Curvature of the gallbladder: causes, diagnosis and treatment

The gallbladder is one of the most vital human organs. Its main function is the accumulation and excretion of bile, which is necessary for the complete digestion of food. Recently, patients with complaints of malaise have increasingly come to gastroenterologists, their cause is the bending of the gallbladder.

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Structure and function of the gallbladder


The structure of the gallbladder is quite simple. It looks like a hollow pear, the following components are distinguished in it :

  • bottom;
  • body;
  • neck.

A duct emerges from the neck, which connects the organ with the liver, forming a common channel for the circulation of bile.

The liver synthesizes bile continuously, which is why it is so important to have a healthy organ that will serve as a reservoir. In the gallbladder, the secret is stored in a more condensed form, since the volume of the organ does not allow to accommodate the entire amount of bile produced. In the cavity of the bladder, under the influence of enzymes, water is removed from it, which increases its concentration.

It is in this thickened form, by contraction of the muscle tissue of the walls of the gallbladder, the secret enters the small intestine.

Bile itself in excess, irritates the intestines, stomach and liver due to the fact that its breakdown products contain toxic substances. A normally functioning gallbladder eliminates this problem.

Disorders in the work of the gallbladder

However, the organ can be deformed under the influence of various factors, mainly such changes occur in the area joints of the bottom and body of the gallbladder. In such cases, a bend in the gallbladder body is diagnosed.

In gastroenterological practice, there are cases in which a bend of the gallbladder neck occurs. Sometimes there is a constriction of an organ in several places at once, after which it can have absolutely any shape.

Causes of the disease

Deformation of an organ can be caused by many reasons, in depending on which there are differences in the manifestation of symptoms of the disease.

For the most part, the defect occurs among the elderly, but the curvature of the gallbladder in a child is nota rare occurrence .

  1. Diseases of the organ, affecting the walls of the gallbladder. Often, a bend occurs in the presence of cholecystitis, especially the risk increases if the disease is acute or chronic. The presence of stones in the cavity of the gallbladder also contributes to the deformation of the organ.
  2. Stagnation of bile;
  3. Lifting of heavy objects and sharp physical activity, entailing deformation of the organ along its axis;
  4. < li> Adhesions on the gallbladder;
  • Increased size of the organ;
  • Improper nutrition, as a result of which the organ is deformed under the influence of excess fat deposited on its walls.
  • These are the reasons for the acquired curvature of the gallbladder.

    Congenital curvature of the bladder

    There is also a congenital curvature of the gallbladder. Doctors do not attribute this phenomenon to pathology, but consider it an individual feature of the body. Usually, such a structure of the organ does not lead to a violation of its function and does not cause tangible discomfort.

    Congenital curvature of the gallbladder in a newborn is diagnosed during routine ultrasound examinations of the child's internal organs.

    How to recognize the presence of a disease

    A person sometimes does not know about the existence of such a phenomenon as the bending of the gallbladder, the symptoms of which may not manifest themselves for a long time. Moreover, in some cases the disease may disappear without therapeutic effect.

    General symptoms include :

    • sides of the ribs extending into the spine or scapula;
    • heart palpitations;
    • loss of appetite;
    • vomiting;
    • gastrointestinal disturbances intestinal tract;
    • shortness of breath, painful breathing;
    • increased salivation;
    • nausea.

    If bending and constriction the gallbladder is caused by inflammation, the symptoms will affect the person's well-being. Patients usually notice a change in skin tone to grayish, the appearance of a sensation of a bitter taste and increased sweating.

    If there is a deformation of the neck of the gallbladder, then pain extends to the entire abdomen.

    In this state, the person also experiences the following symptoms :

    • sudden rise in temperature,
    • severe weakness,
    • bloating the abdomen, aggravated after eating.

    The patient needs to urgently seek medical help, because these symptoms may indicate that bile has entered the stomach, which is observed when the neck of the gallbladder dies.

    Despite the fact that sometimes the deformity of the organ is temporary, if any of the listed symptoms appear, you should see a doctor.

    Treatment of gallbladder deformity

    Any form diseases are diagnosed using ultrasound, in which the doctor, having studied the symptoms, anatomical especially organ style and exact locationbending of the gallbladder, will be able to develop a therapy strategy. Treatment usually takes a long time.

    The bend of the gallbladder, which can be treated in several ways, is quite amenable to correction.

    A complex therapy .

    1. Physiotherapy . To get rid of the symptoms of the disease, electrophoresis with the addition of novocaine is used quite effectively. Ultrasound methods and exercise therapy work well in this direction.
    2. Changing food habits . A curved gallbladder diet helps to relieve unpleasant symptoms and gradually restore normal organ function. The basic principle of the diet is fractional meals. This nutritional system prevents bile stasis, ensures normal bile flow and is suitable for the child.
    • The diet involves reducing portion sizes, and also including foods rich in vegetable protein and fats.
    • Compliance with the drinking regime is a prerequisite.
    • According to the dietary rules, baked dishes and boiled foods prevail.
    • Animal fats, spicy foods, whole milk are strictly forbidden to the patient, confectionery, products containing essential oils, and pickles.
    1. Traditional medicine recipes . This treatment helps to normalize the bile outflow. As folk remedies, decoctions and infusions of medicinal herbs are used, which can have a mild choleretic effect on the body. The list of medicinal plants includes mint, corn silk, chamomile, calendula and others. Traditional methods help well to cure the curvature of the gallbladder in a child 6 years old and younger. Herbs on the child's body are gentle and effective.
    2. Medicines . Many patients are concerned about how to treat a curvature of the gallbladder with easy-to-use tablets. Drug treatment involves the course of the use of choleretic drugs. The average course duration is within two weeks. To consolidate the first results of treatment, you will need at least four courses.

    One of the most popular in this area is Flamin based on immortelle extract. Good results are shown by the use of Odeston, which effectively fights spasms of the bile ducts and improves the outflow of secretions into the small intestine.

    Also, the list of active drugs includes Aritochol, Tsikvalog and Chophytol, which have choleretic properties and relieve unpleasant symptoms from the side digestive system.

    If a congenital curvature of the gallbladder is detected, treatment is not prescribed, provided that the patient is not worried about pain symptoms.

    With early diagnosis and effective therapy, the prognosis for recovery in most cases welfarenice. In the case of a constriction that completely blocks the outflow of secretion, there is no hope for an easy recovery. A similar phenomenon can lead to rupture of the gallbladder. In such cases, surgery and organ removal are inevitable.


    • The best prevention of deformity is a diet based on the principles of healthy nutrition (applicable to the child ).
    • Timely treatment of inflammatory diseases of internal organs significantly reduces the risk of constrictions.
    • Do not expose the body to heavy physical exertion, in order to avoid twisting of the gallbladder, especially when it comes to a child.
    • Also, as a preventive measure, you can sometimes use herbal teas with the addition of medicinal plants that have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the organ.