Denim dress: who goes and how to wear it?

Denim dress is truly versatile article of clothing. As they say, it would be appropriate at the feast, and in the world, on a date, in office and even the day of the wedding. To each new event thing played with new colors, it must be supplemented by different accessories and appropriate footwear. In this article we consider how to refresh its image, so it is not out of fashion, while remaining comfortable and original.

The content of the article

Than complement the overall appearance?


Short or long denim dress advantageous complement a cardigan or jacket in a bright color. This thing needs to pick according to their color type, otherwise the visual effect will not be very profitable. Still, it would be appropriate to use a charm, in terms of color and design, jewelry. They can be woven leather ribbons are made of natural or synthetic stone, plastic, wood and other materials.

The image will change dramatically if the feet wearing cowboy leather boots, decorated with studs and stones, a wide choker of leather and similar bracelet. The end result is a free and stylish bow that attracts attention.

If you want to make the appearance more feminine blue denim dress is to Supplement thin or wide, solid or woven belt brown or Burgundy hue.

Bag is the final element of the image. Her style and main material are entirely dependent on the main idea of the whole outfit.

Offer to elaborate on each individual component of the bow with a denim dress in the title role.


In this respect, are well-known recommendations on how to match things.

Denim dress is very simple play on top of wardrobe items and looks very stylish with:

  • Biker jacket, leather;
  • Knitted or crocheted cardigan, buttoned a couple of buttons;
  • Short leather jacket or a long coat (the final choice depends on the length of the dress).

What's with the shoes?


In warm weather, absolutely no problem, what to wear with denim dress in terms of shoes. Ideally you should put on sandals with heels, decorated with netting on the leg and foot.

If the expected active movement, would be wise to opt for open sandals, knitted loafers, denim sneakers and other sports shoes.

On a cool evening you can safely wear soft boots or high boots with wide top.

Regarding the color of shoes we can say the following: it must be gray, blue, Burgundy and, of course, brown. Preferably a minimum of binding and thematic decor.

Bag and headpiece

As in previous years, the denim dress in this 2015 looks great in company with shopping bags-shoppers, clutches, backpacks and other accessories of similar purpose.


It is preferable that they be made of leather or textile, and as a decoration of studs, fringe, beading or stones.

Get ready because in 2015 denim dress just need to complement the headdress.

Universal option does not exist, and it is likely that you will need to dream and to build it with my own hands. Under different images need to have different things.

For example, dynamic bow requires the presence of caps, cowboy hats or hat-Fedora. Romantic but quite impossible without a scarf or wide-brimmed hats.

Do not forget about jewelry

As you have probably realized, denim dresses for lean and overweight women "respect" jewelry, designed in ethnic style.


These accessories peculiar dynamics, brightness and diversity, they are made simultaneously from a variety of materials, and demonstrate the uniqueness and individuality of the owner.

If the image needs a touch of chic, denim dress, you can own hands to decorate the massive and intricate items made of gold or other precious metal.

In the case where the denim outfit is already decorated with bright elements to jewelry and jewelry should be modest. I advise you to do a ring, earrings and a subtle bracelet.

A little about styles

Allow yourself to deviate from the main topic and dwell on what denim dresses today are made for full, slim, tall and petite women.

And the choice, let me tell you, is quite extensive:

  • With a flared skirt or an Empire waist. These clothes are made to complement the shoes with high wedge heels or platform;
  • Decorated with ruffles and lace. Them, as well as long dresses, I love romantic person. On foot, in such cases, it is customary to wear ballet flats, sandals and other shoes to go low;
  • Short, practical and casual models;
  • Dresses-denim shirts focused on skinny women and girls. Combine them with sneakers, running shoes, a light cardigan or black leather jackets from the skin;
  • Denim sheath dress, wearing a white shirt – it's a great Friday office outfit;
  • Bustier denim, which makes the whole image incredibly sexy and provocative.

Now you know that denim dress is as versatile and practical outfit as well as jeans. The important thing is to learn to wear it correctly and every time to beat in new ways.

20 Style Tips On How To Wear A Denim Dress