally.

As you can see, curly curls are both a gift and a punishment for their owners. But taking care of them is not more difficult, the main thing is the desire to look beautiful and some free time!