Dedicated to lovers of fried seeds: methods of cooking seeds in the microwave

Seeds are loved by both adults and children. A huge number of people love to spend time with a glass of delicious grains. Despite the fact that today you can buy a ready-made product in stores, packaged in beautiful bags, many continue to fry them on their own, claiming that the grains prepared with their own hands are incomparable with the purchased options.

In addition, purchasing the product raw and by weight, you can significantly save. We propose to figure out whether it is possible to fry seeds in the microwave and how to quickly do it. There are many ways to make the beans fast and tasty.

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  • How to fry seeds in the microwave peeled?
  • How to microwave seeds with salt?
  • How to roast pumpkin seeds in the microwave?
  • How to give seeds in the microwave?

    The technique of different companies differs in their functions and power level. Therefore, the first time cooking in this way will be a kind of experiment that will allow you to draw conclusions, take into account errors and get the ideal option for the second time.

    Cooking scheme No. 1 :

    Dedicated to lovers of fried seeds: methods of cooking seeds in the microwave
    1. Pour the sunflower seeds into a colander or sieve and rinse them thoroughly in running water. It is important to remove all existing debris. After that, leave everything for a while to remove excess liquid;
    2. take a container, preferably a flat plate that is allowed to be used in such an oven. Pour the seeds into it and smooth in one layer. It is important to note that if you use few grains, they will burn, and if you use a lot, they will remain raw. The optimal portion is 300 g;
    3. Now we turn to the information regarding how much to fry the seeds in the microwave. Send the food to the oven and cook for a minute on highest power. Then stir everything well to remove excess moisture;
    4. Repeat the cooking process, again for a minute. After the beep, taste the beans and, if necessary, stir again and hold for another minute. In general, the process can take up to 5 minutes, since it all depends on the size and variety.

    Cooking scheme # 2 :

    1. This may seem more complicated, but it really isn't. First you need to pour the prepared product into a bowl and put it in the microwave. Cook for 3 minutes. In this case, set the power to 800 W;
    2. after the beep, remove the dish and stir everything well. This will come in handya wooden spoon or any other device. Put the container back in place and cook for another 2 minutes. Then you need to mix everything and taste. If the grains are damp, then cook for another 60 seconds. Continue cooking until you're done.

    How to microwave peeled sunflower seeds?

    Let's start with " lazy " cooking method. You need to buy peeled seeds or peel them yourself. Place the portion in a special bowl or simply spread it out on a piece of parchment. Now we find out how long the peeled nucleoli are prepared. Set the time to 3-5 minutes. and cook at highest power. Every 60 sec. open the door and stir everything.

    How to fry seeds with salt in the microwave?

    A huge number of people love salty seeds, which turn out to be very tasty. Fried grains are ideal for preparing other dishes, such as salads. You need to start with the preparation of raw materials, that is, rinse the product in running water, and then lay it in one layer and dry it.

    Cooking scheme :

    < div class = "image"> Dedicated to lovers of fried seeds: methods of cooking seeds in the microwave
    1. use a wide but shallow container that is suitable for high temperature cooking. Put the seeds in there and sprinkle with oil, and then mix everything well. By the way, you can use herbal oil, which will add originality;
    2. the next step is to sprinkle everything with fine salt and stir as well. Place the container in the microwave and fry on above medium power. Cooking time - 3-5 minutes. Open the door periodically and stir everything;
    3. after the beep, taste the grain and if everything is ready do not take out the food, but leave it in the microwave for another 15 minutes. under the closed door. During this time, the seeds "reach" and turn out to be very tasty.

    How to fry pumpkin seeds in the microwave?

    Pumpkin seeds are very popular because they are not only delicious, but also very healthy. They can be eaten alone or added to salads, baked goods, and other dishes. Pumpkin seeds have an incredible aroma. By the way, nutritionists recommend that people who monitor their weight use them as a healthy snack.

    To cook fried pumpkin seeds in the microwave, you first need to get them. To do this, take a large fruit, cut it into halves, remove the insides and select the seeds that need to be washed in running water.

    Dedicated to lovers of fried seeds: methods of cooking seeds in the microwave

    Then spread them out on parchment even layer and leave for 2-3 days so that everything dries well.

    Now let's figure out how much pumpkin seeds need to be fried. Transfer them to a plate and microwave and cook on highest power for a minute. After the beep, remove the container and everything is thoroughlyeat. Then cook again for a minute, stir and hold in the microwave for another half minute. Try it and if everything is ready, then you can cool and serve.

    Now you know how to properly roast seeds in the microwave. This method has several advantages: good taste, speed and ease of preparation.