Cuticle tweezers: a good tool to help the master

A beautiful and high-quality manicure cannot be done without the use of special tools. Professional workers have in their arsenal a whole set of necessary tools designed to make the perfect manicure. However, you can tidy up your nails at home with a minimum of tools. First of all, the master will be helped by special tweezers designed for cutting the cuticle.

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Learning to do the right manicure

Cuticle tweezers: a good tool to help the master

Initially, you need to understand what is cuticle. This is a dense ridge of skin adjacent to the nail plate. This is a kind of barrier that prevents infection from entering the body and ensures healthy nail growth. If it is present, foreign bodies cannot get to the growth zone and disrupt the normal process of stratification of horny cells.

An increasing number of specialists come to the conclusion that cutting the cuticle is not worth it. There are more and more options for unedged manicure, which has a mass of fans around the world.

However, if the skin on the fingers is severely injured, cracked and suffers from excessive dryness, cuticle cutting is indispensable. In the future, if you watch your hands and do not start them, you can switch to an unedged way of care.

Inflamed and dry cuticles are divided into "live" and "non-living" . It is the second one that must be removed with the help of nail clippers for the cuticle, and this must be done very carefully, so as not to damage the "living" tissue. A wound or a scratch can not only ruin the appearance of the finger, but also cause infection and damage the nail plate.

Secrets of choice

Cuticle tweezers: a good tool to help the master

How to choose the right cuticle nippers? First of all, you need to pay attention to the size of the tool. Most stores sell a standard medium-sized forceps that can be used for both pedicure and manicure.

If you have small hands, it is likely that you will be more comfortable using the smaller forceps. The largest models are designed for thick, strong nails such as big toes. You should not use them on weak nails, as there is a risk of delamination.

Second: pay attention to the material from which this tool is made. The ideal option is medical steel. She has a beautiful matosurface, and most importantly, it does not corrode.

Take the tool in your hand and see how the cutting edges are brought together: there should be an even gap between them, and when you try to squeeze the handles, the gap should completely disappear. Professional cuticle tweezers have no chips, notches or irregularities on the blades. The work progress is smooth, that is, there should be no clicks or bounces during mixing or dilution.

Which cuticle nippers are better? Those with there is no great recoil with strong compression, since in this case there is a risk of damaging the tissues surrounding the nail roller. Try to pinch off a piece of the cuticle: from a good tool, the cut remains smooth and neat. The device should not wrinkle, chew and leave behind torn edges.

How to cut the cuticle with tweezers?

Using the tool on unprepared hands is not allowed.

Cuticle removal requires certain activities performed in the following sequence:

Cuticle tweezers: a good tool to help the master
  • first, the periungual roller must be softened. To do this, you can prepare a warm bath with aromatic oils, or you can apply a special cuticle remover in the form of a gel to this area. It is enough to wait only 3-10 minutes for the skin to soften enough;
  • now you can start pushing the cuticle back into the nail bed. For this, a special wooden or silicone stick is used. The tool is held at an angle of 45 degrees to the nail and acts as gently and smoothly as possible;
  • How to use the cuticle nippers correctly? You need to take them in your hands and cut off the excess skin on the sides of the nail. Then proceed to cut the skin in an arc, moving in small checkers from one edge to the other. The main thing is not to rush, especially if there is still little experience in carrying out such an operation. Over time, you will use the tool more confidently, but for now you will have to return to the same place more than once in order to remove all irregularities and burrs;
  • after this treatment site, you need to moisten it with a nourishing cream, carefully rubbing it into the nail bed. If you plan to immediately cover your nails with varnish, then their surface must be degreased.
Cuticle tweezers: a good tool to help the master

The procedure for preparing the skin for a manicure includes its peeling, which allows you to remove keratinized scales and make the fingers softer and more tender.

If there is a violation of the cover and a large number of barbs, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic agents should be used.

A good effect can be obtained from green tea oil, extract ginkgo leaves, rosemary, etc.

If you do not want to resort to removing the cuticle too often, after each bath procedure, massage your hands and gently move this roller to the nail bed with your own nails.

Use hand creams and masks more often,use rubber gloves when washing dishes and other household work, and then your fingers will always be in order, and your nails will become the envy of others. Good luck!