Cystitis treatment at home

Cystitis is a problem, mostly women. This is due to the anatomy of the pelvic organs in women. Urethra is short compared with the male, and the diameter is much wider. That is why infectious agents in the female body the urethra is open doors.

Many women, faced with increased urination, mistakenly believe that it's:

  • Self-will;
  • Just padstyle lower;
  • Before/after the month it happens;
  • I just have a new man – will pass with time.
Cystitis treatment at home

This is the main error. Frequent urination is the first symptom of the development in the urogenital system of infection – cystitis. It should be emphasized that cystitis is an acute respiratory viral disease (colds).

Hypothermia or the flu itself is only a catalyst for the development of the disease. Even when a woman realizes that she has cystitis, then almost every second afraid or shy to go to the doctor and trying to be treated at home.

As a rule, the recipes for such treatment find online, grandmothers or girlfriends. This, too, is a huge mistake, since the specificity of the disease is bacterial in cause, and therefore requires a highly individual approach and selection of antibiotics based on the identified infectious agents from the patient.

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Etiology and risk factors

The most common "initiator" cystitis – E. coli Escherichia coli.

But, besides her, to cause inflammation can also:

  1. Other infectious agents (Proteus, enterobacteria, Escherichia coli, Streptococcus Klebsiella, etc.);
  2. Viral infection (adenovirus, cytomegalovirus, virus penile herpes, human papilloma virus);
  3. Fungal colonies (e.g., Candida);
  4. Chlamydia infection;
  5. Helminths (Schistosoma, cercaria).

That is such a wide variability of causes of inflammation – the main reason why the cystitis needs to be treated not at home, and have a specialist – urologist.


In addition to the symptom of frequent urination, there are still a number of signs that help to diagnose cystitis without a full clinical examination.

It can be a feeling of heaviness in the pubic bone joints, pain or feeling "hurt" when urinating, subfebrile body temperature, General weakness, etc.

In addition, the above symptoms for diagnosis requires also a "classic" history:

  1. Hypothermia (soaking) feet or the whole body;
  2. Inflammation in the urogenital system in history without treatment, and especially goes untreated;
  3. The presence of another infection in the body (inflammation of the tonsils, pyelonephritis, etc.);
  4. Endocrinological diseases (diabetes);
  5. Unhealthy diet;
  6. Frequent constipation;
  7. Adynamic lifestyle (machine – sedentary work — machine);
  8. Lack of personal hygiene;
  9. Contraception by spermicides;
  10. Immune status (chemotherapy, ballet, sports training, AIDS).

Cystitis treatment at home

If all the same disease in all respects similar to cystitis, the effective treatment at home you can do the following:

Cystitis treatment at home

  1. Pain relief – orally or intramuscularly antispasmodics and analgesics (Nurofen, no-Spa, baralgin);
  2. Sedentary baths with a warm herbal decoction (chamomile, succession, marigold, celandine, St. John's wort, yarrow). These decoctions to wash after using the toilet;
  3. In the first days of the disease (acute phase) used the old method of heating and refractory bricks to split into two pieces, very hot on the fire, put in a bucket. The bucket on the edge to lay a towel. Crouch over the bucket, wrapped with a warm blanket or a blanket and sit as long as the brick cools off. Wear warm non-synthetic underwear and go to bed. To completely cure cystitis, need 2-3 such procedures;
  4. Drinking regime. At least half to two liters of mineral water, fruit drinks, compotes, decoctions;
  5. Warm compresses on the area of the bladder of pounded boiled potatoes, broth of onion peel, these herbs;
  6. Exercise. In this case the target – local muscle strengthening and improved circulation, which greatly accelerates relief of inflammation. It is, as a rule, training exercises adductors of the thighs (without major extensions), sasakianime on the platform (step stool, bed), incomplete squats with closed heels (on the rising retracts the perineum);
  7. The rejection of sexual life during treatment.

Etiotropic treatment is required. But to pick up the antibiotics must be strictly individually. Given the sensitivity of the infectious agent and tolerability of the patient.

As a rule, other drugs, such as Monural, Furagin, Biseptol, etc. is also Recommended sanitizing preparations, such as Trinitron.

Dangerous situation

Situation when yourself to get rid of the disease has failed, especially if most of the symptoms went away, and frequent urination remained dangerous.

  1. The transition of the infection in chronic form;
  2. Loss of sensitivity of microorganisms to antibacterial preparations;
  3. Ascending infection via the ureters to the kidneys.

If cystitis has failed to fully cure at home, you should immediately consult a doctor because:

Cystitis treatment at home
  1. Cystitis can be initiated, not bacteria, and virus, worms, etc.;
  2. Symptoms can be caused by deep lesions of the bladder or other organs, especially if the symptoms disappeared, but there is (or originally was) blood in the urine;
  3. Symptoms could be similar to cystitis, but caused by a completely different disease or pathological condition whose treatment is not compatible with therapy cystitis (for example, in some dislocation of intervertebral hernias of the lumbosacral can be a pain in pubic area and warm up or squat over the bucket can lead to serious consequences);
  4. If no improvement in 3-5 days – inflammation can increase that significantly complicates treatment.

Take care of your health and please!